The Empress is Dead
98 Chapter 98 Heir
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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98 Chapter 98 Heir

Inside the imperial study, Feng Jun Yi is reading the reports about the preventive measures they have to do for the upcoming winter. Every year during this season, there are a lot of casualties because some cannot handle the extreme cold weather specially on the northern part of the country. Although the numbers lessened after his reign, Feng Jun Yi's goal is to give a complete and perfect solution to all the country's problem. Especially the recurring ones.

Feng Jun Yi entered his study right after the daily morning court dismissed. Not long after, Xu Yichen entered the imperial study while carrying a bunch of scrolls and portraits. "Greetings, your majesty. This is the new list of young ladies of marriageable age and their portraits in the country. The officials are requesting for your majesty to have a look."

Feng Jun Yi gave him a disapproving look. Clearly he doesn't like where this report is going. "What is it now? Zhen thought that this matter is already close? There is no need to take in another concubine since Princess Xing Baihe will enter the harem in a few months."

"That is one of the main reasons, your majesty. Since it has been four years since your majesty married the empress and still didn't have an heir, the officials are worried that your first born will be mothered by the Zhixiang country's princess. Although our two countries have a good relationship now, the officials still have reservations about having an heir from the previous enemy's bloodline." Xu Yichen said respectfully.

Feng Jun Yi massaged his temples after hearing the officials' reason. Their worry has a basis but that is only true if Feng Jun Yi will grace the Zhixiang princess with his dragon seed. During the talks for the marriage alliance, he already stated to Emperor Xing and his sister that he won't be able to do his part as her husband in that area. This marriage is only for the sake of peace between the two nation.

He sighed heavily in surrender. "Zhen doesn't want to take in more concubine but if it could settle their troubled minds, Zhen has no choice. But Zhen will let my empress decide about this matter."

Xu Yichen acknowledged his decision and put down the scrolls and portraits on the side. But instead of leaving, he returned in front of Feng Jun Yi. "Your majesty, can this subject give an honest opinion? Not as your subject or adviser but as your childhood friend."

Feng Jun Yi raised his eyebrows in Xu Yichen's seriousness. He asked the servants and eunuchs to temporarily leave his imperial study since he knows that whatever Xu Yichen wants to say, no one else should hear it. "Go ahead."

"Your majesty and the empress are already married anyway, so why don't you just do it and produce an heir?" He went straight to the point. If there is anyone who knows what is really happening in Feng Jun Yi's private life, it was only Xu Yichen. So he knows that Feng Jun Yi and Lin Xulian never done it. In fact, Feng Jun Yi never did it with anyone in his whole twenty five years of living.

"It is not that easy. Our relationship is special and I respect her. I cannot ask her to spread her legs for me and get pregnant just because I need an heir." Feng Jun Yi explained.

"Is your majesty saying that you will treat the empress like your other concubines and let her become like a withering flower in your back palace?"

Feng Jun Yi turned silent after hearing Xu Yichen's question. He never thought about it before. He was too focused on his role as the emperor. And although he and Lin Xulian have no romantic relationship, he could say that what they have is already satisfying as it is. But now, Feng Jun Yi cannot help but ask himself. Is this kind of life enough for Lin Xulian?

Seeing that Feng Jun Yi cannot answer, Xu Yichen probed further. "If one day, the empress falls in love with another man and ask your majesty to let her go and have a happy life with someone else, would your majesty let her?"

Feng Jun Yi stiffened with that question. Thinking about Lin Xulian being with another man, he finds it really uncomfortable. And also he finds it odd to have this kind of repulsive urge. If that really happens, he should let her go and let her be happy, right? But he doesn't want to. He can't.

"Feng Jun Yi." Xu Yichen finally called him with his given name. If it was another person, it would be counted as a disrespectful act. But Xu Yichen is Feng Jun Yi's childhood friend. "You are not your father. And Lin Xulian is not Li Shanyao. Why are you still restraining yourself? Even I could tell that you like her. In Fact, everyone could tell.

You were the one who chose her. You should trust your instinct. You should work and develop your relationship. It will not only help lessen the worries of the officials but maybe it could also bring back those emotions you had before your empress mother died."

Feng Jun Yi sunk in deep thought. He likes Lin Xulian, he admits. But how much? Is it enough to risk what they have right now? But the greatest question is "Would she reciprocate?"

"You wouldn't know unless you try your majesty."

Feng Jun Yi whistled. Not long after, a bright red bird with the same size of a hawk came and landed on his arm. Although Fei chose Lin Xulian as its master, he would also listen to Feng Jun Yi. But another reason is because Feng Jun Yi could always remember to feed him, unlike his master.
Feng Jun Yi tied a letter on his feet. "Fei, I'll trouble you to send this to your master." And Fei immediately followed.


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