The Empress is Dead
109 Chapter 109 Hu Hai
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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109 Chapter 109 Hu Hai

Feng Jun Yun is immersed in playing his flute when he suddenly felt the presence of few people. He became thrilled and hoped that one of them is Lin Xulian. He played the flute more skillfully to catch her attention. He is rejoicing inside knowing that his patience finally bore fruit. Since he can't just randomly visit the Phoenix Palace without reasonable excuse, he resorted in waiting in this pavilion hoping that Lin Xulian would coincidentally pass by.

After his performance, he briefly closed his eyes to calm his excitement and also to prepare the sweetest and most handsome smile he can offer. But his smile halted when he finally realized that his audience is a total stranger. He can't remember who is that little girl but he felt like he had seen her somewhere.

The little girl bowed towards him in greeting since they have a considerable amount of distance and shouting is not an option. He also bowed in courtesy. If the girl is just a normal noble lady, then Feng Jun Yun didn't need to return the greetings. But since she is wearing luxurious clothes and accessories, it is better to be safe.

When the girl finally left, Feng Jun Yun still remained in the pavilion and thought deeply where did he saw that girl before. Then he remembered that today is the arrival of the princess who will marry his emperor brother in a few days. Then a face flashed in his brain.
"It was her!" He suddenly exclaimed which startled the nearby servants and guards serving him. 'It's been four years yet there are almost no changes in her appearance aside from the way she adorns herself. Tsk. Then how can she seduce and take Feng Jun Yi's attention away from my Xulian?! With that undeveloped body and flat front, how can she compete with my Xulian's perfectly proportioned body? How disappointing.' He thought.

On the second floor of a restaurant, a handsome man is sighing heavily. His name his Hu Hai. It's been two years since his father and their King sent him to Gonglu country to get close to Lin Huang and his Lin family. He only has two missions, first is to help him become stronger. He already taught him all the basics about controlling internal energy and Lin Huang already mastered it. Even the Empress learned it easily. They only have to apply it to the martial arts they are practicing.

Second is to somehow find a way to bring Lin Huang to the Qiangdu country to inherit the throne as the new king. But he can't directly tell him about it because there is a great chance that he won't take the responsibility. But if the King himself will convince him, then that would be a different story. Unfortunately, the King can't leave the country because of his old age.

The only good news is that Lin Huang already have a wife and a future heir. They can finally assure that the bloodline of the Lin family will continue. The problem is how to take him and his family to the Quiangdu country.

"Gu Rin, can you at least ask them to give me a vacation? My wife is pregnant when I left. I haven't seen my daughter yet! That's my first daughter you know! I bet she's as beautiful as her mother." Hu Hai said to the handsome man with a mole under his right eye sitting across the table in front of him. Gu Rin is the one assigned to get and deliver Hu Hai's development because he can't just leave and go back that often.

"Then you better hasten your mission here. The King is also getting impatient." Gu Rin replied while hitting Hu Hai's head with his metal flute.

"That hurt, bro!" Hu Hai complained and whined. But he suddenly stopped when he spotted something on the street. He immediately jumped from the window to pick it up. It was a plant that he forgot what's called but can clearly remember where he had seen it. "Gu Rin, come down here and look at this. I remember you have a lot of this in your village."

Gu Rin left a few silver tael in the table and also went down through the window. His eyes widen in alarm after seeing the plant in Hu Hai's hand. "This!" He then looked around to see where did it possibly came from. "Hu Hai let's split up and search. There must be lot of this plant."

"Don't tell me it's-…"

"Yes, so let's not waste time."

The two of them split and jumped from roof to roof to cover as much visual advantage as possible. Then Hu Hai spotted a small cart being pulled by a single horse travelling in an isolated ally. He stopped the cart and confirmed that it was carrying the same plant. He pulled the driver down the horse to interrogate. "Where are you taking these?!"

The man didn't even have the time to ask for Hu Hai's identity when he suddenly stiffened and died on the spot.

Gu Rin swiftly approached but he was too late. "Crap! It is really what I think it is. Hu Hai, dispose of these plants. I will go back and inform the clan head about this. Be observant because there is a possibility that there are still a lot of it in the capital." Then Gu Rin left in a hurry and disappeared in split second.

"Hey! Wai—" Hu Hai is left at loss. He looked down on the dead man on the ground. Luckily Lin Xulian gave him some poison to help clean up this kind of mess. He poured the content of the bottle on the man and he became a puddle of gooey water in a few moments. He then looked in a distance towards the palace's location. "I need to find a way to inform the empress about this."


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