The Empress is Dead
133 Chapter 133 Friend or Foe
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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133 Chapter 133 Friend or Foe

"The fifth prince eh? Not bad. According to what I know, out of all the five other siblings of the emperor he has the most potential as an emperor. Did you discover his potential during those six months? I thought you'd be satisfied with emperor Feng. Looks like your gege's eyes are not that clear for you." Xing Wenhe probed his sister.

"You're overthinking emperor brother. I have no idea about his potential at all. All I know is he plays the flute skillfully. Besides, with or without potential, in reality I'll be the one who would control this country until we are prepared to unite the countries against the Qiangdu." Xing Baihe said confidently.

"How can I forget your fetish about flute." Xing Wenhe said while face palming himself.

"Don't call it fetish! You're making it sound kinky and perverted, it's gross." Xing Baihe said in disgust. "There is also another reason why I cannot let Feng Jun Yi stay in the throne. For some reason after Lin Xulian died, the Gu poison inside him became dormant. And up until now I cannot awaken it. Even when I feed him new ones, they always end up dead before they can fully take him over." She continued.

"Is that even possible?" Xing Wenhe asked worriedly.

"I have no idea. Maybe there are exemptions that that witch Gu Ran hadn't told us. But since the problem is already there, all we need to do is provide solution. If I cannot control him, then there is no point in keeping him alive." She said coldly.

"Just tell your gege and I can kill him right away." Xing Wenhe replied with a cold and excited smile.

"Not now emperor brother. The empress just died. We cannot let the others have suspicions that someone is targeting their empire. The most favorable outcome is the emperor should "commit suicide". I still have to work on that. And also I need time to prepare my emperor. Maybe a year or two would be enough for the Gu I placed in him to mature."

Xing Wenhe was about to suggest that she should seduce the fifth prince but in the end decided against it. Looking at her petite stature and undeveloped body figure despite having a beautiful face, as a man he knows that Feng Jun Yun won't fall for his sister. She could only resort to manipulation. 'Good thing she still have the skill in Gu.' He thought.

"What is the meaning of that look emperor brother?" Xing Baihe asked suspiciously.

In attempt to save himself from his sister's wrath, Xing Wenhe chose to divert the topic. "Nothing little sister. I am just concerned about that assassin who killed the empress. Did the emperor found a lead?"

"Apparently nothing. At first I thought it was one of sister-in-law's people. I almost got offended since I already said that I will deal with her myself. But anyway, we benefited from what they did since Lin Xulian is also a bit troublesome to deal with."

"Why? You executed your plan beautifully. Watching those two husband and wife fight and hurt each other is really amusing. I couldn't see that you had any trouble dealing with her." Xing Wenhe asked in confusion.

"That's true but I planned to keep her alive for just two or three months. But she held out until her fifth month although she was weakened. Even the Gu's growth almost couldn't keep up. If she reached the ninth month but didn't give birth, then it would cause us a lot of trouble. I also couldn't help hasten the Gu's growth since she is knowledgeable about internal energy. I can tell that she is strong. Luckily she had no idea about Gu poisons despite her intelligence."

"It only means that the heavens are on our side."

"Luckily. But I'm rather curious about that mysterious assassin. Even though Lin Xulian is already weaker than she usually is, her brother Lin Rui is still around to protect her. It only means that the assassin is much stronger than the Lins."

"You don't have to worry about them. Considering the Lin clan's line of work, it won't be surprising if they offended some powerful people. Even the Lin clan chose to hide despite the death of their mistress. They must've encountered someone they couldn't handle." Xing Wenhe said mockingly.

"I hope so emperor brother. It would be problematic if they turn out to be another hindrance to our plans."

Xing Wenhe answered with an amused laugh and said. "Whichever it is, a friend or a foe, it doesn't matter. Aside from the people from the Qiangdu, no one is stronger than my beloved empress and her people. We'll just have to kill anyone who would dare to hinder our path." Then he smiled coldly.

Xing Baihe agreed to her brother and also smiled coldly. The servants on the other hand cannot help but trembled from fear because of Emperor Xing Wenhe and Imperial Noble Concubine Xing's conversation. Who would have thought that they would have the chance to hear the Zhixiang country's plan to conquer their home country? But regardless about their knowledge of enemy's plan and knowing the empire's traitor, they can only shut their mouths to keep their own lives. They know too well that these people are not someone they could mess with.

Back in the eldest prince Xing Guang's manor, Lin Xulian tied up a letter on Fei's leg. It contains her message to her Lin clan, especially to her family.

'The enemy is the Zhixiang country's emperor and princess. Stay alert but don't engage in battle until I return.'

"Fei, deliver this to big brother Huang. Just return if you can't do it. Don't worry I'll wait for you." But Fei replied her with an offended screech. Lin Xulian wasn't aware but Fei's race can find every Lin family member no matter how far they are.


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