The Empress is Dead
114 Chapter 114
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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114 Chapter 114

When Feng Jun Yi and Xu Yichen finally arrived in the imperial study, the air around them is heavy. Feng Jun Yi still remained silent ever since he came out of the Phoenix palace. Xu Yichen have no idea what had happened inside the palace, but feeling the cold air and seeing Feng Jun Yi's emotionless eyes, he could tell that his conversation with the empress didn't end well.

'Did the empress really had an affair? But with whom? And why? If she loves another man, she could just tell the emperor right away. That way it would be easy for the both of them. She also knows that the emperor will give her freedom if she only asks.' Xu Yichen thought.

Xu Yichen finally decided to ask Feng Jun Yi. Maybe this could help him lighten the burden in his heart. "Your majesty, this subject knows that you love the empress but—"

"I don't." Xu Yichen didn't managed to finish his words when Feng Jun YI coldly interrupted him. He just stood there stupefied trying to figure out what Feng Jun Yi meant. "I don't love her. I am the emperor. I don't fall in love."

Xu Yichen cannot understand why Feng Jun Yi is suddenly denying his feelings for Lin Xulian. "Then, is your majesty letting her majesty go?" Xu Yichen didn't notice any change in Feng Jun Yi's expression so he decided to continue. "After all, her majesty saved your majesty's life. And since your majesty doesn't have any romantic feelings for the empress, then letting her go is not that much of a burden."

"Zhen won't let her go. She is Zhen's wife so she will die as Zhen's wife. Zhen will not hand her over to whoever that man is. She is mine." Feng Jun Yi said emotionlessly.

Xu YIchen got even more confused about Feng Jun Yi's motive. "Then, how about the child your majesty?"

"If Lin Xulian doesn't want to get rid of it, then she can't blame Zhen for being merciless."

Xu Yichen got disappointed with Feng Jun Yi's remarks. "Is your majesty saying that you plan to treat the child the same as how you were treated by Imperial Noble Concubine Li?"

Hearing this, Feng Jun Yi snapped. He suddenly grabbed Xu Yichen by the neck. "Xu YIchen, don't get ahead of yourself just because we grew up together. Remember who you are." Then Feng Jun Yi threw him on the floor. "This and that are different circumstances."

Xu Yichen immediately kowtowed. "Please forgive this subject, your majesty." Xu Yichen apologized but deep inside he really wanted to ask what happened to him. He was never this irrational before. And certainly not violent. This only proves that he in reality loves the empress. And the pain of the betrayal is eating his sanity. 'I only hope that this won't affect his responsibilities for the empire.'

A few moments after Feng Jun Yi left, Rui returned to the Phoenix Palace to check on Lin Xulian. But what greeted him is the sight of Lin Xulian's crying face while hugging Xiao Tianshi's waist. She already changed into a simple robe so Rui had no idea that she experienced something even worse. And Lin Xulian has no intention of telling him about it.

Only Xiao Tianshi witnessed her tattered look earlier. She got worried after she saw Feng Jun Yi leaving the palace with a fearsome face. And as she predicted, something bad really happened. Good thing her boss managed to protect herself. She helped her change out of her torn clothes. All throughout, Lin Xulian didn't stop crying. She even hugged her waist when she was done changing.

Later on, Rui entered the room. Xiao Tianshi wanted to tell him what Feng Jun Yi did, but Lin Xulian stopped her with her pleading look. Although reluctant, she complied to her boss's demands. But she swore to herself that if Feng Jun Yi tries to do it again, she would beat him to death.

"Lian'er, what happened? What did that bastard do? I will kill him!" Rui immediately turned around to leave, but Lin Xulian managed to stop him.

"No, don't big brother. I-it's just...I just realized that I already love him." Hearing this, Rui felt like his world stop. "But he said that he doesn't love me. That he only wants to have an heir. That I am nothing but a vessel. And everything he said was a lie. And everything he did is just an act. And I fell for it. It's my fault for having a weak heart."

Rui clenched his fists. Knowing that Lin Xulian's heart belongs to another man, he can't stop his heart from breaking. But he was still able to think about an important thing. "Then what about the child?"

"I am not pregnant. I am still pure. But Feng Jun Yi won't believe me." Lin Xulian said bitterly.

"Does that mean those imperial physicians lied? I'll teach them a lesson!" Xiao Tianshi exclaimed.

"No, they didn't lie. I truly have a pregnancy pulse. But I am certainly not pregnant. I have never done the deed with anyone, so it is impossible." Lin Xulian said sadly.

"Then why do you have a pregnancy pulse?" Rui asked in confusion.

"I don't know how it happened but someone certainly want to set me up. Someone who knows that Feng Jun Yi and I haven't consummated our marriage yet." Lin Xulian explained.

"Do you think Feng Jun Yi told anyone else?" Xiao Tianshi asked.

"There is a possibility. The question is who." Rui interjected.

"Then what should we do boss?"

"For now, we don't know who wants to sabotage my marriage. But the more pressing issue is to cure myself first. Then proving my innocence and getting revenge will follow." Lin Xulian said with determination.


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