The Empress is Dead
94 Chapter 94 Disappointmen
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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94 Chapter 94 Disappointmen

In the Right Prime Minister manor, Han Yimei is recuperating in her room. She heaved a huge sigh of relief knowing that she is finally out of danger. The only thing she needs to wait for is the arrival of the emperor. She is certain that once Feng Jun Yi knew that she tried to kill herself, he will immediately rush to her even though the only reason is his good relationship with her grandfather.

While she is rehearsing her line and pitiful look, a servant informed them that her grandfather arrived and wants to see her. Inside the room, Master and Madame Han, Han Yimei's parents are also present. Although they are not part of Han Yimei's attempted suicide plan, they are supportive of her goal in marrying the emperor. And although they are worried about their daughter, they see the incident as an opportunity to finally realize that goal.

When Right Prime Minister Han entered Yin Mei's room, he found her lying on her bed with a pale and exhausted look. There is also a look of pain and broken heartedness. One of her wrist is wrapped in a thick layer of bandages. Beside her, both her parents have a worried look. Madame Han's eyes are red, obviously from crying too much.

Anyone would feel pity seeing this scene, especially if it was a relative. But Right Prime Minister Han only felt disappointed towards his granddaughter. "Yimei, how are you feeling? Why did you do this?" Although he is disappointed, he can't help but worry about his favorite grandchild.

"Grandfather, Yimei…..yimei is sad and heart broken. I don't want to marry any other man except big brother Yi. If not,….then me being alive is not worth it. You all should just let me die. I need him. I need my big brother Yi! Where is he?! I need to see him, grandfather." Han Yimei cried miserably trying to gain her grandfather's sympathy.

"His majesty won't come." Right Prime Minister Han finally said which left Han Yimei feeling like she was doused with cold water.

"What? Why?" Why indeed. She is holding on to the fact that Feng Jun Yi respects her grandfather and would give him face.

"Do you realize what you did? Threatening him with your life and demanding him of his time and attention? Han Yimei, you must not forget that he is not your big brother Yi anymore. He is the emperor, ruler of this empire. His words are the law and his time and attention is a blessing. Who do you think you are? Who do you think are we? We are just his subjects. What you did is demeaning his authority and a huge disrespect to him.

If it was any other family, he would surely execute nine generations of their bloodline! Moreover, doing this kind of thing right after the emperor bestowed you a marriage with the Zhixiang country's prince, are you trying to start a war between the two countries?!" Right Prime Minister Han harshly scolded his granddaughter.

"G-grandfather, I—I didn't mean it that way. I was just too sad and muddleheaded. I just love big brother Yi too much." Han Yimei cannot understand why things are not going according to her plans. She also never took the relationship between the two countries into consideration.

"You love the emperor too much to the point of ruining yours and our family's reputation? Is it worth it to put the peace between the two countries on the line? Do you know how much the rumors are escalating outside right now?! They are calling you an obsessed mad woman! There are also bets going around whether the emperor will come to our manor or not! Aren't you ashamed?!" Right Prime Minister Han cannot contain his anger anymore. During his journey back to his home, he could hear various rumors in the street and all of them are humiliating both to his family and also to the emperor.

"G-grandfather, I didn't mean for the public to know. I sent a letter for big brother Yi to meet me at the river where we used to play alone. When I heard footsteps coming from my back towards me, I thought it was him. I never thought that it would be just a random passerby. I—I'm sorry grandfather." Han Yimei cried pitifully.

But she didn't mention that when she slashed her wrist the moment she heard the footsteps, she was calling out the emperor's name saying 'Big brother Yi~~. I love you. You are the only one I want to marry. I'd rather die than live without you.'

Her plan is, she will call out Feng Jun Yi and meet him privately. Then she will attempt to kill herself right in front of him to gain his sympathy. He would also consider his good relation with her grandfather and would take responsibility. And since no one else should be there, the both of them will keep it a secret and the emperor will marry her.

With this, everyone will rather think that the emperor realized his feelings towards her and not because he was coerced. But unfortunately, Feng Jun Yi didn't come. Instead she mistook a random passerby as him and almost lost her life.

"Are you telling me that you didn't mean to let another person witness your suicide attempt? Rather, you want the emperor to witness it himself? You were planning to guilt trip him and have him marry you?!" The more the Right Prime Minister could clearly see through her scheme, the more disappointed he gets. "Do you really think that he won't let you die and hide your corpse instead?! Are you that confident in yourself?! How naïve can you get?!"

Right Prime Minister Han slapped his own granddaughter for the first time in his life causing Han Yimei and her parents to be wide eyed. "You are a disappointment as a granddaughter."


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