The Empress is Dead
115 Chapter 115 Imperial Noble Concubine Xing’s Visi
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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115 Chapter 115 Imperial Noble Concubine Xing’s Visi

For two months, Lin Xulian stayed in her clinic every day. She would even stay up late and wake up early the next day. It's safe to say that she already moved residences in her clinic. The servants are baffled with their empress's actions. But at the end, they concluded that she must be making tonics and supplements to aid her pregnancy. That is the perks of being a doctor and future mother. But they are just a bit worried because she hardly had time to rest.

Ever since the incident two months ago, Xiao Tianshi never left Lin Xulian's side. This is to ensure that she can protect her boss in case the emperor become possessed by some kind of devil again. And this time, she would surely cut off his dragon jewel.

The three other servants are also present as always in case Lin Xulian needs someone to run errands for her such as buying the herbs she needs. But they always reported the things that the empress asked them to do to the emperor. Feng Jun Yi instructed Lin Xulian's servants to report everything to him so that he can monitor if Lin Xulian would try to abort the child.

Of course Lin Xulian knew about it but she wasn't worried or guilty at all. She knows that she is innocent and she would one day prove it. Although his actions hurt her, she has no time to deal with her pain. She should focus on treating herself first.

While Lin Xulian is concentrating in her medicine, one of the servant informed her about the arrival of a guest. "Your majesty, Imperial Noble Concubine Xing is here to pay respects."

Lin Xulian then remembered that ever since that incident two months ago, she hasn't seen the princess. She actually felt bad because the princess's ceremony was disrupted by Lin Xulian's hidden enemy. She found this visit a chance to apologize to the princess. "Inform Imperial Noble Concubine Xing that I'll be out in a few moments. Serve her well in the receiving hall."

"Yes, your majesty." The servants immediately went out to follow Lin Xulian's command.

A few moments later, Lin Xulian went to the receiving hall. Imperial Noble Concubine Xing is sipping her tea in an elegant and well-mannered way. Lin Xulian find this sight adorable because it contrasts her childish appearance. She can't point out why, but the princess's presence calms her mind. Even the worries and pain she had during those two months lightened considerably. It is almost miraculous.

Xing Baihe noticed her immediately the moment Lin Xulian arrived. "This servant greets your majesty, the empress. May you live a thousand of years." She greeted while bowing.

Lin Xulian personally held her up to dismiss her. "Please don't be too formal Imperial Noble Concubine Xing. Also you don't have to call yourself a servant. We are considered as sisters. You can call me jiejie."

"But that would be improper your majesty. My empress mother would be angry if she learned that this servant doesn't adhere to proper etiquette and hierarchy." Xing Baihe said with a conflicted look.

"No need to worry about trivial things, meimei. This is the Gonglu country and not the Zhixiang country. No one will tell on you to your empress mother. And as the empress, if I say it's fine then it's fine." Lin Xulian said while patting the back of Xing Baihe's hand.

"Thank you your—…..jiejie." Xing Baihe said while blushing.

Lin Xulian smiled in satisfaction after getting what she wanted. She invited Xing Baihe to return to her seat and have some tea with her. "I apologize about what had happened during your ceremony, meimei. I must have stolen your spotlight."

"No need to apologize, jiejie. It was a good news for the empire. I just wished you witnessed how happy everyone is when they heard that your majesty is carrying the dragon seed." Xing Baihe said with genuine happiness in her eyes.

Lin Xulian's eyes dimmed a bit after hearing her words. But she regained her composure and smile. "Then I'm relieved, meimei. I thought you would hate me for ruining your day."

"Please be at ease, jiejie. I am more concerned about you and the future prince. Can I touch your belly?" Xing Baihe asked excitedly.

Lin Xulian felt awkward because in reality there is no child inside her belly. But she also doesn't want to dampen Xing Baihe's excitement. "S-sure. Go ahead."

The moment Xing Baihe touched her belly, Lin Xulian felt a foreign internal energy flowing towards her body from Xing Baihe's palm. Lin Xulian held her hand and detached it from her body. "Meimei, you know how to control and transfer internal energy?"

Xing Baihe panicked a little. "Y-your majesty, please forgive me for doing it without your consent. I thought no one else knew how to do it aside from me and emperor brother. I thought you won't notice. But I don't mean any harm. I just wanted to know if the child is a prince or princess since your majesty didn't allow the imperial physicians to check on you." Xing Baihe suddenly went down on her knees. "Please forgive me your majesty."

Lin Xulian held her up again. "There is no need to kneel, meimei. I was just surprised that you knew how to do it at your age. I just discovered that method when I was your age. And there is no harm done anyway. I just think your purpose doesn't match your method. Instead of using it to scan me, you fed me with your internal energy instead. That would tire you out. I'll show you how to do it." Then Lin Xulian showed Xing Baihe how to use internal energy to check on another person's body.

But Lin Xulian suddenly knitted her brows when she noticed that there is something odd on Xing Baihe's body.


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