The Empress is Dead
108 Chapter 108 Petition
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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108 Chapter 108 Petition

Inside the imperial study, Feng Jun Yi is reading the official reports handed by his subject during that day's morning court. Xu Yichen, as usual, is with him helping him decide the empire's affairs since he is after all his adviser and right hand man.

"Your majesty, Princess Xing already arrived and is currently with the empress. Aren't you worried?" Xu Yichen suddenly asked.

Feng Jun Yi didn't even raise his head when he replied. "Zhen is worried. But zhen also trusts Lian'er. She isn't weak physically and mentally. Even if the princess is a friend or foe, she can definitely handle it."

'Since when did you became a proud and doting husband?' Xu Yichen thought. Then he took a scroll inside his robes and handed it to Feng Jun Yi. "Now that the Princess is in the palace and is soon to be married to you your majesty, the officials made this petition. They are hoping you won't get offended your majesty. They took all the courage they have to make this."

"What is this?" Feng Jun Yi took and read the scroll. It stated the demands of the officials. First, they hope that despite the fact that the new concubine is a princess, the position of the empress should remain at Lin Xulian's hands. Second, the first prince should be mothered by the empress. Third, no matter who would become the heir he should never be the Princess's child.

Feng Jun Yi raised his eyebrows after reading the officials' demands. These conditions pretty much summed up the negotiation he had with Emperor Xing. The exception is that he has no plan to have a child with anyone else aside from Lin Xulian. He purposely hidden these from the officials so that it won't cause a commotion in the court.

After all, most of them are still hoping that the emperor would still take in a few more concubines in the future. If they knew that he has no plans in having a child from other woman aside from the empress, this would cause a lot of dissatisfaction. But to think that even the officials approved that Lin Xulian should remain as the empress, he felt relieved.

"Although in reality Zhen never planned to have a child with the Princess, you can tell the officials that these are already considered done and approved." `Feng Jun Yi said while handing the scroll back to Xu Yichen.

"Anyway your majesty, can this subject be bold enough and ask a personal question?"

Feng Jun Yi felt skeptical hearing the tone of Xu Yichen's voice. "Go ahead."

"How far have you gone with the empress, your majesty?"

"W-why do you ask?" Feng Jun Yi replied awkwardly.

"The servants from the Phoenix Palace are talking about it. How your majesties looked tire whenever your majesty visits the empress. Seeing your ambiguous appearances so early in the morning, there are rumors bound to appear." Xu Yichen said with a subtle teasing tone.

Feng Jun Yi sighed heavily after hearing Xu Yichen's words. "There is nothing as of yet. Lian'er isn't some easy girl that would fall for someone with just great wealth and looks. Zhen have to win her heart slowly. It can't be forced." Then a slight blush crept to his stone cold face. "Zhen just looks tired because zhen can't sleep properly knowing that Lian'er is lying a few inches from zhen."

Xu Yichen's mouth twitched. 'Your majesty, you are already twenty-five and not some adolescent going through puberty.' He thought.

After the welcome celebration inside the Phoenix Palace, Princess Xing Baihe left and is currently walking towards her assigned palace. Lin Xulian arranged the largest courtyard second only to the Phoenix Palace for her new dwelling place. It is also near the Phoenix palace which is just ten-minute walk. But you won't be able to feel the distance since the scenery is superb. You even have to pass through an arching bridge over a lotus pond.

Across the bridge, there is a floating pavilion. Xing Baihe suddenly stopped in her tracks and faced the pavilion when she heard the sound of a flute. Ever since she was young, she specially loves the sound of the instrument. She doesn't understand it herself but it feels like every being in her body is rejoicing and swooning from the sound. Although she is very happy inside, her face still remained calm with a good natured light smile.

Inside the pavilion, she saw a man playing a flute. His dark blue silk robes flutter from the slight breeze. He looks exceptionally charming and alluring by just standing there. After he was done playing, he briefly closed his eyes. As if noticing her stare, the man snapped his head and looked towards the bridge.

Xing Baihe didn't even get flustered from the man's stare. Seeing that he already noticed her, she just gave a slight bow. The man also returned her greetings with a bow. Xing Baihe then resumed walking without looking back.

"Who was that man?" Xing Baihe suddenly asked.

The servant who was given by Lin Xulian to serve the princess then assumed that she was talking to her. "Replying your highness, that was his highness the fifth prince Feng Jun Yun." The servant answered. She start having a wild imagination.

As if Xing Baihe can read her thoughts, the princess gave a slight laugh. "Don't misunderstand. I just love the sound of the flute. Especially if it is played skillfully. The fifth prince is talented and this princess couldn't help but be jealous of his skill. I wish I could play that well. But my empress mother said that it was an instrument for men so I wasn't allowed to learn." She said with a tone of regret.

"Please forgive this servant for misunderstanding." Xing Baihe only replied with a warm smile. Seeing this, the servant finally felt relieved. Good thing her new master is as good as the empress.


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