The Empress is Dead
102 Chapter 102 Blind
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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102 Chapter 102 Blind

Feng Jun Yi and Lin Xulian returned to the palace right after their dinner date. Feng Jun Yi felt satisfied with the result of his confession although he didn't get the best result. Lin Xulian on the other hand tossed and turned in her bed. She can't sleep because of what had happened. She wanted to go to her sister-in-law but it is so late for a pregnant woman to receive visitors already.

Resigning to the fact that she won't be able to sleep at this rate, Lin Xulian stood up from her bed and entered the adjacent room where her personal servant stays. Out of all her original personal servants, only Xiao Tianshi remained. But she wasn't always by Lin Xulian side at all times since she took over the training of the imperial guards and soldiers together with the fourth prince.

Lin Xulian promoted some of the servants to fill out the positions but they weren't that close to her as Yin Mei and Xiao sisters does. So although she wasn't expecting much from Xiao Tianshi, she still decided to share her burdens with her. She could at least have someone who would listen to her whom she can trust.

When Lin Xulian entered Xiao Tianshi's room, she found her asleep and sprawled on her bed while still wearing her training clothes. Lin Xulian shook her head in disapproval then woke her up. "Tianshi, wake up. Don't sleep like that. At least change your dirty and smelly clothes." She said while dragging Xiao Tianshi out of bed.

Xiao Tianshi fell off the bed with a loud thump but she is still out cold. Lin Xulian's veins popped seeing that she still has no reaction. "Ahhh… It looks like you are really asleep. Too bad~. It seems I have to give these osmanthus cake to someone else before it turns bad." Then she turned around to leave.

As if on cue, Lin Xulian felt a hand tugging on the hem of her clothes right after she turn her back. When she turned her head, she saw Xiao Tianshi looking at her with a dreamy and drowsy eyes. "Boss? Is that you? Ahhhh…you look like an angel. Like an oasis on the desert. I am amazed by your beauty. Can you bestow this lowly one with that osmasthus cake you spoke of?"

"I lied." Lin Xulian said with a deadpan face.

"Booooooossssss~~~. An empress shouldn't lie; you know?" With her shattered heart, Xiao Tianshi whined and slumped back.

"Now that you're awake, go and chance out of that dirty clothes. Seriously, I feel bad for Xiao Tian for having such a sister. Good thing she's finally relieved from her duty of taking care of you."

Just like a kid, Xiao TIanshi dragged herself behind the screen to change her clothes. "I can take care of myself already, boss. It's just that today I overexerted myself with the training so I'm beat." After she changed to a clean sleeping robes, she returned to her bed where Lin Xulian is currently sprawled. "Anyway, do you need me for something boss?"

Lin Xulian sighed. "I'm so troubled, I cannot sleep."

"Troubled? For what reason?" Xiao Tianshi knitted her eyebrows. As far as she can remember, she never saw Lin Xulian like this. Usually she can handle anything because she is smart. But now, her boss looks at loss.

Lin Xulian don't know how to open the topic and felt awkward. "You know….stuff about men and women."

Xiao TIanshi's curiosity is finally piqued. She sat on the bed beside Lin Xulian in a rush with a look of full interest in her face. "Oh! So we're finally talking about this stuff. You've grown up boss!"

Lin Xulian looked at her oddly. "As if you are one to talk. You are even younger than me."

"Boss, I'm already seventeen! I at least know a thing or two about relationships and stuff. That's perfectly normal. I even have a collection of yellow books. I'll lend it to you later." Xiao Tianshi said excitedly.

"Yellow books? Are you saying that I am not normal because I don't know about these stuffs?" Lin Xulian said disapprovingly.

Xiao Tianshi shrugged her shoulders. "Beats me. Anyway, what really happened, boss?" She even leaned closer to Listen.

Lin Xulian told her about Feng Jun Yi taking her out to play. Then the courtyard with a beautiful view and the dinner date. Then her face turned red and she would even stutter while telling her about what Feng Jun Yi said during his confession. All throughout, Xiao Tianshi listened intently while slowly forming a grin in her face.

"Woaw! So he finally said it!" Xiao Tianshi said in excitement. Then she remembered something. Or more like someone and thought. 'The emperor finally made a move. Should I tell big brother Rui? Would that be fine? Ahhhh! I'm torn!'

"What do you mean? Did you know already? Am I the last one to know?" Lin Xulian said confused.

"I didn't know boss, but I could tell. The truth is everyone does, specially the old servants. The emperor treats you well. He would even visit and stay at your Phoenix Palace which he doesn't do with his concubines. If he doesn't like you then I will refrain from eating sweets from now on." Xiao Tianshi said confidently.

"So it means I was the only blind one?" Lin Xulian said in realization.

"Pretty much, yes."

"Then what should I do?" Lin Xulian never expected anything from Xiao Tianshi but somehow she held her hopes up. After all, she can even tell someone else's feelings more than she do. Maybe she could get something to enlighten herself from her.

"Let him prove himself. Just like what I do with the fourth prince." Lin Xulian snapped her head towards Xiao TIanshi and looked at her with widened eyes after hearing her advice. "What's with that look of disbelief boss?!"


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