The Empress is Dead
142 Chapter 142 The Gu Clan
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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142 Chapter 142 The Gu Clan

Hearing that the "young man" in front of him is willing to compromise, the man looked at Lin Xulian from head to toe and back. He admits that the young man is weak. Too weak in fact. But still, he can't let his guard down. "What makes you think that our clan head would be willing to meet and cure you?"

"That is why I need your help. Once I meet him, I can personally ask him to treat me. Please. You can easily kill me if I misbehave anyway." Lin Xulian begged.

"What's your name?"

Lin Xulian stiffened because of his question. Good thing she already prepared her answer when she left the Gonglu country. "Lian. Xu Lian."

"Fine." The man stepped closer to her and bound the remaining part of the chain around her body. He then ripped a part of his robe and used it to cover Lin Xulian's eyes. "You said I can get you unconscious so you shouldn't blame me for doing this." He is about to give Lin Xulian's nape a chop but Lin Xulian stopped him.

"Wait! Wait! Tell me your name first." Lin Xulian asked.

"Rin. Gu Rin." He then continued and gave her a chop. After making sure that Lin Xulian is already unconscious, Gu Rin lifted her like a sack. He then proceeds and brought her back to their village.

With her nape aching and her body restrained, Lin Xulian woke up while lying on a carpeted floor. She can also hear many voices around her. They sound like they are fighting or maybe scolding someone. When she opened her eyes and looked around, she saw Gu Rin while kneeling in front of a middle aged man. There are also four other older looking men and women who look angry or disappointed.

"You do know what had happened the last time we took a stranger back in the village. As the future clan head, you should set an example for the rest. And not break the rules yourself!" The middle aged man bellowed.

"I know father. I'll take full responsibility. All I ask is for you to hear the young man out." Gu Rin tried to convince his father.

"Young man? See! She even fooled you with her real gender. Can't you tell that she is a woman?!" Said one of the older female.

In shock, Gu Rin looked at Lin Xulian's direction only to find her wide awake. Lin Xulian gave him an awkward smile and explained. "Well, I didn't fool you about my gender. You were the one who assumed because of my clothes. It shouldn't be my fault right?"

Everyone in the room gave Lin Xulian a scorching glare, especially the middle age man. He is no other than but the clan head, Gu Lingdao. "You're finally awake. So other than treating the Gu poison, what do you need? I know it is more than that since you insisted on meeting me despite the fact that my son can treat your poison by himself." Gu Lingdao interrogated her.

"I admit; it is not just that." Lin Xulian wiggled and tried to find a comfortable position so she could look at the clan head properly. But then she remembered the identity seal inside her robes. "Uhmmm…can you take the chain off now?" She said to Gu Rin.

"Why? You said you are willing to be restrained." Gu Rin replied with knitted brows.

"I know, but I really need to use my hands in order to complete my task here." Lin Xulian tried to explain.

"Why would we let you do your task?! What if you are here to cause trouble?" said one of the older men.

"That is right! Even if you are weak, we don't know if you have some nasty tricks up your sleeve!" Said the older woman.

The four elder continued their nagging that Lin Xulian's ears are almost bleeding. She won't be surprise if they are more than a hundred years old hearing how accustomed they are at nagging. She closed her eyes and hoped that they would stop sooner but they didn't. Lin Xulian lost her patience and screamed. "It's about Gu Ran and her son!"

Hearing the name Gu Ran, the room suddenly turned silent. The clan head on the other hand abruptly shoot up from his seat while trembling. The four elders and Gu Rin also looked at her in shock. "Speak! What do you know?!" Gu Lingdao shouted while trembling.

"Can you at least get me out of these chains? As I said, I need to use my hands." Lin Xulian complained and pleaded.

Gu Lingdao signaled his son to let her go. "Don't you even try to lie to me. I can awaken that Gu inside your body and kill you in a blink of an eye."

When she is finally released, Lin Xulian stretched her limbs and back. She then took out the purple identity seal that Xing Guang gave to her. Her face became serious while passing the seal to Gu Rin. Gu Rin then handed it to his father. Seeing the purple seal, especially the words engraved at the back, Gu Lingdao's eyes reddened.

"That is the identity seal that the eldest prince of Zhixiang country, Xing Guang, gave to me." Lin Xulian started.

"Xing Guang? The hero of Zhixiang country? Are you telling us that he—" Gu Rin didn't need to finish his words.

"Yes. He is Gu Ran's son. He gave me that seal so that you would be willing to help me cure the Gu poison inside me. And in return, he asked me a favor to tell you about his existence and what had happened to his mother." Lin Xulian said solemnly.

Then without further ado, Lin Xulian narrated everything that Xing Guang told her to the clan head, four elders and Gu Rin. And of course his desire for revenge with his clan's help.


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