The Empress is Dead
112 Chapter 112 I Lied 1
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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112 Chapter 112 I Lied 1

Feng Jun Yi felt like the road towards the Phoenix Palace is endless. Even his steps felt heavy. After he chose to leave the hall, he steeled his heart and decided to see Lin Xulian. Instead of thinking and angering himself from suspicions, he might as well directly hear it from her. Although there is a great chance that it would only hurt him.

Xu Yichen also followed him. He is worried that Feng Jun Yi might do something that he would regret later on. And he also wants to know why Lin Xulian betrayed the emperor and with whom. He is certain that she would admit it anyway since she has nothing to lose. After all, the emperor cannot kill her because of his debt of gratitude in saving his life.

Feng Jun Yi paused the moment he stepped into the entrance of Lin Xulian's chamber. Inside the room, Lin Xulian is still unconscious lying on the bed while Rui is sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for her to wake up. With this scene, his anger rose. "Lord Lin, Zhen can take it from here."

"No, I will stay until Lian'er wakes up." Rui replied.

His reply made Feng Jun Yi think that Rui is really the child's father. Despite knowing that Rui is much stronger than him, Feng Jun Yi wanted to kill him right now. And Rui can clearly feel his killing intent.

On the other hand, unknown to Feng Jun Yi, Rui is feeling the same towards him. When he heard the imperial physicians saying that Lin Xulian is pregnant, he thought Feng Jun Yi forced himself on her since he knows that Lin Xulian is not yet certain about her feelings for Feng Jun Yi.

While the two of them is glaring daggers, Lin Xulian finally came to. This is the scene that greeted her when she opened her eyes. "Big brother Rui? Jun Yi? Is there something wrong with you two? What had happened to me?"

"Lian'er! You're finally awake? Are you feeling fine now?" Rui immediately went to Lin Xulian side and helped her sit up.

Lin Xulian is about to answer Rui when Feng Jun Yi interrupted. "Lord Lin, can you leave Zhen and my empress alone. Zhen needs to have a word with her." He said in a cold and threatening tone.

"I don't like the tone of your voice, so no!" Rui replied in an equally cold tone.

Seeing the two men glaring daggers to each other and are already releasing a thick killing intent, Lin Xulian chose to interfere. She doesn't know what had happened but seeing the seriousness in Feng Jun Yi, she knows that it is not a trivial thing. "Big brother, leave us first. And please don't eavesdrop."

Rui was about to refute but Lin Xulian gave him a pleading look. He sighed in resignation. "Fine. Call for me if you need me. I'll be on a safe distance." Then Rui left the room.

"Everyone also leave the empress's chamber. That includes you Adviser Xu." Feng Jun Yi said to the servants and some imperial physician who remained to check the empress.

"But your majesty...." Xu Yichen doesn't want to leave. He had never seen the emperor being this angry before. Even against his step mother and the second prince. He is afraid that Feng Jun Yi might do something irrecoverable. But Feng Jun Yi gave him a cold murderous glare. With this, Xu Yichen had no other choice but to comply and retreat.

Lin Xulian witnessed everything and is wondering why Feng Jun Yi looks really angry. He looks unapproachable. It's as if he would kill anyone who would approach him in an arm length distance.

"Who was it?" Feng Jun Yi suddenly said.

"What do you mean?" Lin Xulian replied in confusion.

"The father of the child you are carrying, who was it?!" Feng Jun Yi rephrased with a forceful voice.

"What child? Whose father? Can you tell me what's going on?!" Lin Xulian said irritated.

"You don't have to act anymore Lin Xulian. I know you are an excellent doctor but the imperial physicians are not that incompetent to falsely detect a pregnancy pulse. So tell me, who was it you cheated with?!" Feng Jun Yi said with a clear indication of his anger.

"Are you saying that I am pregnant?! But that's impossible! It's not true!"

'LIES!' Feng Jun Yi heard in his mind. But he only treated it as his inner thoughts. "Then why don't you check it yourself?"

Lin Xulian felt her own pulse and discovered something unbelievable. She really has a pregnancy pulse! "H-how is this possible? We haven't done it before. And I haven't done it with anyone else. My chastity is still intact! I am still pure! How can I have a pregnancy pulse?!"

'LIES! LIES! LIES! LIES!' Feng Jun Yi is starting to have a headache because of the word echoing repeatedly inside his head. But not only his head, even his heart is aching terribly. "Your chastity is intact? You are still pure? Then why are you pregnant?!"

"I don't know! But I am telling the truth! There must be something that caused this!" Lin Xulian said desperately. But she can clearly see that Feng Jun Yi still doesn't believe her.

Feng Jun Yi stepped closer to Lin Xulian and grabbed the collar of her phoenix robes. He then pushed her down and looked at her coldly. "If it's true that you are still pure, then you have to prove it!" Without reservation, he tore Lin Xulian's clothes with his bare hands revealing the milky white skin of her upper body.

"Feng Jun Yi! Stop it!" But he didn't listen. And as if he is possessed by the devil, he sucked and nibbled her skin from her neck down to her chest while holding her down.


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