The Empress is Dead
96 Chapter 96 Women are Scary
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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96 Chapter 96 Women are Scary

In the streets in the capital, Lin Xulian who is wearing her red male robes disguise walked around together with Xiao Tianshi. She is in a sour mood because her trip on the Right Prime Minister's manor wasn't satisfying. Xiao Tianshi on the other hand cannot stop laughing.

When she saw Lin Xulian walking out of her room wearing her male disguise, she can tell that she is up to something interesting so she tagged along. And she wasn't disappointed. Seeing that obsessed Han Yimei being slapped by her own grandfather is really satisfying.

But Lin Xulian wasn't contented and her curiousity wasn't fed enough. By reading the letter that Lan Jingjing showed to them, she can tell that Han Yimei doesn't really want to kill herself but only wants to gain Feng Jun Yi's sympathy. She heard her say that Han Yimei mistook a random passerby as Feng Jun Yi that is why she slashed her wrist.

That story should be enough. But Lin Xulian felt like she is missing on something. Since she can't figure it out and is in a bad mood because of it, she dragged Xiao Tianshi towards a restaurant to eat some sweets. When they are finally on their private room, Lin Xulian with her astute hearing because of her martial arts heard the conversation in the adjascent private room. Of course Xiao Tianshi could hear it too so the both of them perk up their ears to listen.

"I'm telling you Lady Han wanted to kill herself because she wanted to marry the emperor. She is obsessed with his majesty after all." One of the guys in the room said.

"But the official statement from the Right Prime Minister's manor said it was because she doesn't want to live far away from her family." Said the other.

"Believe me. I was there hiding behind a tree by the river." The man insisted.

His friend gave him a disapproving look. "You were hiding behind a tree by the river? Why? Are you planning to peek on some women taking a bath?"

The man got embarassed because his friend saw through him. "T-that was…ummm… Anyway that is not the point here! When I saw lady Han by the river, I could tell that she was waiting for someone so I got curious and stayed. Then a hunter went down from the mountain with his captured prey. I think he was about to clean his hunt on the river but lady Han suddenly slashed her wrist!

We were caught off guard. I don't know if I should come out and help. Then she suddenly cried and called the emperor's name saying she wanted to marry him and no one else. Then she was so shocked when she saw the hunter and said 'Why is it you?'. If she wasn't bleeding I would find it funny!"

"Seriously? That is so embarassing! Was she expecting the emperor to come or something?"

"I don't know. But my cousin who is a court official said that the emperor attended the court then never left his imperial study afterwards. It doesn't look like he was intending to meet with anyone."

"Do you think Lady Han is sick in the head? I mean, she was a fine noble young lady before. But she suddenly become a lunatic after the emperor married the empress. Maybe the heartbreak drove her to insanity."

"I think that's her real color. Remember, everyone thought she and the emperor were childhood sweethearts. But it turned out that she made all that up."

"That make sense. And now that the emperor found his real sweetheart, she became desperate. Women are scary."

Inside the private room, Xiao Tianshi couldn't stop laughing hearing what Han Yimei actually did during her act. Lin Xulian also finally felt satisfied. She just hoped she was actually there when those things happened.

"Boss, are you letting them send lady Han away?" Xiao Tianshi suddenly asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You know. You've been hoping for entertainment here in the capital even before you got married. Without lady Han, things will start to become dull."

"About that, I think things should start to change. I have a hospital to worry about now anyway. And being an empress takes a lot of my time too."

"So you are in that age of maturity now too." Xiao Tianshi sounded like she was sulking. "Boss, are you really taking the role of being an empress seriously?"

"It's not that bad. Although it is a bit demanding, I can do everything I want. Everything is really easy. It's too easy that it is starting to scare me." Lin Xulian admitted for the first time.

Lately, seeing all the people around her working hard to achieve what they want, she can't help but evaluate her life. She is lucky with her family and she became an empress in just a snap of a finger. She is talented in both martial arts and medicine. She already have everything she wanted. Of course aside from a relationship like her parents have. But she still thinks she is already lucky enough to have Feng Jun Yi as her husband. Although they don't have romantic feelings for each other, yet.

She is starting to worry that she might lose all these things in a snap too. That everything will easily disappear just like how she easily got them.

"Don't worry about it boss. You got everything you have because the heavens think you deserve it. It's not like you're taking everything you have for granted, right?" Xiao Tianshi tried to cheer her up.

Lin Xulian felt better after hearing her encouragement. "You are also starting to mature. Should I find a suitable marriage partner for you then? You are almost in marriageble age." Lin Xulian teased Xiao Tianshi.

"Boss! That is not funny at all!" Xiao Tianshi replied while pouting.


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