The Empress is Dead
97 Chapter 97 Four Years
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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97 Chapter 97 Four Years

Lin Xulian stretched her limbs after a series of treatment she did today. It is her twentieth birthday but instead of celebrating it with a banquet, she decided to spend it with the patients in her hospital. Because she is also doing her responsibility as the empress and is the one making the medicines, she rarely do the actual treatment. She have a lot of doctors working under her anyway. She doesn't need to be there if her subodinates can manage the job.

She decided to take a rest in the pavilion in the center of a man made lake. She requested a garden to be made in the hospital's backyard so she can have a place for herself. And the highlight of the garden is the floating pavilion where she usually have her afteroon tea.

Lin Xulian thought back on the four years that went by in her life as the empress. She is well loved by the citizens because she and her hospital was able to save many lives. Many young ladies also admire her because despite the fact that she is a woman, she was able to lead a group of male doctors effectively. Those male doctors respect her very much.

In those four years, a lot of things happened not only to Lin Xulian but also to the people around her.

Her big brother Lin Huang and Yin Mei finally got married. It was a long ardous road for those two since Lin Huang cannot express his feelings very well. Yin Mei is also pessimistic towards Lin Huang's feelings. She found it hard to believe that Lin Huang really liked her as a woman. It took a lot of coaching from their father and a lot of convincing to get those two together. As of now, Yin Mei is carrying their first child.

As for the Xiao sisters, Xiao Tian and Hao Yuwen are about to get married in a few weeks. Right after she reached her marriageable age, Hao Yuwen confessed his feelings to Xiao Tian. But he still waited two years to finally convince her to marry him. Xiao Tianshi on the other hand have a good relationship with the fourth prince since from training the imperial guards, she also helped in training the soldiers under Feng Jun Yao. But no one knows if those two will end up together since both of them are more brawns than brains.

As for the sixth prince, he is now fifteen and is obsessed in learning martial arts. Rui took him as his disciple because he thinks that the sixth prince has a promising potential. The sixth prince also admires Rui in return. Sometimes he would also sneak out of the palace and follow Rui whenever he is on a mission from the mercenary.

The fifth prince on the other hand started learning about herbs for some reason unknown to everyone. Lin Xulian was expecting some movement from him after she dealt with his mother and elder brother. But to her surprise, he doesn't look like he was bothered by it at all. Even after planting a few hidden spies around him, Lin Xulian didn't get anything useful or unusual.

But this is not true to the Left Prime Minister Li's side. Since the second prince won't be able to compete for the imperial power, he spent a lot of effort in convincing the fifth prince instead. But to his disappointment, Feng Jun Yun already bailed out.

There is also a rumor starting that the fifth prince fancies men than women. That is why despite his age of twenty three, he doesn't have a wife or even a concubine. He also reduced his female servants and only chose men as his personal servant.

No one knows that he did it so that Lin Xulian could see that he is not like his elder brother who indulges his life in debauchery. He is also hoping that Lin Xulian could tell that he will dedicate his whole life for only one woman. And that's her. But unfortunately his efforts are reaping the opposite result.

As for Lin Xulian and Feng Jun Yi's relationship, nothing really changed. Lin Xulian spent most of her time in the hospital while Feng Jun Yi focused his attention on stabilizing his hold on the throne. He also focused on the things that his father neglected because he was too caught up with the affairs between his wives. Feng Jun Yi only have three wives in total and Lin Xulian have no problem in keeping them in check.

During the four years of Feng Jun Yi's leadership, he was able to erradicate the illegal slave system in the empire. Rui was able to help him in this part in some way since Rui manage to subdue the Jianghu together with the Lin Mercenary clan and those women that Lin Xulian saved from Gong Weixie.

Also during his reign, the relationship between the Gonglu country and the Zhixiang country strengthened. It will be even better once the princess of Zhixiang, Xing Baihe marry him. The two country's citizen are also starting to warm up and be comfortable with each other.

Due to these achievements, the neutral parties from the third prince side pledged their loyalty to the emperor. He was able to gain their trust and respect. Feng Jun Yi's reign became known as the most peaceful era in Gonglu country's history.

Lin Xulian could say that those four years are the golden years of her life. She was able to realize her dream as a doctor and an apothecary. 'Those were great years.' She thought. But because of these thought, she is starting to worry again. She can't understand why, but she can't help but think that maybe one day she will lose these days of peace.


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