The Empress is Dead
104 Chapter 104 Honesty
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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104 Chapter 104 Honesty

Lin Xulian walked back to her room while looking at the yellow book in her hands. After her embarrassing nose bleed earlier, she refused to look at the book again. But Xiao Tianshi told her that she needs to get used to these kinds of stimulation if she wanted to learn more about the relationship between men and women.

"What a formidable opponent. To think I would shed blood without even having the need to fight, what a feat for the creator of this book."

Lin Xulian didn't raised her head while navigating her way back towards her chamber and just trusted her motor memory. When she finally arrived, the servant in charge of guarding the door for tonight announced her arrival.

"Her majesty, the empress returned!"

Lin Xulian finds it odd. But when she finally raised her head and looked inside the chamber, she finally understood why. Feng Jun Yi is casually leaning on the couch while reading a book of what Lin Xulian expected as another boring record of the empire's history. He is already wearing his loose purple sleeping robes that showed ample amount of his bare chest.
Feng Jun Yi always wear these kinds of robes whenever he sleeps so Lin Xulian was supposedly used to this kind of view. But right now because of the yellow book and Xiao Tianshi's influence, she can't help but remember the picture she formed in her mind earlier. And because Feng Jun Yi is right in front of her, the image is exceptionally vivid.

Lin Xulian felt the familiar sensation she had earlier. She can clearly feel the blood rushing to her head. She subconsciously covered her face from her neck to her nose level using the book she is holding. She briefly closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself down. 'Don't think about it. Don't think about it."

Lin Xulian distracted herself by enumerating the herbs she needed in creating her poison and their grotesque effects until she finally calmed down. But she stiffened when she felt a cold hand against her forehead. "Are you okay Lian'er? Your face is beet red. Do you have a fever? Although I cannot imagine you having one since you are the best doctor I've ever known." Feng Jun Yi's deep and baritone voice sounded in front of her.

Lin Xulian who was already calm just a while ago became flustered again. Her eyes snapped open and she subconsciously stepped back. 'Crap! Even his voice sounded different now! What's with that vibration?! Does his voice normally vibrate when he speaks? But it sounded really nice and…..manly. Aaahhh~. Tianshi, is this counted as finally seeing him as a man?' Lin Xulian thought.

Because Lin Xulian is too engrossed with her thoughts, she didn't realize that she is staring too intently at Feng Jun Yi. Feng Jun Yi on the other hand is also starting to feel flustered from her intense stare. But instead of going towards his head, his blood started to rush down south. It seems after his heart became honest with his feelings, another part of his body is starting to become honest too.

Feng Jun Yi mentally gave himself a pep talk to calm himself down. 'Keep calm little brother. If you want it, you have to earn it. It's far too early to make a move.' Feng Jun Yi searched for any topic that would break the ambiguous atmosphere between them. Then he noticed that Lin Xulian is holding a book. "What is that book, Lian'er?"

Lin Xulian finally remembered that she's still holding the yellow book. She panicked a little. Then she heaved a sigh of relief when she noticed that he can only see the back of the book and there is nothing written or drawn there. Even the front has only the words 'Pure Love' written on it.

She acted like there is nothing unusual and slowly put down the book to keep it away from Feng Jun Yi's prying eyes. "N-nothing. It's just some notes and formulas of the medicines I made."

But Feng Jun Yi gave her a suspicious look that made her uneasy. "Notes and formulas? I thought you don't write your formulas because you can remember them anyway?" Feng Jun Yi said with knitted brows.

'Crap! He is inconveniently observant! He is even aware of that? Did I ever mention it?' Lin Xulian thought of an excuse. "It's for Xiao Tian. I'm giving it to her as part of her dowry."

Feng Jun Yi's knitted brows relaxed. What Lin Xulian said actually made sense because Xiao Tian is Lin Xulian's disciple in medicine. "Where were you anyway? It's so late already but I discovered you were not in your room so I waited."

Lin Xulian slowly went to her closet to put the book inside. She can't risk displaying the book out in the open. "I was in Xiao Tianshi's room. I cannot sleep yet so I checked on her. I can't rest easy now that Xiao Tian already left to prepare for her wedding."

Feng Jun Yi really admires this side of Lin Xulian. Although the Xiao sisters are not her servants in reality, they are still her subordinates. But she treats them more like her sisters. Even the other servants in the palace have a favorable impression of her. Feng Jun Yi can't help but fall for her even more.

"Ummm… Jun Yi, are you planning to sleep here tonight?"

"Yes. Why? Are you uncomfortable because of my confession?"

"No no, it's fine." Lin Xulian said but in her mind, she is conflicted. 'There is no way I would tell him that I am uncomfortable because those lewd images are randomly popping in my mind! This is Xiao Tianshi's fault.'

Unknown to Lin Xulian, Feng Jun Yi is also uncomfortable because his lower body is bugging him being this close to her.

And thus, the husband and wife had a sleepless night.


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