The Empress is Dead
148 Chapter 148 Liu Clan
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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148 Chapter 148 Liu Clan

Finally, able to get back on his feet, Hu Hai entered the castle to ask permission to their King to return to the Gonglu country. He is usually carefree and bubbly, but ever since Lin Xulian's death he always looks aggrieved. He blamed himself for not arriving on time during the burning incident. If only he prioritized the matter he was about to report to Lin Xulian and dealt with the traitors later, he should be able to save their young miss.

He regretted that he wasn't able to control his emotions the moment he saw the emblem of the Liu clan in the robes of those suspicious men lurking around the palace. The rebellion of their clan more than two decades ago is still fresh on his mind. Although they didn't succeed and was banished from the country, their ideals caused a crack to the citizen's faith on their King.

Although they only made an aggressive move two decades ago, their clan started to question their King's reign when they learned that he cannot have children anymore. Also because his two brothers couldn't be found and there is no one to continue the Lin clan's bloodline. The King insisted that he would find his descendants and majority of the clan heads supported him.

But being one of the earliest occupant of the country, almost the same as the Lin clan and also the biggest clan in number, the Liu clan contested for their clan head to replace the King. They insist that even if the King could find his descendants, they would be weak since the grew up outside the energy abundant Qiangdu country.

Despite this fact, most clan heads still favored their King, Lin Zuizhong. This is because most clan in the country is like the Gu clan, banished because of their supposed dark practices and are hunted because of it but wanted to live peacefully. Some are slaves who were able to escape and started their own family in the country. In other words, they were able to live in the Qiangdu country because of their King's grace and kindness.

Because of the vote and decision of the majority, the Liu clan conceded. But no one knew that they only strengthen their power and number until two decades ago when they assigned their new clan head. Along with their ceremony, they announced a rebellion that caused chaos throughout the country.

But they didn't expect that their number and strength is still not enough to subdue the whole country. This is because some silent and unremarkable clans joined in to defend the king making them victorious in number. The Liu clan lost more than half of their people and in the end admitted defeat. As punishment, the new clan head was beheaded in front of his clan and the rest was banished in the country.

After the rebellion was concluded, the victorious party didn't celebrate. This is because even though they won, they lost more people than that of the Liu clan. That time was the darkest time for the country and everyone mourned for years. And the most affected one is the Hu clan since most deaths came from them. But for them it is an honor to protect their King. After all, their clan made a vow to serve the King and the country as guard and protector. They are also the strongest in terms of their martial arts. Unfortunately, the Liu clan caught them off guard.

Remembering the clan that killed most of his clan members when he was still young, Hu Hai's resolve for revenge intensified. And this time they even touched their precious young miss. "Hu Hai pays respect to my King and clan head Hu." Hu Hai said respectfully.

"Good thing you could finally move Hu Hai. I have a mission for you. The scouts I sent outside returned with the news that the Lins are currently hiding in the An Valley. Since my adoptive great grandson is the current Lord of Jianghu, they managed to hide the fact that they are there. I want you to go to An Valley and fetch Lin Xu and his family, especially Huang.

You can also reveal their identities and their importance to our Qiangdu country if needed. Now that we know that the Liu clan still refuse to back down and is moving, I'm afraid my descendants will meet some more misfortunes just like Xulian. We have to secure their safety by keeping them here. Also so that we could train Huang harder as soon as possible." Lin Zuizhong solemnly commanded.

Hu Hai didn't think twice and accepted the command. "As my King commands. But this one has a request…" With a thump, Hu Hai suddenly kneeled in front of the King and his father. "My King, Father, please let me return to the Qiangdu country! I am sure those traitors are still lurking around the palace. I would also want to find young miss's assassin and personally avenge her." He said with full of determination and conviction. But before the King or his father could respond to his request, a loud voice of a woman grabbed their attention.

"Hu Hai?!!" Although the three men knows that some people entered the hall, they didn't mind it that much since they are not a threat. But nonetheless, the sudden loud voice of the woman didn't fail to startle them.

The three men simultaneously looked at the direction where the voice came from. Hu Hai's eyes widened and his jaw almost dropped. He looks like he just saw a ghost after fully registering and processing the woman's face in his mind. Although her clothes and hair ornament is so simple, her face is still as beautiful as ever. A definition of a fairy.

Envoy Hu's reaction is not different from his son. He subconsciously looked at their King's reaction. Ever since they discovered Lin Xulian and her Lin family's existence, the King required them to provide each of their portraits. And as expected, their King finds her familiar but still uncertain.

Seeing that Hu Hai is not responding and just looking at her with wide eyes and open mouth, Lin Xulian thought that he must be feeling guilty for deceiving her and her family. The fact that he is here and is calling the King "his King" and envoy Hu as father, Lin Xulian didn't need to think deeper. Hu Hai is from the Qiangdu country. 'No wonder he is strong and he knows a lot about internal energy. But why did he approach big brother Huang?' She thought and decided to get the answer straight from him. She doesn't care if she is the outsider at this moment.

With her arms crossed, Lin Xulian narrowed her eyes at Hu Hai. "So it turned out, you are actually from the Qiangdu country and Envoy Hu's son. But how and why did you become big brother Huang's subordinate? Can you please enlighten me young master Hu?" Lin Xulian said while eyeing him suspiciously.

Hearing her voice and confirming that the young lady in front of him is really Lin Xulian, alive and as brash as ever, Hu Hai couldn't contain his emotions and his tears fell like a waterfall. "Y-young miss…you are alive!" He said in a stammering and broken voice while still kneeling.

Lin Xulian is caught off guard with Hu Hai's sudden outburst. But hearing him saying about her being alive, she could get the gist why he has this intense reaction. "Why? You didn't know? I told big brother Huang about my plan to fake my death. You were always with him. How come you don't know?" Lin Xulian asked in confusion.

Wiping his tears, Hu Hai stood up and face Lin Xulian. Then he suddenly bowed in apology. "Forgive me young miss. I was caught in a pressing situation and wasn't with the young master for a long time." Then he turned to his father and the King,"My king, father, Hu Hai caused you unnecessary worry and heartache due to my lack of full understanding about the whole situation."

"Does it have anything to do with your injuries?" Lin Xulian suddenly asked.

Hu Hai can't tell her that most of his injuries was due to his punishment because she might blame herself. He could only nod in response.


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