The Empress is Dead
118 Chapter 118 Black Bracele
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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118 Chapter 118 Black Bracele

The sixth prince, Feng Jun Ying coincidentally passed by the imperial garden while he was on his way towards his master Rui. He got inspired to improve his martial arts thinking about his future nephew from his Lian jiejie and emperor brother. He wants to personally train him and be his future master when he grows up.

There, he found his Lian jiejie and emperor brother. He was about to approach the two when he noticed that the air around them is heavy and it seems like they are arguing. Because of this, he can't help but secretly listen to them. But it seems like he was already late. He only saw how Feng Jun Yi forcefully took back his hand from Lin Xulian's hold.

Then his eyes widened and he felt sad after seeing the next scene. His Lian jiejie cried. He never saw her cry before. She wasn't brawling but her silent tears hurt him even more. She didn't even notice him when he stepped closer to her.

Lin Xulian got anxious realizing that the sixth prince might have seen the way she and Feng Jun Yi interacted with each other. "Ying'er, how long have you been there?"

"Just a few moments ago, jiejie." Lin Xulian was about to heave a sigh of relief but Feng Jun Ying continued. "Just the moment when emperor brother stormed off hurriedly and…, crying. What happened between you two jiejie?"

Lin Xulian showed a sad look and asked him solemnly. "If I tell you that I am not really pregnant, would you believe me?"

Feng Jun Ying looked at her bulging belly then her serious face and answered. "if jiejie said so then I believe it."

Lin Xulian raised her eyebrows in shock then her look at Feng Jun Ying soften. "As expected, Ying'er is the best. I just hope your brother thinks that way too. Unfortunately, he doesn't believe me."

"But why? Emperor brother always believed in you. He even entrusted my life to you, jiejie." Feng Jun Ying asked in confusion. His emperor brother always trusts his Lian jiejie from the start despite the fact that he was always wary of everyone around him. He doesn't even fully trust his own brothers and loyal officials.

Lin Xulian ruffled his head. "Sometimes, emotions can cloud a person's judgement. His first instinct said that I betrayed him so the pain caused his mind and heart to reject my explanations. But don't worry, one day I will prove to him that I am innocent."

Hearing the word emotions, Feng Jun Ying looked down on the black bracelet on his wrist and thought. 'This bracelet can help me calm myself down every time I feel any negative emotions. Maybe this could help brother too.' "Jiejie, I will talk to emperor brother. I will help you clear your name."

Lin Xulian gave him a sweet smile and tender look. Although she felt skeptical and doubts that Feng Jun Yi will listen to his younger brother, she still felt thankful that Feng Jun Ying believed her. "Thank you, Ying'er. I just hope that this won't cause any rift between you two brothers."

"Don't worry jiejie, it won't" Then the sixth prince hurriedly followed the path towards the emperor's imperial study while Lin Xulian looked sadly at the sixth's prince's back. Lin Xulian is starting to worry about her condition. Not only her body, even her perception is weakening. She didn't even notice the sixth prince despite the fact that he was just a few feet away from her. 'This is more dangerous than I thought.'

Unknown to Lin Xulian, there is also another person she failed to notice. A ragged female servant is looking at her hatefully behind the bushes. She was there even before the emperor arrived so she heard everything. 'Lin Xulian, you dare to betray the emperor?! Despite the fact that he chose you and never looked at any other woman?! I will surely kill you this time!'

Inside the imperial study, Feng Jun Yi is supporting his head with his hands while trying to calm himself down. His urge to kill Lin Xulian is getting stronger by the minute and it scares him. Even though she betrayed him, he knows he never wanted to kill her. But the voice in his head says otherwise. He is starting to doubt whether it is his own hidden desire or he became possessed.

While Feng Jun Yi is still mulling about his doubts, the eunuch entered and announced the arrival and request for audience of the sixth prince.

When Feng Jun Ying finally entered the imperial study, the first thing he did is put the bracelet on his brother's wrist. Feng Jun Yi watched with knitted brows but he let him do what his younger brother wants. "What is this all about, Ying'er? Zhen bestowed this bracelet to aid your health."

"Emperor brother, I am completely cured and healthy now so I think you need this more than I do. I discovered that if you concentrate your internal energy around it, it will help you calm down." Feng Jun Ying paused and contemplated whether to continue or not. "Emperor brother, I met Lian jiejie earlier….. And I would like to tell you that I believe her."

Hearing this Feng Jun Yi stiffened. His calmed anger slowly returned so he has no choice but to drive his brother away. "Zhen doesn't want to hear it. You may leave."

"But emperor brother—" Feng Jun Ying didn't manage to finish his words because Feng Jun Yi gave him a cold look. He had no choice but to leave.

Feng Jun Yi took a deep breath. He looked at the black bracelet in his hand and tried what his brother said earlier. After a full cycle he felt a surge of energy attacking his mind that caused him tremendous headache. He can't help but scream in agony until he lost consciousness.


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