The Empress is Dead
127 Chapter 127 Valiant Princess
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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127 Chapter 127 Valiant Princess

"I wouldn't dare young master. The wound might gross you out. It isn't a sight for a noble person like you." The "injured" man said in panic.

"I said it earlier, I am a doctor. I've seen more severe wounds than that before. There is no need to look at the difference in our status." Lin Xulian said calmly while trying to approach him again.

As expected, the other man stepped between Lin Xulian and the "injured" man. "There is no need! If you don't want to give, then don't. We will just find a way to get him treated. I just hope your conscience won't let you sleep, you oppressive and stingy noblemen!" He then supported his partner up. Seeing that the situation is unfavorable for them, they decided to flee and abandon their plan.

Seeing this, Xing Tanxing wanted to stop the men from leaving. She decided that she would pay for his treatment first then settle the dispute later on. As someone in charged, she needs to keep the peace and be fair to both her citizens and the foreign travelers.

But before she could call out to the men, her guards approached her and presented two scrolls of wanted notice. Her face darkened after seeing the content. Xing Tanxing shove the scrolls back to the guard's hands and immediately blocked the two men. She then pulled the "injured" man's robes and tear it open showing his entire upper body. And as expected, there is no wound present.

Lin Xulian, Rui and the bystanders around them went agape by Xing Tanxing's next move. She punched the men one by one in their gut. Because she exerted a lot of force, the two vomited blood and curled up while rolling on the ground. She didn't even stop there and stepped on their chests. "You dare to fool this princess?! You wanted to extort my people?! You should've asked where you are and who I am first!"

When her anger is finally appeased, Xing Tanxing lifted her head towards Lin Xulian and Rui's direction. Seeing the shock in Rui's face, Xing Tanxing's face reddened in embarrassment. Lin Xulian on the other hand smiled in amusement seeing the way the princess dealt with the criminals. She can't help but compare her with her sister Xing Baihe who is very petite and feminine. Xing Tanxing in contrast is valiant and her body is very well developed in all areas.

Xing Tanxing tried to regain her composure. She temporarily forgot her position when she realized that the people she wanted to help were criminals. She hates being fooled the most so she wasn't able to control her temper. "*cough* These two are criminals from the capital and are wanted all over the country." She said towards the crowd.

She then faced her subordinates. "Investigate if they have some other victims in this town. Then send these two back in the capital for their punishment." Xing Tanxing gave few more instructions to her subordinates. She is oozing with charisma of a leader and her subordinates clearly respects her despite the fact that she is a woman.

"Woaw! That's the eldest princess! I just heard from my relatives in the capital that she is really strong despite being a woman but with a face of a fragile fairy. I can't believe that it is actually true." One of the bystander said. The crowd looked at the princess with admiration and respect.

After dealing with the criminals, Xing Tanxing approached Lin Xulian and Rui. Then she bowed in apology. "Please forgive this princess for causing inconvenience to you two young masters."

Lin Xulian refused her apology. "Please don't lower your head for us lowly subjects, your highness. It wasn't your fault. We should thank your highness instead for saving us the trouble of dealing with those two."

"You are too kind young master. It is this princess's responsibility to keep the peace in this town and be fair with both my citizen and visitors." Xing Tanxing said respectfully.

"Lian'er!" Without warning, Lin Xulian suddenly felt weak and almost fell forward. Luckily Rui caught her and held her arms while Xing Tanxing caught her by her shoulders from the front. Because of this, Xing Tanxing felt the bump in her belly. She subconsciously looked down and confirmed the bump.

"You are a (woman)! And you're also (pregnant)! Then is he (your husband)?" Xing Tanxing said while stuttering but Lin Xulian can understand her clearly despite the fact that her sentences were not complete.

"He is really my brother." Lin Xulian said understanding the inner turmoil in Xing Tanxing's mind. Xing Tanxing visibly heave a sigh of relief. Lin Xulian smiled at her meaningfully that caused Xing Tanxing's face to redden in embarrassment. Rui on the other hand is still completely oblivious to the two women's mental conversation.

When Lin Xulian finally regain her strength, Rui and Xing Tanxing helped her stand properly. "It was probably because of your condition in addition to the cold weather. It is almost night time already and the inns around here cannot protect you from the cold. How about you both stay in our manor for the meantime?" Xing Tanxing offered.

Lin Xulian doesn't have any reason to decline so she takes on Xing Tanxing's offer. "Then I can only thank your highness in advance. I hope we are not an inconvenience."

"Not at all. My elder brother surely wouldn't mind and would understand your circumstances. It would be a bigger bother for me if you get sick during your stay on our town." Xing Tanxing said with a smile.

"You have an elder brother with you?"

"Yes. The eldest prince, Xing Guang."

Lin Xulian was surprised. She knows who that is. The hero of the Zhixiang country who became blind years ago because of an encounter with a group of bandits. And also Lady Han Yimei's supposed to be fiancé.


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