The Empress is Dead
110 Chapter 110 Pregnan
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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110 Chapter 110 Pregnan

Today is another big day for the empire, especially in the Palace. Because today is the day that Princess Xing Baihe will officially be a part of the emperor's harem as the Imperial Noble Concubine. But instead of celebratory red color used in weddings, the hall is decorated with gold. This is to show that the union is between two royal families.

All of the officials and nobilities are present on the event to show that they accept the union between the two countries. There are also representatives from Zhixiang country. Although this marriage's purpose is to unite the two countries, the tension is still present between the two parties. After all, a feud that lasted for more than a century won't be healed that fast.

Feng Jun Yi arrived together with Lin Xulian. Everyone rose and bow after the eunuch announced their arrival. Feng Jun Yi wire his official dragon robes while Lin Xulian is wearing her official phoenix robes. Then they sat side by side on the highest seats in the hall.

Although this is considered a wedding, there is no matchmakers and procession. But the princess still entered in a golden sedan. Also, different from the ceremony during the previous emperor's reign, in receiving the Imperial Noble Concubine, the golden seal is not presented since Feng Jun Yi chose to give it to Lin Xulian. There is also no bridal chamber. This clearly showed that this wedding is really for political purposes only. And the emperor's affection remained for the empress.

This made the Gonglu country's officials feel relieved. But the representative of the Zhixiang country wasn't feeling good about it. But they can't randomly make a scene and complain if the princess, and even Emperor Xing who is present and is seated on the highest guest's seat, have no qualms about the whole thing.

When Princess Xing Baihe stepped down from the sedan, she elegantly moved forward towards the front hall. She is wearing an elegant yellow robes that showed her youthful look. The guests from Gonglu country, aside from the ladies present during the welcome ceremony, were all shocked when they saw the princess.

This is not that surprising seeing how petite she is and looks like a child. But they suppressed themselves from showing any reaction from their faces that might offend the visitors. Feng Jun Yi was also shocked but as usual his face didn't show any emotions. Still stiff and cold. On the other hand, Lin Xulian is looking admiringly at Xing Baihe.

The moment Xing Baihe arrived in the front hall, she kowtowed in front of Feng Jun Yi and Lin Xulian to show that she accepts that they are above her in status the moment she enteres the palace and Feng Jun Yi's harem. "This princess is your servant your majesties. Your majesties are my sky and masters from this day forward. May this princess be of use to your majesties."

The servants gathered around Xing Baihe and placed a low table in front of the princess. Then they put the pots, cups and all other things that Xing Baihe needed to brew tea. This serving of the tea to the emperor and empress is to prove that she will serve her masters and would lower herself in front of them.

The guests watched with awe seeing how skillful and elegant the princess looks while brewing the tea. The princes on the other hand wasn't interested. The third prince, Feng Jun Yan is too preoccupied with his little almost four years old prince who is trying to break free from his hold because he wants to play. His Wangfei Lu Yaoyao is currently pregnant with a princess so she can't handle the rowdy little boy.

The fourth prince, Feng Jun Yao on the other hand is trying to keep his eyes open. He gets bored with these kinds of girlish talents. If she showed a fighting dance maybe, he would be more willing to give a bit of interest.

The fifth prince, Feng Jun Yun, would alternately look at the princess and Feng Jun Yi. And as expected, the emperor doesn't show any interest. It's as if he is looking at the princess's direction but actually not seeing anything at all. Maybe if he has a choice, he would rather close his eyes and Feng Jun Yun clearly understands him. But Lin Xulian's unwavering attention and warm smile wouldn't leave the princess which is a huge contrast to Feng Jun Yi. The fifth prince couldn't help but think. 'Who is marrying who?'

The sixth prince on the other hand doesn't feel that good. The moment he saw the princess, he felt uncomfortable and uneasy. He grasps the black bracelet that his emperor brother gave him before and circulate his internal energy around it. He accidentally discovered this method and it never failed to calm him down whenever he is nervous or uneasy just like now. When he finally felt relaxed he thought. 'Maybe I'm just too worried about Lian jiejie's feelings.'

When Xing Baihe is done brewing the tea, the servants delivered them to the empress and emperor. But when in Xulian was about to take a sip, she suddenly felt dizzy and her vision darkened.

"Lian'er!" Feng Jun Yi managed to catch the hot tea and saved Xulian from being scalded. But Xulian already fainted. "Someone! Get the imperial physician!" Feng Jun Yi shouted in alarm.

Almost all the physician gathered around Xulian and took turns in taking her pulse. When they are finally done, the lined themselves and bowed to Feng Jun Yi while saying simultaneously. "Congratulation your majesty! Her majesty, the empress is pregnant!"


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