The Empress is Dead
132 Chapter 132 The Plan
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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132 Chapter 132 The Plan

In the Ministry of Defense, Xia family manor, Xing Baihe confidently entered through the secret entrance. Although it is considered a secret entrance, the Xia family and their servants are aware of her arrival and even gave her a warm and respectful welcome. It is only a secret from outsiders especially from the people in the palace, including the emperor Feng Jun Yi.

The servants guide her towards their eldest miss's manor, Xia Ruzhi. After her husband, the second prince, was imprisoned and everything they owned was seized back by the palace, her father begged the emperor to keep her life in exchange of his loyalty and the command seal for all the empire's soldiers and guards. He chose his daughter's life over power and lived with the empty title of the Minister of Defense.

But that's only what he wants Feng Jun Yi to believe. In honesty, he already allied himself to the Zhixiang country through his daughter. With or without his power, Minister Xia already believed that the Gonglu country will fall in the hands of the Xing imperial family. Especially because Xing Baihe is already one step in becoming the next empress after Lin Xulian's death.

When they finally arrived at Xia Ruzhi's courtyard, Xing Baihe went directly towards the master's chamber. The servants that followed her got startled and embarrassed because of the scene that greeted them. Their mistress is tied up naked while moaning exaggeratedly in the bed while her lover is devouring her essences from her womanhood. The room is filled with ambiguous sounds and scent.

But despite this embarrassing display, Xing Baihe didn't even have any slight reaction. She continued marching forward until she reached the side of the bed. "Emperor brother, what is it? I have a lot to do so let's get this over with." Xing Baihe interrupted with obvious irritation.

Hearing her voice, the man Xing Wenhe lifted his head and wiped the love juices off his face. "Oh my precious little sister is finally here. You surely took your time before visiting your dear gege." Xing Wenhe said to Xing Baihe while pouting.

Xing Baihe only rolled her eyes at her brother. "I was only able to slip out of the palace because the emperor is too occupied and obsessed with finding that red clad assassin who killed Lin Xulian." Then she looked at the naked Xia Ruzhi with obvious disgust. "Wear something proper first emperor brother. I will wait at the outer chamber." Xing Baihe subsequently left the room.

"Your majesty~~~. We are not done yet. Are you leaving me hanging here?" Xia Ruzhi whined at him.
Without warning, Xing Wenhe choked her and said while looking and smiling at her dangerously. "You are just a whore. Know your place woman. Who are you to demand time against my own sister? All you have to do is stay here and wait like a good dog, as you are." He then gave her one last tight grip then let go of her throat. Just barely enough to keep her alive.

But instead of fear and pain, Xia Ruzhi showed an intoxicated look and smiled seductively. "Y-yes your m-majesty. I..I am y-your good dog." She replied while gasping for breath. Xing Wenhe gave her an approving smile then followed his sister out.

Xing Baihe raised her eyebrow at her brother seeing him finally coming out of Xia Ruzhi's chamber. "Why are you still keeping her, emperor brother? I don't think we still need their Xia family." Xing Baihe said not minding the fact that the Xia family's servants are still around.

"There's no harm in it dear little sister. It's not bad to have a pass time while I am here in the Gonglu country. And also a noble lady who loves to be verbally abused, beaten up and choked while doing it, I find it enticing." Xing Wenhe said nonchalantly.

"Up to you. Just be careful not to make sister-in-law, your empress, misunderstand. You would never wish to see her get mad. Remember, her and her clan's power can destroy the three countries combined. If only they were not hiding from the Qiangdu country's people, this conquer should be easier." Xing Baihe said exhaustedly.

"No worries. She knows and she understands. I have the most virtuous wife ever written in history. And that's the plan anyway. I'll conquer and unite the three countries for her. Then once our strength is enough, we'll take over the Qiangdu next. And we'll have the whole continent in our hands." Xing Wenhe said passionately.

"I know, I know. But I like to make some few changes. And this might cause a slight extension to the plan." Xing Baihe finally caught her brother's attention and the atmosphere became serious. "I don't want to be Feng Jun Yi's empress. Even if it's just temporary."

"Why? Are you backing out? Did someone bully you? Are you scared or uncertain for some reason?" Xing Wenhe asked worriedly.

"Calm down emperor brother. Do you think anyone would dare and can bully me? Who do you think I am? I never said that I don't want to be the empress. Just not Feng Jun Yi's empress." Xing Baihe explained.

"Oh! Did someone finally get my precious sister's attention? Who was it? Do we need to usurp the power from the Fengs? That would surely prolong the plan by significant amount of time. We'll have to ask your sister-in-law's opinion if she could still wait. But gege will do everything so you can get what you want." Xing Wenhe said thoughtfully and dotingly.

"There is no need for that emperor brother. I can handle it. I just need time. And there is no need to go so much trouble because my emperor is one of the princes. The fifth prince, Feng Jun Yun." Xing Baihe said dreamily.


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