The Empress is Dead
111 Chapter 111 Pain and Grief
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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111 Chapter 111 Pain and Grief

Hearing the imperial physicians' findings, the hall burst into a clamor. The officials and nobilities from Gonglu country simultaneously congratulated the emperor and celebrated. They also thank the heavens for finally bestowing an heir to the empire. The relief is visible in their countenance because they can finally assure that the throne is finally safe despite not being assured that the child is a boy.

The princes, aside from the fifth prince also smiled ear to ear after hearing the news and are already anticipating the future crowned prince. Feng Jun Yun on the other hand gape in shock. As far as he knows, Lin Xulian is still taking the poison he prepared to prevent her from getting pregnant. This made him even more nervous and devastated. 'Does she know that there is poison in those pastries? Is she aware that I was behind it that's why she looks at me hatefully?'

The officials of Zhixiang country in contrast felt humiliated for their princess with the news. For them, they think that it is a show created by the empress to show her might in the back palace. To announce her pregnancy during the princess's conferring ceremony, it is clear as day that she is staking her claim on the emperor. One of them took all his courage to voice out their discontentment, but halted when their emperor chose to speak instead. But his words are contrary to their expectation.

"Congratulations, Emperor Feng. Today is really an auspicious day. Not only we finally have peace between our countries but also you finally have your first child. Ah…I still remember the feeling when I learned that one of my wives is pregnant with my first child. Although it was a princess. But my reaction is the same as you, speechless. Hahaha…" Xing Wenhe said cheerfully.

"T-thank you, Emperor Xing." Feng Jun Yi answered with a stiff smile. Seeing the happiness of his subjects and hearing their congratulatory remarks, he tried to hide his pain and grief. Nobody knows this except him, Xu Yichen and Lin Xulian but, they haven't consummated their marriage yet. So the child that Lin Xulian is carrying, although it pains him to admit, is not his. But he can't tell anyone about it.

"B-bring the empress back to her Phoenix Palace first to rest." Feng Jun Yi said while looking at his fainted wife in his trembling arms. Nobody noticed it except Xu Yichen since he is the one who knows what is really happening between Feng Jun Yi and Lin Xulian privately. Even he himself couldn't believe and doesn't want to believe that Lin Xulian could betray the emperor.

Not long after, Lin Xulian is already sent back to the Phoenix Palace while the ceremony continued. Because of the unexpected turn of events, the contrast between the two country's mood is visible. The Gonglu country's people is smiling ear to ear and the celebratory vibe is evident. While the delegates from the Zhixiang country is suppressing their temper.

Feng Jun Yi also remained in the hall but his mind is clearly elsewhere. Seeing this, Xu Yichen also felt uneasy. He knows too well that Feng Jun Yi is just bottling his pain inside while keeping his stoic face. But he also couldn't ask him to leave the hall because he knows that this political marriage is also important.

Meanwhile, Feng Jun Yi is immersed in his own world of sorrow. He recalled those times he and Lin Xulian were together after his confession. Her smile, laugh and even her blushing face every time he expresses his affection towards her. He would hasten his work so that he could find time to accompany her in her clinic and woo her.

He can't understand it. They are together almost all the time. When did her infidelity happened. Then a face popped up in his mind and the words he heard. 'I love Lin Xulian. More than like a sister. I love her as a woman.' 'I am not giving up yet.' I will take her away.' His mind turned involuntarily after remembering those scenes.

He looked around the hall, especially behind a pillar in an unnoticeable part of the hall. He remembered earlier that Rui was there since the start of the ceremony doing his usual guarding responsibility. And as expected he wasn't there anymore. This made his heart thump wildly in both suspicion and anger.

'Right, they are together more often. Did he manage to win her over? Then they….. But they are still legal siblings.' Feng Jun Yi thought. The more he thinks, the more painful it felt. His anger also rose slowly. He knows that eventually he won't be able to control his emotions.

His calm almost broke but a female voice helped him snap out of it. "Your majesty?" Xing Baihe said in a low voice so that she won't attract the attention of the guests. She sat on the emperor's right side but is a level lower than the dragon and phoenix seat.

"Y-yes, what is it Imperial Noble Concubine Xing?" he said flustered.

"Your majesty, this concubine appreciates your presence here even though I know for a fact that your majesty's thought is elsewhere. This concubine would understand if you'd rather choose to stay by the empress's side especially now that her majesty is carrying a dragon seed. Her majesty needs your majesty more than this concubine does." She said in an understanding tone.

Feng Jun Yi felt conflicted. Not because he doesn't want to leave but because he doesn't know if he can face Lin Xulian right now. His mind and heart is a mess. He's afraid that he won't be able to control himself and lash out. Although he also finds his thoughts odd since he is not someone who would lose his cool and be violent.


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