The Empress is Dead
144 Chapter 144 Royal Gu
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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144 Chapter 144 Royal Gu

Gu Lingdao felt a shiver running down his spine seeing the eerie aura and thick killing intent surrounding Lin Xulian. If she is another person, he would immediately decline her request since she clearly embodies the people he hates the most. Wanting the knowledge about the Gu poisons to inflict harm and revenge.

But he also cannot brush off the possibility that the young lady in front of him is really that supposed deceased empress and their King's blood relative. If she is, then letting her learn the skill is not a problem. Their entire clan owes their family a debt of lifetime after all. In any case, he just needs to bring her to the castle and let the King identify her. Then also let him decide for him.

Nevertheless, he still maintained his strict disposition and check her character if she is worthy to learn the skill. "Young miss, even if you are really that empress, what made you think that I will let you learn to use Gu poisons? You clearly implied that you will use it for your revenge. You intend to use it as a weapon. But for us the Gu clan, Gu poisons was never a weapon. It is our culture. I am sure that based on the encounter you had with my son, you can tell that we rely more in our skills in fighting with actual weapons."

Lin Xulian finds his words reasonable. Gu Rin was able to deem her useless with just his stealth and skills in using those chains. Surely, the clan head is not just boasting empty words with regards to their skills in martial arts. "I'm not expecting you to agree right away, clan head Gu. But I'm stating this request will full intent to persuade you. Although my desire for revenge is evident, I have other purpose for it.

I believe that as of this moment, I am not the only victim in my country. Especially in the palace. My friends, or worst the emperor are most probably her victims already. And I cannot sit idly and watch them suffer the way I did and let my country fall apart. I know you will deal with the Xing imperial family once you ensure the identity of Xing Guang. But I cannot demand you to help me save my people. So I need to have the ability to do it myself." Lin Xulian said seriously and Gu Lingdao can clearly see her sincerity.

Contented with her response, Gu Lingdao leaned back to his seat and look at her seriously. "Young miss, I understand your point. But for the safety of our Gu clan and the country itself, I need you to meet our King and ask him the favor. We depend our lives to him and trusts and respect his decisions. If he would agree that you are not a threat, then I will grant your request. But of course we need to wait for Gu Rin to return." Gu Lingdao said those conditions but in reality he just want to let their King confirm Lin Xulian's identity.

Relieved and thankful for the clan head's response, Lin Xulian bowed and thanked him. When she looked at him again, she cannot contain her curiosity anymore. From Xing Guang, Gu Rin and even the clan head and the elders, she noticed an obvious similarity. "Clan head Gu, can I clear up something? I noticed that all the Gu clan members I met have the same mole under your right eye. Even Xing Guang has it. It kept bugging me for a while now."

"Xing Guang has it? If he is really Gu Ran's son, then that explains why she was killed by the Gu poison. She probably passed it to her son." Gu Lingdao sadly said. But he still chose to explain it to Lin Xulian. "This mole is the mark of the Royal Gu. As the name suggests, it is the Gu that was cultivated by our ancestors who pioneered our clan. This aids us to control and communicate with the Gu. Every time a new member is born, the child will be subjected to a ritual and a royal Gu will choose him or her. Without it, controlling the Gu is akin to a double edged sword."

Reaching up to this point, Lin Xulian' brows tightened and asked numerous questions in one go. "You mean it could be passed down and that's what happened to Gu Ran and Xing Guang? Then what about Xing Baihe? How was she able to control the Gu? And what do you mean about being a double edged sword?"

"Then it means my daughter didn't really go down without a fight. She may have taught that princess everything she knew, but to the expense of that princess's life. Without the royal Gu, you will need to use your own internal energy. And you do know that gaining back your lost energy requires time. What do you think will happen if your internal energy is continuously extracted?" Gu Lingdao gave Lin Xulian a clue.

Lin Xulian thought about everything she knows about the use and purpose of internal energy. Once you cultivate your internal energy, it can strengthen your body, increase the power of your attacks and prolong your life. But if you expend it faster than you gain it, it would make your body weak and shorten your life. "Does that mean, Xing Baihe is doomed to die at a young age? Does it also mean that her under developed body was caused by using the Gu? But she doesn't look weak at all."

Gu Lingdao stood up and went towards the window. He took stem of the plant growing in the planter along the windowsill and brought it to Lin Xulian. "Gu Rin visited the Gonglu country months ago and found out that someone is cultivating this plant."

Lin Xulian looked at the plant and immediately recognized it. "It is the Buchong herb! It's a very rare herb that could hasten the replenishing of one's internal energy. You mean someone in the Gonglu country is cultivating this plant?"

"That's what Gu Rin learned. And based on your story, there is no doubt that Xing Baihe is the one cultivating it. She is the only one who needs this plant after all. As for us in the Gu clan, we use it as food for the Gu." Gu Lingdao explained. No one can tell if he still doubts Lin Xulian's identity but without a doubt he is starting to trust her.

"Clan head Gu, how much more time does Xing Baihe still have?" Lin Xulian suddenly asked.

"If she started at a very young age, then most likely in her early twenties." Gu Lingdao estimated honestly.

Hearing this, Lin Xulian pursed her lips in displeasure. She can't let her die before she could exact her revenge. Xing Baihe is almost nineteen now, Lin Xulian only have at least a year to learn the skill in controlling the Gu. 'Death is a very light punishment for what she did.' Lin Xulian thought.


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