The Empress is Dead
126 Chapter 126 Xing Tanxing
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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126 Chapter 126 Xing Tanxing

Lin Xulian continued her journey along with Rui and they finally reached the small town of Zhixiang's border. The town doesn't contain that much but luckily they have a store that sells thick coats and robes suited for the upcoming winter. They bought enough clothes and other necessities for their long journey towards the Qiangdu.

When they exit the store, a man suddenly bumped into Lin Xulian. The man got "knocked out" and hit a nearby stool that sells knives and other metal goods. He instantly screamed in pain while holding his stomach. The people around them screamed and watched with wide eyes when they noticed the blood flowing from his clutched stomach.

Another man immediately went to support the injured man and point his finger at Lin Xulian. "You! What did you do?! You hurt "my friend! You have to take responsibility!"

"N-no need. I am partly at fault too. I-it's just my family is poor and we cannot afford the treatment for this." The injured man said pitifully while still clutching his wound.

"Did you hear that?! You must compensate my friend's medical expenses!" The other man exclaimed in a loud voice that caught the attention of the passersby.
Lin Xulian just look at them in boredom. Being a doctor herself, she can differentiate human blood from animal's blood. And the man's "wound" reeks of goat's blood. "I am a doctor. I will treat it instead."

Hearing her words, the men panicked. They never expect that their victim this time is coincidentally a doctor. The two of them are con artists from the capital. But they are already wanted there so they went to this small town to hide. Also they choose this town because it is located at the border and a lot of travelers from neighboring countries pass through here. In other words, they have a lot of potential victims.

To salvage the situation, the "injured man" rejected her offer. "There is no need young master. I know you are in a rush to continue your journey. A few silver taels will do."

Hearing the way she was addressed, Lin Xulian looked at her attire. She is still wearing the same red male robes when they left the palace. The silk cloth is of the highest quality. No need to mention the outer robes that has some little gold thread embroidered patterns. She really looked like a wealthy young master. No wonder they are trying to extort her.

But she is Lin Xulian. She is a con master. And she won't allow anyone extort her instead. "No worries. We are not in a hurry. As a doctor and also as someone who "caused your injury" I have to take responsibility." Lin Xulian said while trying to check the man's injury.

Desperate, the other man blocked Lin Xulian. "Did you not hear him? Just pay and let him seek treatment from the town physician! We don't know who you are and you look young. We can't say for sure that you can treat him properly. He needs an experienced doctor!"

The bystanders agreed to the man's argument and supported him. "That's right, just pay up. The man is losing so much blood. He needs treatment urgently."

"Don't be stingy young man. And don't use him for your practice. We're talking about a life here."

Seeing that the crowd is on their side, the other man regained his vigor and became aggressive. "See young man. Even the crowd agrees. Just pay up!" He said while trying to grab Lin Xulian by his collar.

But Rui blocked his way and pushed him down. He then unsheathed his short sword and point it on the man. Seeing this, the crowd screamed in alarm.

"Stop right there!" A valiant female voice interrupted the commotion. Lin Xulian looked at the source of the voice. She is clearly a beautiful woman in her early twenties but she is wearing a pink male robes with feminine flower designs. The contrast is both heroic and cute at the same time.

Seeing her, the crowd felt relieved as if a hero came. "Your highness! The princess is here!" Lin Xulian noticed that the men became nervous when the princess arrived.

"What's with the commotion?!" The princess asked the crowd.

"Answering your highness, these two young masters bumped into that man and caused his injuries but won't pay for his treatment." One of the bystanders answered.

The princess looked at the men with narrowed eyes. Then she faced Rui. Her eyes widened when she saw his gentle-looking and handsome face but she immediately regained her composure. "*cough* Young master can you put down your weapon? I am princess Xing Tanxing of the Zhixiang country. And it is my responsibility to keep the peace in this town. May we please settle this peacefully?" The princess said in a formal and authoritative manner.

Lin Xulian didn't miss her reaction. Lin Xulian tapped Rui's arm and asked him to withdraw his weapon. Rui wordlessly followed and agreed to let Lin Xulian settle the matter. Lin Xulian stepped forward and gave a bow to Xing Tanxing. "Greetings your highness. We don't mean any harm. My brother was just short tempered and worried about me."

"This princess understands young master. But the man is injured. No matter who is at fault, it is important to save a person's life first before we push the blame on anyone." Xing Tanxing said respectfully at Lin Xulian.

Lin Xulian appreciates the princess's attitude of not using her authority to pressure them to pay. She took out one gold tael and the men's eyes shone with greed. But Lin Xulian's next words dampened their excitement. "I will give them this gold tael for the man's treatment. But I would like to see his "wounds" with my own eyes first." Lin Xulian said the word wound with emphasis while looking at the men meaningfully.


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