The Empress is Dead
99 Chapter 99 Going Out To Play
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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99 Chapter 99 Going Out To Play

Lin Xulian is about to leave the pavilion when she noticed a flaming red bird approaching her direction. She let Fei land on her arm and took the letter off his feet. The letter came from Feng Jun Yi asking her to return as soon as possible because he wants to take him somewhere.

Of course she finds it odd. Feng Jun Yi is not someone who would suddenly arrange a spontaneous trip without preparation. So she assumed that this might be an important trip just like when they went to the An Valley to treat Gong Weixie.

It is still early afternoon when Lin Xulian left the hospital. She made sure that her subordinates can handle all the remaining cases before she decided to leave.

The moment Lin Xulian returned in the palace, she directly went to her Phoenix Palace to change. But to her surprise, she found Feng Jun Yi waiting for her inside her chamber. He is wearing a casual black robes, with silver thread embroidered crane pattern. He usually wore this type of robes whenever he goes out on an unofficial business.

Seeing his appearance, Lin Xulian immediately assumed that they were about to go out on a mission. What added to her suspicion is the fact that Feng Jun Yi looked nervous for some reason. 'Maybe we are dealing with a serious and troublesome matter.' Lin Xulian thought.

Feng Jun Yi is actually really nervous. After Xu Yichen convinced him to look into his feelings for Lin Xulian, he decided to go and give it a try. And the best time should be now on her birthday. But for some reason after seeing her at this moment, he felt really nervous. "You're here. I already asked the servants to prepare what you need. You only need to change if you want to."

"Ok. I'll be quick. Where are we going anyway? Is it something important? You look really nervous." Lin Xulian probed.

Feng Jun Yi got a bit flustered. "Well, you could say that. I want to show you a place."

Lin Xulian looked at him in confusion. "We are not going out on a mission or something?"

"No." Feng Jun Yi confirmed.

"So...are we going out to play?" Lin Xulian said skeptically. She just asked as a guess. Although she really does want to play, she finds it hard to believe that Feng Jun Yin will make time to accompany her.

"Yes. You could consider it as that." Feng Jun Yi cannot understand why she is asking him with a tone that tells him that she doesn't believe him.

Alas, she really does not believe him. Lin Xulian raised her eyebrows. "Really? You never took me out to play before."

"I didn't?" Feng Jun Yi knitted his eyebrows and thought back on their four years together. And he realized that indeed, he never took her out to play. They would usually travel together for official business as the emperor and empress or during emergency missions just like when they went to the Jianghu. Feng Jun Yi felt guilty. It is indeed as what Xu Yichen said. He is really leaving her to wither in his back palace.

"Does this has something to do with my birthday?"

"Yes. But also because this season is the best time to go to that place."

Lin Xulian gave him a wide beaming smile. "I'll go change quickly then!"

But before Lin Xulian could leave, Feng Jun Yi unexpectedly blurted out his thoughts. "Lian'er, I'm sorry."

Lin Xulian's steps halted and turned back to him. "For what?"

"For neglecting you all these years. We are already married but I've never been a husband to you."

"What are you saying? You did and give me everything you promised before we got married, and even more. I had a great time being your empress. The palace was a fun place for me. You have nothing to apologize."

Feng Jun Yi didn't know whether he should feel thankful or disappointed. Thankful that Lin Xulian is very understanding. But also disappointed because it means she was not expecting anything else from him. Especially receiving his romantic feelings. 'I'll get rejected for sure.' He thought.

After Lin Xulian prepared herself and change into her casual red robes with golden thread lotus embroidered pattern, she left her phoenix palace with Feng Jun Yi. And since that place is not that far from the palace, He suggested that they should just use their qigong to arrive there faster.

But before they could leave, Rui coincidentally arrived. "Lian'er, are you going out?"

"Big brother Rui. Yes, Feng Jun Yi will take me out to play for my birthday."

"Then I'll come along as well."

"There is no need, brother-in-law. Zhen will take good care of Lian'er." Feng Jun Yi said with hostility emphasizing the brother-in-law. Even though Lin Xulian and Rui are legally siblings, they are still not blood related. He can't help but be wary of him. Especially now that he is aiming for his relationship with Lin Xulian to go a step further.

Rui of course felt the hostility in Feng Jun Yi's tone. This raised a red flag on his mind. There is no doubt, Feng Jun Yi is up to something. And Rui knows it spells danger for him and his feelings for Lin Xulian. "As her brother, I have to protect Lian'er from any harm."

"As her husband, Zhen can do well enough to ensure Lian'er's safety." This time Feng Jun Yi emphasized the word husband. This hit a fatal spot on Rui's heart but he could only glare in response. Of course Feng Jun Yi glared back.

Lin Xulian looked between the two of them in confusion and thought. 'Where did these sparks came from? This hostility is really thick!'


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