The Empress is Dead
106 Chapter 106 Warning
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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106 Chapter 106 Warning

Although his heart is aching terribly, Rui built up the courage to ask Lin Xulian directly. "L-Lian'er, is it true then…..that you and Feng Jun Yi..." He can't finish his question. Just thinking about it he can already hear his heart breaking. He bets that by saying it directly, it would really stop beating.

"What about me and Feng Jun Yi? You confuse me big brother." Lin Xulian said with knitted brows.
Seeing that Lin Xulian couldn't get what he meant, Rui is conflicted whether to still ask her or not. 'Whatever! Just say it or this will bug me endlessly.' "I know this is a bit improper to ask, but…..All the servants are talking about it. That you and Feng Jun Yi… already did it. That thing between husband and wife."

Realizing what Rui meant, Lin Xulian's face turned beet red. Because of her and Xiao Tianshi's heart to heart talk, added by the influence of the yellow book, Lin Xulian was able to get what he was trying to insinuate. This caused her to get flustered and overreact. "No! Who said that?! We didn't!" She said in a high pitched tone.

Hearing her answer, Rui finally got his vigor back. Although he is still puzzled why she is overreacting about it. "I see. So it was a misunderstanding after all. I knew you won't let him touch you." Rui said with relief. His heart finally settled down and at peace.

"Big brother, what do you think about Feng Jun Yi?" Lin Xulian suddenly asked.

Hearing her question, Rui's calmed heart stirred again. "What do you mean?"

"I mean as a person." She followed.

"Weak." Rui said without any emotion.

"I'm not talking about his skill in martial arts! And he is not that weak. He actually has a lot of potential. You and big brother Huang are just abnormally strong because of father." Lin Xulian said with a pout.

Rui doesn't feel comfortable hearing how she protects Feng Jun Yi. "Why are you asking anyway?"

Lin Xulian fidgeted and is contemplating whether to tell her big brother or not. "Do you remember during my birthday; Feng Jun Yi took me out to play." She started. "Then he confessed to me that he likes me, not just as a person but as a woman. I've been thinking about it that sometimes I can't get enough sleep. So I want to know what you think about him to help me make up my mind."

The more he listened, the more pain he felt. 'So he really did make a move.' He thought. He regretted that he didn't insist hard enough to follow them that time. He should have used any excuses even the absurd ones. "Lian'er, do you intend to stay here for good? What about your dream of becoming a wandering doctor? To travel the whole continent and encounter different cases that could pique your interest? To be the most amazing doctor? Don't you want any of that anymore?"

Lin Xulian felt a tug on her heart. It is true that it was her life goals to be a wandering doctor and see the world. But the peace and contentment clouded her mind that she almost forgot her dreams. And now she wasn't sure if that is still what she wants. "I don't know big brother. But I think I'm already contented of everything I have. The hospital is also giving me enough challenge so far. And I also can't find a reason to leave the empire."

"Or you can say that you have the reason to stay." Rui said while looking down on the floor. He at least wants to hide the sadness in his eyes. "You want to remain as his empress, do you?" He asked while hiding his clenched fist under his sleeves.

Lin Xulian answered him with a 'hmm' sound. "I don't know if this is already what they called love, but to tell you honestly big brother, I am starting to see Feng Jun Yi as a man."

These words finally put a nail on Rui's heart. But he still gave her a warm and gentle smile. "Then you should follow your heart." Rui extended his hand in attempt to give her a hug but refrained from doing so in the end. He instead gave her hair a light ruffle. "I need to go for another mission Lian'er. Remember that aside from father and big brother Huang, I am the only man who loves you unconditionally."

Unfortunately for him, Lin Xulian misunderstood his confession as a platonic love between siblings. "I know big brother. I'll remember."

Rui left the Phoenix Palace. But instead of going to his said mission, he changed course towards the Dragon Palace. He didn't even wait for the eunuch to ask permission to enter when he directly entered the emperor's study.

Feng Jun Yi and Xu Yichen is discussing about the upcoming winter when they simultaneously raised their head to see the intruder. Seeing that it was Rui, Feng Jun Yi can already tell his purpose.

Without further ado, Rui started to speak. "Your majesty, I am here to give you a warning."

"Impudent!" Xu Yichen replied his disrespectful words instead.

Feng Jun Yi raised his hand to stop Xu Yichen from speaking further. "Go ahead Lord Lin."

"I love Lin Xulian. More than like a sister. I love her as a woman." Rui started.

Feng Jun Yi knows it well. But he didn't interrupt him because he knows he is not done yet.

"But you are her husband now, and I respect that and her decision. But I also should warn you. I am not giving up yet. I'll constantly watch and wait. One wrong move and you make her sad, I will take her away." Then Rui immediately left without looking back.

"Your majesty, what he did was treacherous!" Xu Yichen exclaimed.

"Leave it. Zhen understands his sentiments." Feng Jun Yi answered coolly.


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