The Empress is Dead
121 Chapter 121 Last Dinner
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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121 Chapter 121 Last Dinner

Under the windowsill outside Lin Xulian's clinic, Zie Xin is still unaware that Rui and Lin Xulian already knew about her presence. She is currently having a delusion. 'Lin Xulian, I saw it. Everybody said the emperor loves and favors you, but I saw otherwise. In reality he avoids you like a plague. He is just giving you face because you cured the sixth prince and he benefits from you.

And now you even put a green hat on him. You are only relying on the fact that his majesty cannot kill you. But he has me. I'm willing to do what he can't. Then he'll thank me and finally accept me into his harem!' Zie Xin thought while gripping the dagger in her trembling hands. She looked crazed because of the vile thoughts running in her mind.

Zie Xin wanted to kill Lin Xulian from the moment she entered the Xiyidian courtyard. Everyday all she did was do the laundry non-stop. Her hands are already filled with rashes and wounds. But despite the condition of her hands she wasn't allowed to rest. She can't even eat and rest in time resulting to her swollen and dark eye bags, thin body and dry pale skin.

But Lin Xulian is always heavily guarded not only by her brother and Xiao sisters. Also by the imperial guards and the emperor himself. Zie Xin can't find any opening at all. And another reason is because she is afraid that the emperor might kill her too. Even of Lin Xulian is dead, she won't gain anything.

But now she learned that Lin Xulian lost the emperor's favor. Her betrayal also added to the factors. Zie Xin found the courage to finally make a move. And this time the emperor would thank her instead. 'I only have to wait until she is alone. So what if she is the mistress of the Lin Mercenary Clan. She is just a weak pregnant woman right now. And the emperor will surely protect me from her family once I accomplish this assassination.'

Not long later, Rui finally left. Lin Xulian also asked her remaining servants to get her something to eat. The servants refused to leave her completely alone but Lin Xulian insisted. "I'm so hungry. I want to eat a lot and also some desserts. If you all work together I can eat sooner, don't you think so? Don't worry about me. I'm just pregnant and not disabled." The servant cannot argue with Lin Xulian's reasoning so they went ahead and just do what they were told to do.

Zie Xin witnessed this and saw it as her chance without even having a single ounce of doubt. She slowly crept inside Lin Xulian's clinic. Lin Xulian has her back facing her when Zie Xin finally found Lin Xulian. She is still facing her books seemingly unaware of the intruder behind her. Zie Xin showed a creepy and crazed smile while slowly raising her hands that's gripping the dagger.

But Zie Xin paused when she suddenly felt her body going numb. The dagger also fell on the floor. Few seconds later her body also fell into a kneeling position. She also discovered that her voice is gone. She watched with wide eyes as Lin Xulian casually stood up and faced her without a single trace of surprise. But Lin Xulian showed confusion. "Who are you?"

Although in fear, Zie Xin still got angry knowing that Lin Xulian cannot recognize her. No one can blame Lin Xulian though. After more than two years in the Xiyidian courtyard, Zie Xin's face changed so much. She also wore make up all the time that Lin Xulian cannot recognize her distinguished features. But Zie Xin cannot speak so she cannot tell Lin Xulian her identity.

Lin Xulian pick up the dagger that Zie Xin brought. "Killing me with a blunt weapon? That's offending you know." Then Lin Xulian kept the weapon and easily lift and dragged Zie Xin like a sack of cotton. Zie Xin's fear surged back in an instant. Lin Xulian noticed it and looked at her with raised eyebrows. "What? You've never seen a woman with a swelling belly lift another person easily? You haven't seen the world yet but you want to kill someone. Tsk. You have guts."

Without another word, Lin Xulian resumed and brought Zie Xin back in her personal chamber in the Phoenix Palace.

Lin Xulian ate the food she asked the servants to prepare with sadness in her eyes. The servants don't know it but for Lin Xulian this is her last dinner inside the palace. After she finished the last osmanthus cake, she placed down her chopsticks. "Thank you for serving me such delicious delicacies all this time."

The servants around her found her words a bit odd but they only think that she might be sentimental because of her pregnancy. Feeling touched anyway, the servants bow and said in unison. "Thanking your majesty for your praises."

"I haven't had a decent sleep for a while. But I'm too sensitive to noises lately. I can even hear the sound of a person's breathing. So, tonight I want it to be completely silent in the palace. Do you all understand?" Lin Xulian said while showing an exhausted look.

"But your majesty, we cannot leave you alone in the palace in your condition." One of her personal servant said.

"I didn't say you should leave, just keep some distance. Or you should rest on your own chambers. They're not that far anyway. Please? I really want to sleep peacefully. Just tonight will do." Lin Xulian said pitifully.

Seeing her pleading, the servants knew that they have no choice. She is their master and doesn't need to plea to get what she wants. "We'll do as your majesty wishes." They said in unison.

The moment all the servants finally left, Lin Xulian's face became serious and she entered her personal chamber.


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