The Empress is Dead
130 Chapter 130 Favor
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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130 Chapter 130 Favor

Inside the receiving hall of the Zhixiang country's eldest prince manor, Xing Tanxing is stiffly sipping her tea while watching the anxious Rui in the hall's entrance. When her brother asked Lin Xulian to talk privately, Rui immediately objected. But Lin Xulian plead and insisted that she needs the eldest prince's help. Rui had no choice but to concede but it doesn't mean he can stop himself from worrying. These people are still strangers for the both of them.

"Umm…young master Rui, you can be at ease. Eldest brother won't harm your sister. Why don't you take a seat and have some tea and snack for now while waiting?" Xing Tanxing offered. She really felt nervous around Rui, especially right now that they are practically alone together if they neglect the presence of the servants.

"I can't be at ease when it comes to Lian'er." Rui replied without facing her.

"You are really an admirable elder brother. You care about your sister so much." Xing Tanxing said so that she can continue their conversation.

"She is not my sister." Rui said emotionlessly. Xing Tanxing's confusion on the other hand is obvious. "I am just an adopted son. We aren't blood related at all."

Xing Tanxing felt a pang in her heart. There is no explanation needed. She can clearly tell Rui's feelings. "I see. Does she know about what you feel? But she's married."

Rui's eyes dimmed. "She doesn't need to know. As long as I can stay by her side, then it's enough."

Xing Tanxing cannot help but envy Lin Xulian for having someone like Rui loving her. But she also felt pity towards Rui because Lin Xulian obviously only sees him like a brother. 'Love is complicated. What did I do? I should've stayed far away from this mess.' She thought. "Still, you need to sit down and wait for a while young master Rui. I can assure you nothing bad will happen to Lian."

Resigning to her persistence, Rui decided to finally sit down. "Why do they have to talk privately? It's not like we are strangers to them." Rui said disapprovingly.

"I have no idea as well. All I know is eldest brother's mother's identity is special and cannot be disclosed to anyone. If he wanted to keep others from listening, then it must have something to do with her." Xing Tanxing replied solemnly. Hearing this, Rui has no choice but to wait and trust them temporarily.

Back in the garden, Lin Xulian and Xing Guang remained in the pavilion. Lin Xulian sat cross legged in front of Xing Guang with her back facing him. Xing Guang then placed his palm on her lower back. He concentrated his internal energy and slowly infused it in her body. But If Lin Xulian is facing him, she would notice that the mole under his right eye is glowing with a purple hue.

Lin Xulian felt her body heating up and there is also a movement inside her belly. Then she felt nauseous and threw up some thick black fluid. When she finally felt better and the movement stopped, she noticed that the swelling of her belly lessened. But she can feel that it is still inside her.

"This can only help you bring back your strength. But once you meet Xing Baihe, who placed the Gu inside you, she can awaken it. When that happens, the effect would be drastic and you could immediately die. So as long as you are not completely cured, you cannot let her see you." Xing Guang warned.

Then Xing Guang took out a purple colored seal with a mark of a coiling centipede and hand it to Lin Xulian. "What is this your highness?"

"To completely cure the Gu poison, you will need this. This is my identity seal as a descendant of the Gu clan. But this is previously my mother's. Present it to them and they would surely help you. And you will find them in the Qiangdu country."

Lin Xulian took the seal and read the markings at the back. At the center of the seal, she read the character "RAN". And under it there is crudely written character "ANG" in smaller lettering. "What are these markings at the back of the seal?" Lin Xulian asked curiously.

"Ran is the name of my mother. And Ang is the name she gave me. As a descendant of the Gu clan, no matter who our fathers are, we have to use the name Gu. So my mother named me Gu Ang." Xing Guang explained.

Lin Xulian finds his explanation reasonable. She doesn't have any knowledge about the Gu clan, especially their traditions, so doesn't have a choice but to believe it. "But why are you sharing a single seal? Shouldn't you get your own?"

"That is because no one in the Gu clan knows about my existence. My mother was fooled by my emperor father and ran away from home with him. None of them knows where she was, who my father is and what had happened to her after she ran away." Xing Guang said solemnly.

"But why didn't you introduced yourself? You have the seal anyway. You could've told them about it."

"I can't. My emperor brother's people are constantly monitoring me. Once I step foot in the Qiangdu, my other siblings will be endangered. Including Tanxing. Since the Gu poison cannot harm me, they used my siblings instead."

"Is this the reason why you helped me? I thought you want me to cure your eyes."

"I know you could do that your majesty. But not now. Your tracks would be traced if you do. I would only ask a favor from you to look for my Gu clan and tell them about me and what had happened to my mother. Then I can proceed with my revenge with their help." Xing Guang said with determination. Of course Lin Xulian will gladly lend a hand.


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