The Empress is Dead
119 Chapter 119 They Are Still Alive
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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119 Chapter 119 They Are Still Alive

In the Imperial Noble Concubine's courtyard, Xing Baihe is currently in her garden tending her plants. But unlike any other ladies, her plants don't have any flowers, just green healthy leaves. But if you practice martial arts and can regulate your internal energy, you can clearly feel the abundant energy that the plant gives off.

Xing Baihe is engrossed in her chores while the servants followed her with a few pail of water. Then she suddenly paused and subconsciously looked at the Dragon Palace's direction. The servants got confused so they followed her line of sight. But they found nothing in particular.

"What does the emperor usually do this time of the day?" Xing Baihe suddenly asked. The servants looked at each other. After five months of staying in the palace, the princess only visits the empress and never asked about the emperor. So they found it unusual that she suddenly has an interest about the emperor's itinerary.

But as a servant, they have no right to ask. "Replying your highness, his majesty is usually at his imperial study during this time of the day."

"Is that so? Then I can pay him a visit, right? I haven't visited his majesty for five months and paid respect. I'm afraid his majesty would think that our Zhixiang country isn't taking this marriage alliance seriously." Xing Baihe said while putting her tools away. "Help this princess change clothes."

"Yes, your highness." The servants bowed and responded. Because of this, they didn't notice the subtle narrowing of her eyes.

Inside the Dragon palace, the servants, eunuchs and guards are in chaos because the emperor suddenly screamed then lost consciousness. All the imperial physicians are currently tending on him. The sixth prince also returned after he heard his brother's scream the moment he came out of the imperial study.

This is the scene that greeted Xing Baihe when she arrived at the Dragon Palace to pay respect. She stopped one of the servants to inquire what is happening. "What's will all the chaos? Did something happen to his majesty?" Xing Baihe asked worriedly.

The servant stopped and bowed in respect when she realized that the one who stopped her is the new Imperial Noble Concubine. "Replying your highness, the emperor suddenly lost consciousness. But the imperial physicians didn't see anything wrong with him. They only said that his internal energy turned chaotic and it exhausted his body. But he is stable now and only needs rest."

Xing Baihe heaved a sigh of relief. "Good thing the emperor is fine. The heavens always blessed the deserving ones. Can this concubine take a look at his majesty's condition?"

The servant didn't know what to reply. Although the princess is also his majesty's wife, who doesn't know that the emperor only favored the empress. If not for the emperor's instruction not to make the empress worry during her pregnancy, they would surely ask her to treat the emperor.

Xing Baihe's expression turned awkward because of the servant's silence. "Forgive me for making things difficult for you. This concubine only wants to take a look. I don't mean any harm. I also didn't mean to exceed my boundaries."

The servant got nervous. As a mere servant, she has no right to stop her master on what they wanted to do, especially if the emperor didn't ask them to do so. "This servant asks for your highness's forgiveness. This servant doesn't mean to obstruct your entry. It's just, this servant has no authority over the emperor's allowed visitors." Then the servant kneeled in front of Xing Baihe.

Xing Baihe held the servant up. "There is no need to kneel. This is not a big deal. Don't scare yourself. This concubine wasn't offended at all." She then gave a reassuring smile that finally put the servant's heart at ease.

Not long later, an imperial physician went out from the emperor's chamber and the servant asked permission for Xing Baihe. When the imperial physician allowed her entry, Xing Baihe immediately went inside.

In the emperor's chamber, the sixth prince Feng Jun Ying sat on a chair beside the emperor's bed. When Xing Baihe entered, he noticed that he didn't feel the usual uneasiness whenever she is around. Feng Jun Yi on the other hand remained unconscious lying in his bed.

"Greetings, your highness the sixth prince." Xing Baihe gave him a courteous bow.

"Greetings, Imperial Noble Concubine Xing." Feng Jun Ying returned her bow. "Did emperor brother's incident already reached outside his palace."

"Not yet, your highness. This concubine coincidentally knew when I arrived to pay respects to his majesty." Xing Baihe said while giving the unconscious emperor a worried look. "This concubine heard that the emperor's internal energy suddenly turned chaotic. Can this concubine take a look? I have a few knowledge about it."

Feng Jun Ying have doubts but he didn't detect any ill intent from her. "Then, I'll trust you Imperial Noble Concubine Xing."

Xing Baihe sat on the bed beside Feng Jun Yi then grasped his pulse. She then regulated her own internal energy and slowly inserted it into Feng Jun Yi through his pores. But her eyes widened when she suddenly felt a strong suction force that rapidly extracts her internal energy.

Luckily Xing Baihe managed to take her hand off of Feng Jun Yi before her own internal energy is completely drained. But not before she was able to confirm her purpose. 'They are still alive.' She thought.

Xing Baihe gave the sixth prince a weak smile. "Your highness, it seems this concubine can't deal with it after all. I almost drained all my strength for a moment. Forgive me."

"You don't have to be too hard on yourself Imperial Noble Concubine Xing. The imperial physicians said that emperor brother only needs to rest then he'll be fine." Feng Jun Ying reassured her. He also noticed earlier that she suddenly paled alarmingly when she used her internal energy.


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