The Empress is Dead
93 Chapter 93 Letter
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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93 Chapter 93 Letter

Feng Jun Yi felt a headache coming after he heard the eunuch's report. He massaged his temples to ease his irritation towards Han Yimei. "How is Lady Han's condition?"

"Replying to your majesty. Lady Han is out of danger and is now recuperating. But Master Han, Lady Han's father, requests your majesty's presence. He said Lady Han wants to see your majesty and won't stop crying." The eunuch said while sweating profusely. Even he himself couldn't understand why those father and daughter pair have the guts to call out the emperor.

Feng Jun Yi never felt this tired in his life. He is not good in handling women, especially giving them tender feelings for the fairer sex. If it was somebody else, he would just pretend that he didn't hear anything and throw it at the back of his mind. But unfortunately, she is the granddaughter of the right prime minister. Good thing she is still alive. He could still find a way around the situation.

"Does anyone else know about this incident?" Feng Jun Yi asked exhaustedly.

Right at that moment Xu Yichen entered the imperial study. "Replying to your majesty. Lady Han was discovered by a passing hunter and apparently that hunter revealed it to the public. Basically, right now the whole empire knows about the incident."

"This is complicated." Feng Jun Yi said while supporting his head with his hand. Lin Xulian can't help but feel his troubled expression amusing.

"This subject understands. Let this subject handle this matter, your majesty." Right Prime Minister Han also followed Xu Yichen inside the imperial study. "What my granddaughter did and request is demeaning your majesty's exalted name. We cannot let the public think that your majesty is a push over and threatening your authority in any way is fine. Although Yimei is my granddaughter, this subject cannot let her tarnish your majesty's reputation. Also this involves the matter of the marriage alliance between our Gonglu and Zhixiang country. With her action, the possibility of offending the Zhixiang's imperial power is present."

Feng Jun Yi felt relieved knowing that this incident won't put a crack on Prime Minister Han's loyalty towards him. "Then Zhen appreciates your assistance, Prime Minister Han."

"But, your majesty, this subject will be bold enough and ask for leniency." Prime Minister Han said while bowing his head.

"Let Zhen hear your proposition Prime Minister Han."

"Han Yimei is too saddened with the thought of leaving her family and the empire she grew up in, thus she attempted to end her life instead. She respects the emperor's decision and also the marriage alliance, but her heart cannot accept that fate. Instead of living a sad life, she chose to sacrifice herself and maintain the peace. But her attempt failed, therefore this subject will just send Han Yimei on a temple to become a nun."

Prime Minister Han's suggestion covers all of Feng Jun Yi's worry. He wants to imply that Han Yimei's attempted suicide had nothing to do with her feelings for the emperor but for her family and country instead. She also does not outrightly rejects the marriage alliance but also doesn't accept it. Killing herself is the same as erasing her existence and giving the responsibility to another lady. Sending her to the temple instead means that she won't repeat her action and will repent in solitude.

"Zhen hopes that this solution would be able to appease the Zhixiang country's anger." Feng Jun Yi sighed. This solution is not totally effective if he says so himself. The deciding factor is whether the prince won't take the offense to heart.

"This subject will immediately handle my granddaughter your majesty. I will also handle the rumors outside." Prime Minister Han then requested to leave.

Feng Jun Yi dismissed him then leaned back to his seat. He noticed that Lin Xulian is also preparing to leave. "Lian'er, are you leaving already?"

"Yes. I still need to visit and check the hospital. I also need to look over the list of the new doctors." Lin Xulian said without a hint of guilt.

But as usual, Feng Jun Yi saw through her. "Don't laugh at her too much."

Lin Xulian's mouth twitched. He caught her. She is not planning to visit the hospital but is planning to peek on Han Yimei's act. She is curious about what really happened. 'You don't have to expose me, you know.'

But before Lin Xulian could leave, Lan Jingjing entered the imperial study with a guilty and worried look. "Greetings your majesties."

"What's with that look Jingjing?" Lin Xulian asked while patting the back of Lan Jingjing's hand.

"Y-your majesty, I think Han Yimei almost died because of me." Lan Jingjing said while taking out a crumpled paper. "I saw Yu Yanyan handing this to a eunuch. And when I ask him about it, he said it was a love letter from Yu Yanyan for the emperor, so I took it away. Then I return to my palace and read it. But the content wasn't a love letter in reality. Then suddenly the news of Han Yimei's attempt to kill herself reached me. I felt guilty."

Lin Xulian took the paper and read the content. Then she suddenly burst out laughing, starting everyone in the room. Lan Jingjing is the most confused. She is expecting that she would get an earful of nagging and blame. But Lin Xulian laughed instead.

"Don't worry Jingjing. It is not your fault. Hahaha. Han Yimei is too funny. I really need to know what happened."

Lin Xulian put the letter on Feng Jun Yi's table then rushed out of the imperial study leaving the people in the room with a lot of questions.

Feng Jun Yi read the letter:

'Big brother Yi. Meet me at the river where we used to play as children, or else I will kill myself.

Your Yimei'


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