The Empress is Dead
117 Chapter 117 Lin Xulian’s Confession
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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117 Chapter 117 Lin Xulian’s Confession

It's been five months since Feng Jun last seen Lin Xulian. It was both because of anger and guilt. He can also tell that Lin Xulian didn't tell her brothers about what he did the last time. The truth is, he misses her really bad. He would often look through the window and look distantly on the Phoenix Palace's direction. But he can't find the courage to see her. Especially nowadays that he is having dark thoughts about her.

Feng Jun Yi just came back from his master's place. These days he would often spend two to three days there just to release his frustration. This is his way to get rid of the dark thoughts and whispers he often hear. These whispers are starting to scare him. He is afraid to admit that those are the real thoughts he has deep in his heart.

Along the way back to his palace, Feng Jun Yi passed by the imperial garden. Then he saw someone he never thought he would see this day. He found Lin Xulian sitting on the pavilion beside the koi pond. She is looking at the fishes but you can tell that her attention wasn't on them at all. She is a t loss in thought and has a sad look on her face.

Feng Jun Yi didn't notice when, but he only realized that he is walking towards her direction when he heard the servants greeted him. "Greetings, your majesty."

Hearing that the emperor is there, Lin Xulian immediately snapped her head towards his direction. She abruptly stood up and called out to him. "Jun Yi?" It's been five months since she last saw him. She can't believe how much she actually missed him. Her heart felt like it is about to burst. She really does love him already.

Feng Jun Yi's heart soften after hearing the way Lin Xulian called out to him. He can't tell whether he heard right or his heart is playing tricks on him. He could actually hear the longing in her voice. Her voice is telling him that she loves him too. And he wants to believe it. But when he looked down on her bulging belly, his heart hardened back in an instant.

"You are actually walking around in that condition? Are you showing off?" Feng Jun Yi said in a cold tone while giving a brief glimpse on Lin Xulian's belly.

Lin Xulian looked down on her swelling belly. She also noticed that her belly is growing just like a real pregnant woman. She thought that after a few months she could prove her innocence because her belly shouldn't grow since there is no child inside. But unfortunately that didn't happen. This also proves that her condition isn't simple. Her body is also getting weaker as if something is sucking her energy.

"Your majesty, can I have a few moments alone with you?" Lin Xulian steeled her heart and looked at Feng Jun Yi straight into his eyes.

Feng Jun Yi signaled the servants and guards to leave. They find the atmosphere between the husband and wife odd. But they have no right to ask so they just adhered to their master's commands.

After the servants left, Feng Jun Yi didn't speak and just coldly waiter for her to talk. He wants this encounter to end because her bulging belly is glaring at him. He is starting to feel the surge of anger from betrayal coming.

"Feng Jun Yi, I said it before and I'll say it again. I am not pregnant." Lin Xulian started.

Feng Jun Yi's face darkened. "Do you think Zhen will believe you seeing that swelling belly. If you want to lie, try a better one. If you only want to say those lies again, then Zhen has no time." Feng Jun Yi turned around to leave. But Lin Xulian stopped him by grabbing his hand.

Feeling her skin touching him, Feng Jun Yi felt an unexplainable pain and sadness. He really wants to believe her. But what he is seeing made it hard for him to do so. The proof is slapping him hard. Even if he wants to lie to himself and think that it doesn't really exist, his mind keeps telling him not to be fooled.

"Even if you don't really love me, I will still prove to you that I never betrayed you. That I honestly wanted to be with you and build a family together. In my whole life, you are the only man I considered to be with forever." Lin Xulian confessed.

Hearing those words, Feng Jun Yi stiffened. There is no doubt. It was a confession. Lin Xulian loved him! He wanted to turn around ang hug and kiss her but the whispers interrupted him.


Realizing that his thoughts are becoming irrational and sinister, Feng Jun Yi forcefully took back his hand from Lin Xulian's hold. He then hurriedly took off. If he chooses to stay longer, he can't tell if he could still control his emotions. He doesn't want to do something that he would surely regret later.

Seeing Feng Jun Yi leaving her coldly after her confession, Lin Xulian wanted to cry again. She was harshly rejected. She never thought that the only thing that could make her cry is because of love. She never felt so weak in her life.

Lin Xulian inhaled and exhaled deeply to control her tears. Then she decides to leave the imperial garden. But the moment she turned around, she saw the sixth prince looking at her with both confusion and sadness. There is no need to guess that he witnessed her interaction with Feng Jun Yi.


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