The Empress is Dead
95 Chapter 95 Wake Up
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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95 Chapter 95 Wake Up

Han Yimei cannot stop the tears from her eyes. The grandfather who loved her the most slapped her for the first time. He always tell his friends and colleagues in the court how much he is proud of her for being a virtuous and talented granddaughter. He was so happy whenever the public will call her the model to all the noble ladies in the capital. She is his pride and joy. But now he is calling her a disappointment.

"G-grandfather….You…you slapped me?"

Master and Madame Han immediately went towards their daughter's either side. Madame Han cupper her face and tried to sooth her swollen cheek. Her heart ached seeing the glaring red palm print on her daughter's face.

Master Han on the other hand panicked. Han Yimei is his only child and he doesn't have a son. Because she is talented and is believed to marry the emperor and become the future empress, he invested all his attention towards her. Also because his father, the Right Prime Minister, loves his daughter, he became the head of the family. If his daughter lost his father's favor, he might also lose his position.

"Father, please calm your anger. Although Yimei is in the wrong, it won't be solved by brute force. As her father, I will deal with the rumors. We should deal with the aftermath of this incident first." Master Han's words effectively calmed Right Prime Minister Han's surging emotions.

Right Prime Minister Han heavily took a seat in a nearby couch. He felt like he aged ten years in just a day. "You need to wake up Yimei. I know it was also my fault that you grew up thinking that you should marry the emperor. But reality is right in front of you. The emperor doesn't want you. No matter what you do, you will never enter his heart and even just his eyes."

He then took a deep needed breath and continued. "I have brought you up the wrong way. I thought you are good enough to be an empress. I nearly caused a fatal mistake for the empire. Good thing the emperor found empress Lin."

Hearing the name of her most hated enemy, Han Yimei clenched her fist under her sleeves. She cannot describe enough how angry she is, knowing that her grandfather thinks that Lin Xulian is much better than her. "Do not compare me with that bitch grandfather!"

Right Prime Minister Han narrowed his eyes towards his granddaughter. "What impudence! You are referring to the empress!" He then looked deep into her eyes. "Listen Yimei, you might just be blinded by your jealousy. But you have to admit that empress Lin is more suitable as the empress than you. Just give up."

Han Yimei cannot accept his grandfather's words. She won't admit it. She cannot admit it. All her life, she studied and trained hard. She tried her best to be a perfect woman fit as the empress.

The empress should be smart, so she read a lot of books and forced herself to understand it. The empress should be virtuous and talented, so she trained under various masters and learned all the musical instruments she can name. She did and invested a lot. But a random woman from the mountain who spent all her time planting and learning martial arts is now said to be a better fit empress than her. Unacceptable!

Seeing that she stopped refuting him, Right Prime Minister felt satisfied. "This incident caused a lot of inconvenience for the emperor and the undergoing peace alliance between the Gonglu country and the Zhixiang. Also because of this, your possible marriage with the Zhixiang's eldest prince cannot push through. I have to deal with this and appease the anger of the prince and their country's citizen. You must know that their eldest prince is well loved by his people. We expect to gain a few enemies because of this."

When Han Yimei heard that her marriage is cancelled, she gained a new vigor. "Really grandfather? I don't need to marry that blind prince?" She can't contain the happiness in her eyes and thought. 'Does that mean I don't need to leave? I can still see big brother Yi. I still have a chance.'

"Yes. But since you caused a big scandal, you need to make a sacrifice to make things right. The emperor considered our long time alliance and gave us a lenient punishment. You should prepare yourself Yimei. You will stay on a remote temple and be a nun. This will show our sincere apology towards the Zhixiang's eldest prince." Right Prime Minister Han solemnly said.

"Be a nun?! No! Grandfather, I don't want to. Can't I be big brother Yi's concubine? It doesn't have to be as his empress. Even a lowest ranking concubine will do. Please grandfather!" Han Yimei panicked hearing her grandfather's decision. She can't live in a temple for the rest of her life. What more is they believe in Buddhism. And a Buddhist nun has to shave her hair.

Right Prime Minister Han cannot hide his displeasure. "Then would you rather let our whole family be executed because of your selfishness?! You did this Yimei. You have to take responsibility." He then stood up to leave Han Yimei's room. He doesn't want to part with his granddaughter. But if he will still continue and let her run around, there is a possibility that she would do more outrageous things in the future.

Silence engulfed the room after Right Prime Minister Han left. Han Yimei cannot believe that her grandfather turned his back to her. Her mother wept knowing that her daughter will leave them. Being a nun means she will have to stay in the temple for the rest of her life and her parents can only visit her occasionally. Her father on the other hand is still worried about his position as the family head.


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