The Empress is Dead
131 Chapter 131 Gu Ran
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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131 Chapter 131 Gu Ran

Three decades ago, Gu Ran found an injured man lying outside the wall of the Qiangdu country. She just came back from her journey and coincidentally found him. Being a merciful and compassionate person, she brought the man inside their village despite the strict rule of the country not to allow outsiders without undergoing proper process.

When her father found out about the man, Gu Ran neglected his instruction to throw him out of the country. She insisted on treating him and compromised that she would ask him to leave once he is awake and able. Although reluctant, her father agreed but he should be well guarded.

But when the man woke up, he cannot remember his own identity. Gu Ran begged her father to let the man stay. That's when they realized that Gu Ran already fallen in love with the outsider. As a solution, her father accepted the man as one of their own and they got married. But one day the man disappeared along with Gu Ran.

Unknown to the whole Gu clan, Gu Ran ran away with the man because the man's memory returned. He told his wife about his identity as Xing Wei the Zhixiang country's prince. And his accident was because of the dispute between him and one of his brother for the throne of the crowned prince.

He insisted on returning to his empire because he has a responsibility as their prince. But being already a part of the Gu clan, he was supposedly not allowed to leave for good. Therefore, he decided to secretly leave. As his wife and because of love, Gu Ran left with him. And because no one in the clan knew about the Xing Wei's real identity, they didn't know where to find them.

When Gu Ran and Xing Wei arrived at the Zhixiang country's palace, she learned that he already had a first wife and his wangfei Jing Bai. But she accepted her and gave her the title of a first rank concubine. They treated each other as sisters.

But everything changed when Gu Ran gave birth to Xing Guang. Her husband threatened her with their son's life in exchanged of her knowledge about Gu poison. He also revealed that everything was planned. He purposely planned to infiltrate the Qiangdu country by using sympathy. Then find a potential ally.

He thought he would need to bribe and compromise but luckily he found a dumb woman that fell in love with him. And she even came from a strong clan with the most beneficial skills. He doesn't need to bring a lot of them. A single person is enough to do so much.

Discovering that she was fooled, Gu Ran can only cry in regret. Even if she wanted to fight and use Gu poison against them, they had her son to threaten her. So in her first moment with her son, the first thing she did is transfer the royal Gu on him. It is the reason why Xing Guang can detect the Gu at Lin Xulian's body. And the reason why the Gu poison cannot affect him. The mole under his right eye is the mark. And the Xing royal family had no idea about it.

Because of Gu Ran, Xing Wei became the crowned prince. He told his father about her and her origin and promised that he would utilize her skill to strengthen their empire.

Gu Ran had no choice but to teach Jing Bai everything she knew. But she wasn't suited because the strength and capacity of her internal energy is not enough. Because of Jing Bai's frustration, she would constantly torture Gu Ran. Years passed by with Gu Ran stuck in that situation. Xing Wei also became the emperor and Jing Bai as his empress during those time.

But Gu Ran found a way to make contact with her son. Unknown to her, no one knew about her existence as one of the emperor's wife. Xing Guang also had no idea that his mother was still alive until she snuck inside his room when he was ten. She told him about his identity and everything he needs to know. She could only visit him when the palace is busy with any occasion.

Because of their meeting, Xing Guang dedicated himself to seek for strength and save his mother. But Gu Ran refused to tell him where she stays or kept. She wanted him to stay out her problem. As long as she fulfills her part of the bargain, Xing Wei promised to be fair with her son as a prince. And as a mother, she wants to keep her son out of harm.

One day, the empress's daughter showed potential at the age of five. Xing Wei saw this as a ray of hope for his ambition to conquer the whole continent. From this moment, Xing Guang never saw his mother again. She was kept in the dungeon and was forced to teach the princess Xing Baihe everything about the Gu poison.

After they were able to get what they want, Gu Ran died. And the one who killed her was a ten-year-old little princess, Xing Baihe. Gu Ran was the first human she used the Gu poison. She used Gu Ran as her practice case. And because she transferred the royal Gu to her son, she had no means to protect herself. And Xing Guang had no idea that these things are happening.

Gu Ran existed in the palace like a shadow. And she died without the knowledge of everyone, especially her own son. But when Xing Guang finally learned about his mother's misfortune, he decided to compete for the throne after their emperor father died. Unfortunately, Xing Wenhe was able to scheme against him and he became blind.

"Emperor brother has some unknown powerful people behind him. I think I should warn you about them too." Xing Guang added after he finished sharing his life to Lin Xulian.


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