The Empress is Dead
122 Chapter 122 Burn
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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122 Chapter 122 Burn

Inside her personal chamber, Lin Xulian looked coldly at the woman lying on her bed. Zie Xin on the other hand returned her look with fear. It's been a few hours already yet she still can't move. She wanted to scream and curse at Lin Xulian but she can't even produce a sound. It would even take all her strength just to move a single muscle in her body.

Being on this situation, Zie Xin can't control her emotions and cried silently while pleading leniency from Lin Xulian through her eyes. But Lin Xulian didn't falter even a little bit. "There is no use to plea for your life. Just blame your luck because you coincidentally chose to approach me when I wanted a scapegoat."

Zie Xin watched warily while Lin Xulian is mixing liquids and herbs in a bowl. When She is finally done, she approached Zie Xin. "You want to know what is this?" Zie Xin can only reply with wide terrified eyes. "Let's just say that this would make you more combustible. I cannot let you be half cooked, can I? That would cause me trouble."

Hearing these words, Zie Xin's body trembled uncontrollably. But she has no strength even just to spit out the liquid that Lin Xulian forced down her throat. All she can do is cry silently and regret her decision to mess with Lin Xulian again. If she can choose, she would return to her laundry without any complain.

Lin Xulian went to her dresser and took out the golden seal that Feng Jun Yi gave her during their wedding. She will use it as proof of identity. When Lin Xulian lift her head, she coincidentally saw the pink pearl necklace around her neck in her reflection in the bronze mirror. Her eyes dimmed in sadness. She is contemplating whether she should also leave it as proof or not. "This would melt anyway if ever so I'll just bring this with me."

Lin Xulian changed her clothes into a red male robes and a silver mask. But her belly bump is still showing so she also put a red outer robe to hide it. Then she took the bottle of wine. Zie Xin recognized the bottle as the wine she used more than two years ago. This answered Zie Xin suspicion as to what Lin Xulian wants to do to her.

"D-d-devil" Lin Xulian heard Zie Xin's barely audible whisper. Zie Xin used all her might just to whisper that single word.

Lin Xulian placed the golden seal in Zie Xin's hand then poured the wine all over her. Using two flint stones, she ignited the fire that slowly engulfed Zie Xin's body. Then before leaving, she left a few words. "I never said that I am a good person."

After making sure that the fire will surely engulf the whole chamber, Lin Xulian left the Phoenix Palace from the front. She made sure that the imperial guards will see her leave so that they would think that the empress was assassinated. That way no one would suspect why the empress suddenly died.

The imperial guards who saw Lin Xulian left the scene chased her. Lin Xulian used a lot of her internal energy left while using her qigong. She miscalculated the growth of the imperial guards and was almost caught. Luckily her speed is still better than them and she managed to outrun and lost them. 'Well, I trained them so I should be happy about it.' Lin Xulian thought while catching her breath.

In the back exit of the Palace, Rui and Xiao Tianshi are anxiously waiting for Lin Xulian to arrive. Then soon after they saw the sky above the Phoenix Palace turning red. Seeing this, their eyes widened. They had no idea that Lin Xulian's plan is as extreme as burning down an entire palace.

"Boss realizes that it's not her place to burn right?" Xiao Tianshi said awkwardly.

Rui just shrug his shoulders and replied. "She have to make an extreme move equivalent to her extreme decision." Xiao Tianshi cannot argue with that. Her boss is killing an empress of a country after all.

"Lian'er!" When Lin Xulian finally arrived at their meeting spot, she instantly fell unto her knees. Rui and Xiao Tianshi immediately supported her up and noticed that she is unusually pale and cold.

"Boss! What happened to you?" Xiao Tianshi asked worriedly.

"It's nothing dangerous. I just used up a lot of my remaining internal energy." Lin Xulian said while catching her breath.

Rui lowered himself in front of Lin Xulian. "Lian'er, get on my back. We need to leave as fast as we can. I can feel several imperial guards going towards this direction."

Lin Xulian looked back on the burning Phoenix Palace for the last time and thought. 'When I return, I am no longer the empress. But I promise to make the persons who ruined everything pay for what they did.' Lin Xulian climbed onto Rui's back and the three of them took off.

On the other side of the palace, Hu Hai is holding unto his bleeding shoulder while running towards the Phoenix Palace's direction. Five months ago he went into the palace to inform Lin Xulian about their discovery. But he found someone else. 'Damn it! To think that the traitors from the Qiangdu is behind it. They purposely made me chase them then trap me for months. Who is their ally here outside? It is emperor Feng? That's unlikely. But what are they doing here in Gonglu country?'

Then Hu Hai halt because of the chaos that greeted him when he finally arrived at the Phoenix Palace. The palace is burning! He hid himself and listened to the servants running about. "Quick! The Empress is still inside! Save the empress!"

Hu Hai gaped in shock. 'The mistress?! Am I too late? How am I gonna tell this to the King?!'


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