The Empress is Dead
128 Chapter 128 Posibility
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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128 Chapter 128 Posibility

Lin Xulian and Xing Tanxing stayed inside the carriage while Rui sat beside the coachman in the front. They are currently on their way towards the eldest prince's manor to stay there for a while. Xing Tanxing's guards stopped their princess from allowing Lin Xulian inside the carriage with her because for them, Lin Xulian is a man. But no one can convince her otherwise. All they could do is remain alert in case the "man" will do something untoward to their princess.

Inside the carriage, Lin Xulian watched Xing Tanxing in amusement. She is currently sprawled in her seat across Lin Xulian's. "Ahhhh~ finally. They all thought being a princess is easy? Staying prim and proper all day is exhausting you know!" Xing Tanxing said while stretching her limbs.

Lin Xulian can understand her well. During her stay in the Palace as the empress, she needs to be elegant and formal especially in front of the officials and her subjects. She can only relax whenever she was in her own palace. "Your highness, are you really certain about helping us? You don't even know our name and identity."

Xing Tanxing then realized that she didn't get their names at all. "I totally forgot about it. But are you willing to tell me? You even hide the fact that you are a woman. Things must've been complicated."

"Let's just say I am hiding from my husband so I'd like to hide some details. But you can call me Lian and my brother is Rui." Lin Xulian didn't gave their full names. There are people with the same name after all. But she needs to hide the fact that they are from the Lin family since their name is well known throughout the whole continent.

"Tsk. Did your husband become a jerk after you got pregnant? Our emperor father was also like that. Changing women like clothes." Xing Tanxing said disapprovingly.

Lin Xulian chose not to correct Xing Tanxing. She just changed the course of their conversation. "Is your highness fine with it? Us hiding our identities. Maybe we are criminals too."

"I'm not worried. Although my elder brother is blind, he is strong. You can go ahead and try." Xing Tanxing said nonchalantly. "Anyway, my instinct tells me that you are good people. And I rarely miss." She continued confidently.

Hearing this, Lin Xulian teased her. "Oh, is that so? I thought because you wanted to know my brother more."

Xing Tanxing immediately shoot up and covered Lin Xulian's mouth. "Sssshhh! W-w-what are you saying?! What if your brother heard it? He might misunderstand. I-it wasn't because of that." Xing Tanxing said flustered.

"Fine, fine. I believe you." Lin Xulian said with mirth while taking her hand off her mouth. "Can I ask your highness a personal question? Seeing the way you act in front of my brother, it means you are still unmarried. Why aren't you married yet?"

"You see, as a princess marriage is purely political. And my hateful emperor brother wanted to marry me off to an old and ugly official to keep him loyal. So before he could publicize my engagement, I went to a brothel, bought a lot of prostitutes and announced to the entire capital that I prefer women!" Xing Tanxing said proudly.

Lin Xulian find her method funny, but she didn't miss the way Xing Tanxing called her emperor brother, Xing Wenhe. "You don't seem to like your emperor brother."

"Have you seen him before?" Lin Xulian replied with a nod. "I see. So you were fooled too. In reality, he wasn't what he seemed to be in front of the public. Our emperor father suddenly died without conferring a crowned prince. And as the eldest and most talented son, big brother Guang should inherit the throne. But those bandits "coincidentally" infiltrated the capital and he became blind. Don't you think it's shady?" Xing Tanxing said with full of disgust and anger.

Lin Xulian agrees that it was really shady and too coincidental. Although she cannot connect the gentle-looking and warm emperor as a power hungry and crafty person, it is still possible. She needs to keep her eyes and mind open for every possibility especially because they have no idea who is their enemy. 'Is it them? But how did they do it?' Lin Xulian thought while looking down on her swelling belly.

Not long later, they finally arrived at the eldest prince's manor. It wasn't that big and extravagant. It is even smaller than the Lin manor in the Gonglu country's capital. Just barely enough to house two masters, few visitors and some servants and guards.

Xing Tanxing guide Lin Xulian and Rui inside the manor. "I'll introduce you two to my brother first." But they didn't get that far from the entrance when Xing Tanxing suddenly stopped walking. She looked behind towards them with an awkward look. "Umm…you see, my brother is playing the flute again. I hope you are not sensitive to grotesque things."

Lin Xulian listened carefully and as Xing Tanxing said, there is really a sound of flute. But it doesn't sound awful. In fact, it is really pleasing to the ears. She can't understand why would Xing Tanxing mention about something grotesque. But nonetheless, Lin Xulian still answered. "Not at all."

Hearing her response, Xing Tanxing continued and brought them towards the garden at the back of the manor. But instead of a pond, a pavilion stood in the center of a swamp. Inside the pavilion is a handsome, well-built and seductive looking man playing the flute. And Lin Xulian admits that he is comparable to her big brother Huang.

But what caught her attention more is the swamp. It is filled with worms and bugs. They looked like they were dancing with the sound of the flute. Seeing this, Lin Xulian's heartbeat raced and a word unconsciously entered her mind. "Gu." She muttered audibly.


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