The Empress is Dead
100 Chapter 100 Haven
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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100 Chapter 100 Haven

Lin Xulian broke the heavy atmosphere between Feng Jun Yi and Rui. She can't understand why these two suddenly have an animosity with each other. "You don't have to worry big brother Rui. I can take care of myself. What's the worst that could happen?"

'Worse comes worst, Feng Jun Yi will make a move on you!" He thought. Rui doesn't want to comply but he can't find any other reason to convince Lin Xulian to take him along. "I'll only felt reassured if you promise me that you will protect yourself well against anyone. And I mean ANYONE." Rui emphasized.

These words from Rui finally raised Feng Jun Yi's guard. It looks like if he wants to develop his relationship with Lin Xulian, he needs to overcome this hurdle called love rival.

Lin Xulian gave her brother a side eye. She finds his tone really odd but she can't tell exactly why. She just thought that maybe he felt uneasy because this is the first time she told him that he couldn't accompany her. "Don't worry big brother. You and big brother Huang trained me since young. Of course I can protect myself. You should trust this student of yours!" Lin Xulian gave him a cheeky grin then pulled Feng Jun Yi away while waving her free hand. "And don't secretly follow us. I could tell, remember."

Rui could only glare hatefully at Feng Jun Yi's arm that Lin Xulian held while dragging him away.

Feng Jun Yi brought Lin Xulian in a mountain on the northern part of the empire. That mountain is nearest one in the palace and it only took them more than an hour to arrive using their qigong. On top of the mountain, a small but tall courtyard stood alone among all the tall trees. In front of the courtyard is a cliff where you can look over a lake on the other side of the mountain which is currently glittering because of the light caused by the sunset.

Living on the mountains herself, Lin Xulian had a fair share of the view of the sunset and sunrise. But there was no lake near the Beast Mountain's vicinity so she found the view of the glittering lake really mesmerizing.

Feng Jun Yi brought her inside the courtyard and guided her towards the top floor of the four story building. That floor has no walls but only pillars and the roof so they could clearly see the surroundings and feel the breeze. There she found that there are foods already prepared for dinner. She could tell that Feng Jun Yi prepared all these ahead of time.

Lin Xulian didn't know that everything was prepared in a rush since Feng Jun Yi thought about this plan that noon after the morning court ended. The servants are still a bit short of breath until now. And all the servants need to be a martial artist that could use qigong in order to make and done everything on time. But they still took twice the time Lin Xulian and Feng Jun Yi took in travelling towards the top.

"This place is really beautiful. I had no idea that there is a place like this within the empire." Lin Xulian said while still marveling the view of the glittering lake until the last minute before the sun fully sets. The view is even more beautiful from the top floor.

"Well, not everyone knows about this place since it is a private property of my master. No one knows and could enter this place aside from me." Feng Jun Yi said while guiding Lin Xulian to her seat.

Lin Xulian found his gesture a bit out of his character but she still follows along. "I thought your master resides on the top of the Beast Mountain?" Lin Xulian said while thinking about their first meeting. They met because Feng Jun Yi went to visit his master on the beast mountain.

"He is. But he also owned this place. In fact, this is where we met. My empress mother just died that time and I felt suffocated in the palace. I walked aimlessly for days until I came across this place. When he saw me he said my eyes reminded him of someone dear to his heart. And he built this place for that person.

He said seeing me here gave him the feeling that he was able to present this place to that person. He then offered to train me and be his disciple. I would often sneak out of the palace and be gone for days just to train under him. I would sometimes bring my books and study here instead so I could escape the palace. If not for my brother I'd rather choose to leave for good. But I had to protect Ying'er too.

Sometimes his friend would visit this place. And since that friend can detoxify poison, he would treat me every time we see each other. That's when I knew I have been poisoned every day. If not for my master and his friend, maybe I'm already dead. This place was my haven and my master is more like a father to me that my real father." Feng Jun Yi shared his life to her for the first time.

Although she could tell that he has been through a lot of bad things just by checking his pulse the first time they met, hearing it directly from him left a pang on her heart. His life is completely opposite from her who received a lot of love from her family and everyone else around her.

"Although his detoxification is not that perfect, he still did a pretty decent job in keeping you alive until you met me." Lin Xulian said proudly. "And I should really meet this master of yours. He seems really nice."

"He is." Then Lin Xulian saw him with a full bloomed smile for the first time.


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