The Empress is Dead
116 Chapter 116 Darkness
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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116 Chapter 116 Darkness

Lin Xulian checked Xing Baihe's body again to make sure whether she really found a problem. But to her confusion, she found nothing on the second time. 'I must have been too tired.'

Xing Baihe noticed the changes in Lin Xulian's expression so she felt alarmed. "What is it, your majesty? Is there something wrong with me?"

"Nothing meimei. Sorry for scaring you." Lin Xulian comforted Xing Baihe. Then Lin Xulian pouted. "I told you to call me jiejie, right?"

Xing Baihe blushed. "Please forgive me jiejie. I'm just not used to it. I only have a close relationship with my emperor brother and my sisters hate me because of it. So I didn't have anyone to call jiejie." Xing Baihe said with a sad face.

Lin Xulian's heart softened seeing her sad face. "You have one now, me. You'll get used to it. Why don't we have a chat? I want to hear more about you and the Zhixiang country."

Lin Xulian and Xing Baihe chatted for a long time. They even had lunch and afternoon tea together. Lin Xulian only let her leave when the sun almost set. And when Lin Xulian is alone again, her depressed mood also returned. So she just returned to her clinic.

Seeing Lin Xulian being depressed again, Xiao Tianshi felt bad for her. When her boss decided to marry the emperor, Xiao Tianshi never thought she would see Lin Xulian this sad. She represents those neglected wives she read in those novels that her boss brought along from Madame Lin.

Who would have thought that her boss will experience the same fate? She really thought that her boss's husband will fall madly in love with her at a glance. But unfortunately, she underestimated Feng Jun Yi's cold heart. And not to mention his impeccable acting skill. Who would have thought.

"Boss, have you ever suspected Imperial Noble Concubine Xing? After all this started the moment she entered the harem." Xiao Tianshi suddenly interjected. She found the timing too much of a coincidence.

"That's unlikely. Emperor Xing doesn't look stupid. If he wanted to mess with me or Feng Jun Yi during his sister's ceremony, the blame will obviously fall on them. He loves his sister too much to risk her life. Obviously, the person behind this saw it as an opportunity. Attacking while hiding behind someone else's back." Lin Xulian solemnly stated.

"That make sense. Aaaahhhh! This hidden enemy pisses me off! Boss, if we found out who this person is, can you let me cut an arm or two off of him? Or else I won't be reincarnated peacefully." Xiao Tianshi said while cracking her fingers.

"Don't take my fun Tianshi. I will surely make that person suffer even worse." Lin Xulian said darkly. 'After all that person didn't just ruin my reputation in front of Feng Jun Yi. He also ruined the marriage I planned to work out.' She thought.

Inside the imperial study, Feng Jun Yi sat behind his table while checking the officials reports. But he wasn't actually paying attention on its contents. His full attention is on the young woman in front of him.

It was one of Lin Xulian's personal servants. She is currently reporting about what her master did the whole day. "Her majesty still stayed in her clinic last night and slept late. Then she woke up early today. Imperial Noble Concubine Xing also paid a visit and talked about the times her highness is still in the Zhixiang country. Her highness stayed until late afternoon. Also, her majesty permitted her highness to feel her belly. The empress and her pregnancy looked healthy, your majesty." The servant stated in one breath while looking down respectfully.

Mentioning Lin Xulian's pregnancy, Feng Jun Yi clenched his fists. The report crumpled in his hands. "You may leave." The servant kneeled one last time then left the imperial study to return to her assigned job.

Feng Jun Yi's mood darkened after the servant left. 'She is even proud enough to let other people feel her belly?!' 'SHE'S AN ADULTERER!' 'Yes, she is an adulterous woman!' 'SHE PLAYED WITH YOUR FEELINGS!' 'That's right. She made me believe that the two of us have a chance to be together forever and build a family.' 'SHE DOESN'T DESERVE TO LIVE ANYMORE! SHE HAVE TO DIE!'

Thinking up to this point, Feng Jun Yi suddenly rose from his seat. His face is full of terror. He cannot believe that he thought of killing Lin Xulian. 'What was that?! Is that what I really wanted to do? Is it the desire I have deep in my heart? When did I become so evil? This won't do. I have to cool down.'

Feng Jun Yi decided to leave the palace a bit. He needs to release his frustrations somehow or the darkness will consume him in no time. Luckily, Xu Yichen coincidentally arrived and met Feng Jun Yi along the way. "Adviser Xu, cover for Zhen for a bit. Zhen needs to visit zhen's master's place for a few days." Then he left without looking back.

"Yes, your majesty." Xu Yichen felt relieved. After the incident when Feng Jun Yi almost choke him to death, their relationship reduced to a common master-servant. Because of this, Feng Jun Yi didn't share his burdens with him and asked for his opinion anymore. He guessed that Feng Jun Yi bottled his emotions up. And now it became too hard for him to control.

Another way Feng Jun Yi deals with his emotions is by training his martial arts until he becomes too tired to even think about it. Feng Jun Yi obviously left to do just that. Xu Yichen felt relieved because Feng Jun Yi finally decided to deal with his temper.


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