The Empress is Dead
103 Chapter 103 Pure Love
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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103 Chapter 103 Pure Love

"You and the fourth prince? Already?" Lin Xulian can in fact see them fit for each other. But she can't imagine how did they come to an understanding and start a relationship. Even if the fourth prince tried to force himself to her, knowing Xiao Tianshi, she won't go down without a fight.

"Well not yet. But he already said that he wants to marry me." Xiao Tianshi answered with a shrug of her shoulders. She's saying it like it has nothing to do with her.

"How did he exactly said it?" Lin Xulian is really curious. She even rose from lying on the bed and sat face to face with Xiao Tianshi.

Remembering Feng Jun Yao's confession, Xiao Tianshi showed a disapproving look. "He said he likes rough women like me and thinks that he would never meet another one so he wants to tie me up to him through marriage."

Lin Xulian burst into laughter. But thinking about it, that kind of confession really is to be expected from the fourth prince. "So what did you say in return?"

"Of course I punched him in the guts first, that stupid airhead! Then I told him that marriage isn't a trivial thing and should not be decided by impulse, no offense boss. But he still insisted that he was being serious, so I asked him to prove himself."

"Prove himself in what way?"

"Of course by defeating me on a fair duel!" Xiao Tianshi said proudly.

Lin Xulian's mouth twitched. 'Ah….what a brute. As expected.' Lin Xulian thought. She was really interested in hearing her method earlier, but now she proved that she really can't get anything useful from Xiao Tianshi. "That won't work with Feng Jun Yi and me." She said while sighing helplessly.

"But boss, don't you think it is too late for you to be troubled by this?"

"What do you mean?"

"What I'm saying is, you are already married. There is no need to consider whether the emperor is a potential husband material or not since he is already your husband. Why don't you just let yourself develop some feelings for him?"

"It is easier said than done." Lin Xulian always thought that those kinds of feelings would spontaneously come the moment you met the person destined for you. But between her and Feng Jun Yi, her first impression of him is her potential gold mine and later on her patient.

"Say boss, are you considering to divorce the emperor later on? Although everyone said you can't divorce the emperor but the other way around is possible. And he is indebted with you so maybe if you ask him to let you go, he might agree."

This gave Lin Xulian something to think about. She never considered falling in love until now but she also never thought about divorce. She was already contented with how things are going with her life. But thinking about it, what Xiao Tianshi said made sense. She is already married. What's left is having children and building a family. But is she prepared for it? She can't decide.

"I never thought about divorce. I don't think I want one either. But I still think this is too sudden for me."

"You can say that because you never thought of the emperor as a potential romantic partner. How about this boss, take it slowly? The first thing you should do is look at the emperor as a man. The next time you see him, treat it as if it is the first time you met each other." Xiao Tianshi said righteously.

Lin Xulian admits that what she said made sense. "Tianshi, you really surprise me. Where did you get these things from?"

"Don't underestimate the wisdom of the old servants with substantial amount of experience boss." Xiao Tianshi stood up and opened her closet. She took something from the secret compartment and handed it to Lin Xulian. "Here, take a look at this boss. I'll lend you this one first."

Lin Xulian noticed that it was a book. But she noticed that it was too thin and thought. 'I can finish this in a few minutes. What is Xiao Tianshi thinking?' But when she opened the first page, she realized she thought wrong. Inside the book is a drawing of a man and woman tangled together with words describing what they were doing.

Lin Xulian didn't even bat an eye. She saw a painting with a more detailed drawing inside the second prince secret courtyard before so she wasn't affected. The only thought she have is how did Xiao Tianshi got a hold of such book. And to think she have more than one stashed inside the secret compartment of her closet.

Seeing that Lin Xulian is just looking at the content of the book without being embarrassed, Xiao Tianshi can't believe it. This only proves how low her boss' EQ is. "This is one of the yellow books I mentioned. I have nine of these depending on your fetish. This one is for beginners entitled 'Pure Love'. I'll lend it to you, boss."

Lin Xulian only skimmed through the book without any reaction. Xiao Tianshi's mouth twitched seeing her lack of motivation. But Lin Xulian's next words made her frustrated. "So how can this thing help me?"

Xiao Tianshi wanted to snap but she held herself back. With a voice filled with self-restrain she said. "How about this boss, you imagine yourself in place of the woman in the drawing and the emperor as the man."

Lin Xulian looked back on the drawing while replacing the images with hers and Feng Jun Yi's faces. When she finally formed the picture, she felt like her head exploded and her face felt really hot like she was having a fever.

Xiao Tianshi on the other hand panicked. "Boss! Are you okay?! Your nose is bleeding!"


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