The Empress is Dead
120 Chapter 120 The Empress Game Ends
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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120 Chapter 120 The Empress Game Ends

Inside her clinic, Lin Xulian is surrounded with stacks of books about medicine and herbs. There are also some open books while she reads them simultaneously. This is the scene that greeted Rui when he arrived. He is carrying another stack of new books for her.

"Lian'er, here are the new books that big brother Huang brought back. He said he sent some of our brothers and sisters all around the continent to monitor the auction houses for rare medical books. These are the books they acquired as of late." Rui put the stack of books beside Lin Xulian.

Lin Xulian sighed heavily while looking at the new stack of books that Rui brought. "Auction houses? These must've been really expensive. We'll be poor again in no time if this goes on." Lin Xulian's heart bleeds every time she thinks that all the gold she earned by selling her medicines are slowly turning into dust because of her unknown sickness.

Rui flicked her forehead. "What are you saying? We grew up eating rabbit meat. Even if we'll be degraded into eating wild mushrooms no one will complain as long as you are completely cured."

"Thank you big brother." Lin Xulian replied with a smile. But Rui could clearly see the sadness in her eyes.

"Even if he doesn't believe you, the whole clan do." Without mentioning who, Rui knows that Lin Xulian gets what he wanted to say. "If not for your sake, our brothers and sisters would surely beat him up so that he would be enlightened."

Lin Xulian just gave a weak smile in response and opened the new books and read them simultaneously. Rui also stopped talking. Although it hurts for him to admit, he knows that Lin Xulian doesn't want to talk about Feng Jun Yi because his mistrust on her hurt her. And she's hurt because she loves him.

After more than an hour of reading, Lin Xulian sighed in defeat. "Still nothing." Lin Xulian is starting to lose hope. She's been learning medicine ever since she learned how to read. She even learned everything that her mother knew at the age of fifteen. Her knowledge expanded even more when she became an empress. She thought she already knew everything. But her case proved otherwise.

Seeing her disappointment and frustration, Rui interjected. "Lian'er, mother said that if these books still can't help, she thinks we should try and find a cure in the Qiangdu country."

Lin Xulian thought deeply and considered her mother's suggestion. "But if I leave, Feng Jun Yi would conclude that I am really guilty and chose to flee. We should think of a way or excuse for my disappearance that won't ruin my reputation in the process."

Rui found her words reasonable. Although her condition is urgent, as a woman they cannot let her reputation be ruined. Settling that issue, Rui opened another one. "So, Lian'er what's your plan about the sneaky rat?"

"Sneaky rat?" Lin Xulian asked in confusion.

"The servant outside hiding under the window." Rui replied nonchalantly. He wasn't worried because he knows that from their distance, the servant won't be able to hear their conversation.

"I can't even feel the presence of a servant. This ailment is really inconvenient and more dangerous than I thought." Lin Xulian said solemnly.

"You mean your condition is affecting your perception? You should've told me. At least always keep Xiao Tianshi by your side." Rui exclaimed worriedly.

"I just realized it not long ago. Anyway, you should step out for a bit big brother." Lin Xulian said while taking some bottles out of her medicine cabinet.

"Why? With your condition it would be dangerous for you to be left alone."

"Do not worry big brother. You know I don't really need to use physical strength to fight against a martial artist. I'm only dealing with a weak female."

"But why do I need to step out? I could just knock her out and bring her in."

"Because that's not fun. I thought of a way to leave the palace, and that servant can help me. Also because I want to know what she wants to do."

"What do you need her for?"

"The empress's substitute."

Rui's eyebrows scrunched together. "I don't get it."

Lin Xulian looked at the direction of the Dragon Palace and said in a serious and sad voice. "The empress needs to die. That way, no one will search for me even after I leave. I'll get my justice somehow after I find a cure for myself first."

Rui would lie if he doesn't admit that he is happy with her decision. But he cannot express it since it is obvious that Lin Xulian is not happy about it. He knows that if she could choose and she wasn't sick she would want to stay and be with Feng Jun Yi. And he also knows that if not for her supposed pregnancy, Feng Jun Yi would not deny his feelings for Lin Xulian.

As a man himself, Rui could tell that Feng Jun Yi really loves Lin Xulian. But because of his mistrust he chose to deny his feeling and hurt Lin Xulian in the process. And he will hide that fact from Lin Xulian no matter what happen. 'Feng Jun Yi, you can only blame yourself. I told you I would take her away the moment you hurt and make her cry. And you did just that. I'm just doing what I promised.'

"What do you need for me to do Lian'er?"

"Just ask Tianshi to find a path from Gonglu to Qiangdu country where no one can recognize us. Big brother, you tell big brother Huang to take the whole clan to An Valley. Then wait for me at the back exit of the palace. The empress game ends here and our Lin Clan will return to the way we were before the emperor accidentally landed on our turf." Lin Xulian solemnly stated.


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