The Empress is Dead
129 Chapter 129 Gu Poison
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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129 Chapter 129 Gu Poison

Hearing the word Gu from Lin Xulian, the man suddenly stopped playing the flute. He is no other than the eldest prince of Zhixiang country, Xing Guang. The worms and bugs also stopped squirming in the swamp. "Are you referring to these creatures or….that thing inside your body?" Xing Guang asked calmly.

Lin Xulian eyes widen hearing his question and answered almost immediately. "Both." Her heartbeat is really loud because of her discovery and also because of fear. She has too little knowledge about Gu. She coincidentally stumbled upon a scroll that mentions about it. And she was able to have access of it in the imperial study because she was the empress.

In that scroll, it only mentioned that the Gu is a kind of poison using live worms and bugs. It is considered as a dark practice of the Gu clan that went missing centuries ago. Aside from those details, it didn't mention the methods, symptoms and cure for the Gu poison. No wonder Lin Xulian never thought of the possibility that she was inflicted with the Gu poison. And as a normal person, Lin Xulian is afraid of the unknown.

Xing Guang leaped from the pavilion and landed in front of Lin Xulian. Rui immediately stepped forward to defend Lin Xulian. Seeing that Rui is about to go on the offense, Xing Tanxing stepped in to mediate. "Young master Rui, calm down. This is just my eldest brother Xing Guang." Lin Xulian also stopped her brother by pulling his arm.

"Tell me, am I right?" Lin Xulian insisted.

"No and yes. Those creatures in the swamp aren't Gu, yet. But that thing inside you, it is." Xing Guang said solemnly. Since he is blind, his eyes are not looking directly at them but he can feel their presence.

"You are blind. How can you tell? You didn't even do anything to check me." Lin Xulian asked in frustration. She doesn't want to accept that what inflicted her is the Gu poison. She is afraid of it since there are no records about it and also because no one knows where the Gu clan is. If it is true, then it means there is no solution to her condition.

"I can tell. Because I am a direct descendant of the Gu clan." Xing Guang replied like there is nothing to be surprised about it. Lin Xulian on the other hand temporarily cannot speak in shock. Who would have thought that she would meet a descendant of a clan that vanished for centuries?

But the surprise didn't end at that because Xing Guang's next words made Lin Xulian's heart skip a beat. "Also the fact that our sister Xing Baihe married the emperor of Gonglu country and not long later the talented and strong empress "died". Then you are here, inflicted with the Gu poison. These totally fit the puzzle, your majesty Empress Lin."

Hearing his words, Xing Tanxing on the side exclaimed in shock and excitement. "What?! Empress Lin?! Oh my! Oh my! I am your enthusiast!"

Lin Xulian and Rui on the other hand became alert. "How did you know who I am? And what does Imperial Noble Concubine Xing have to do with what happened to me?"

"I've met and interacted with your father and brother Lin Huang before I became blind. And I doubt their beloved daughter and sister would be weak. I just can't believe that you are dead. I suspected that you escaped from the palace. And now I know why." Xing Guang explained. Then his expression became serious. "As for Xing Baihe, she is innately talented in controlling the Gu poisons. And she became my mother's disciple by force."

Lin Xulian still cannot fully understand how but she can get the main point. The one behind everything and her enemy is Xing Baihe all along. Remembering their interactions, Lin Xulian still cannot believe that she was fooled. She is confident in her instinct in detecting enemies but she missed Xing Baihe's ill intent. "But how? I never even suspected her a bit." Lin Xulian asked in disbelief.

"The Gu poison needs time to mature and fully infiltrate a person's body. And I can tell that the Gu inside you have been there for four to five years. She usually uses her tea as means. You didn't suspect her because the Gu poison cannot only give strange illnesses. It can also manipulate a person's mind." He patiently explained.

Lin Xulian looked back and remembered their first meeting when Xing Baihe was still fourteen years old. To think that a young child has a fearsome skill paired with a vile heart. She clenched her fist, not only because of anger but also because of her disappointment. She is disappointed at herself because she fell for Xing Baihe's scheme without a hint of doubt.

But now that Lin Xulian knows who her opponent is, she can't let it slide and swear to herself that she would make her pay. "Your highness, prince Xing Guang. Since you are a descendant of the Gu clan, then you can help me get rid of this Gu poison right?"

"There is a bit of a problem. My mother wasn't able to teach me how to cure the Gu poison since our time together are just stolen moments. And I doubt Xing Baihe and her empress mother thought about learning it before they killed my mother. But I can at least control it and stop it from draining your internal energy. It would still stay inside you but it would be dormant. That way, you can use your internal energy and martial arts just like before." Xing Guang replied.

Lin Xulian is unsatisfied but she can't do anything about it if that's the only option she has. Sensing that she isn't satisfied, Xing Guang gave her another option. "If you want to completely get rid of it, we have to talk about it privately. Just the two of us."


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