The Empress is Dead
150 Chapter 150 Risk
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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150 Chapter 150 Risk

"If the Feng bird came with you, then he must have been lured back to their nest. It's like an instinct to them. Don't worry, I have a way to call them." The King assured Lin Xulian. "More importantly, although I am happy that you are finally here, I want to ask why. And also why are you with Clan Head Gu?"
Finally getting into the topic of her purpose, Lin Xulian's expression became serious. "I came here to seek help from the Gu clan. The emperor, Feng Jun Yi, took in a princess as his concubine. Then I was suddenly pronounced pregnant. Not many knows about this, but the relationship between the emperor and I are more like partners and not as a couple. So the marriage was never consummated. And this fake pregnancy caused a rift between us. He thought I cheated on him.
He won't even listen to my explanations. So in order to know what really happened to me, I left the palace. And to protect my reputation at least, I killed my persona as the empress. Then I discovered that I was poisoned with the Gu. And the one behind it is the new concubine." Lin Xulian stated solemnly.
Hearing up to this point, the King gave Clan Head Gu a questioning gaze. "Clan Head Gu, you assured me that no one outside the Gu clan knows how to control the Gu poison. Then how did a mere concubine, even if she is a princess, could harm my great grandniece? Or do you have a traitor in your clan?'"Rest assured my King, there is no traitor in our clan. It all started with my missing daughter." Gu Lingdao solemnly replied with a bow. Then he restated Lin Xulian's story about his daughter, Gu Ran's unfortunate life ever since she chose that man. "This one knows that my daughter made a wrong choice that resulted to the unfortunate incident for Princess Xulian. As her father, please let me take the punishment, my King."
Gu Rin on the side chose this time to step up. "My King, please let me share the punishment with my father. As the future head of the clan, I also need to take responsibility."
Lin Zuizhong kneaded the space between his eyebrows. Although he is disappointed because the Gu clan failed to control their people, he doesn't want to punish the clan head and his son. And also he knows that they are still mourning for the death of their young miss. He knows the feeling very well. So he looked at Lin Xulian. As the victim, he would give her a chance to vent if she wants to. "What do you think Lian'er?""There is no need to punish anyone. No one is at fault here. Even Lady Gu Ran is not one to blame. She was just blinded by love and believed that man's promises. Then she became a protective mother. The one who caused my incident is Xing Baihe with the help of her emperor brother. So the one who should be punished is them. I wouldn't want to waste any more time." Lin Xulian said seriously.
She then faced the King. "G-great G-granduncle…" Lin Xulian started awkwardly. She is not used to the address but she needs to take advantage of her blood relation to the King in order to gain hi permission. "There is one thing I want to ask of you. Clan Head Gu said I needed your permission for this. I want to learn the art of controlling the Gu."

Lin Zuizhong's eyebrows raised and gave Gu Lingdao a serious look. "Saying that Lian'er needs my permission, is there something I need to know first, Clan Head Gu?""You are right, my King. Not including that vile princess, this would be the first time for an outsider of the clan to learn the art of Gu. With this, the process is a little different. To prevent her from harming herself while using the Gu poison, she needs the ritual. But there is a reason why the ritual is usually done right after the child's birth. Because a newborn is the purest form of a human.
In order to be chosen the royal Gu, it needs to fully integrate itself in the person's mind and emotions. And since Princess Xulian is already an adult with a lot of life experiences, coupled with her current hate, the process would be very painful. If we are not careful and if her will is not that strong, it might cause irreversible damage to her mind." Gu Lingdao explained and warned.
"Young miss…I mean princess; it is too risky. Why do you want to learn the art of Gu? If you want to poison someone, you can just ask Gu Rin to do it for you." Hu Hai interjected. Gu Rin didn't reject the idea and just waited for Lin Xulian's reply. Since she is really the Princess, all his hostility vanished.
"Hu Hai, you know me. When did I ask anyone to do things for me?" Lin Xulian replied while rolling her eyes at him.
"You always ask me to find rare herbs for you." Hu Hai replied almost immediately.
Hearing this, Lin Xulian is stumped. She can't refute Hu Hai's claim. "T-that's because I was still the empress at that time! I cannot just leave the country at will. But this time is different. And also the matter is different. This time it is a personal vendetta so I have to do it myself. Don't worry. If I have something in abundance, it is my will."'More like stubbornness.' Hu Hai thought in defeat.
"I will give you my permission if you can promise me that you will succeed." Lin Zuizhong asked her seriously. "Also since you will be subjected to a great amount of pain, you should use this to temper your body and expand your qi sea.""That's possible?! Looks like I will gain more than I expected. I haven't tempered my body and expand my qi sea because father and my brothers wouldn't allow me to be subjected with any pain." Lin Xulian said with excitement.
"I agree with them. If I could choose, I don't want you to suffer. But since you are determined to do the ritual, we might as well take advantage of it. Anyway, sooner or later I will have to train you. With your current strength, you won't be able to gain our people's trust and confidence. Even a ten-year-old can bring you down at this rate." Lin Zuizhong said directly.
Lin Xulian's lips twitched hearing his blunt words. 'Can you at least not give me that fatal blow.' She thought. "I will not disappoint you great granduncle.""My King, now that the princess is fine you can finally take a rest. The matter about the Liu clan can wait. You haven't had a proper rest since the news of her death reached us." Hu Min suddenly interjected. Hearing this, Lin Xulian felt warm. That incident was months ago which means he hasn't rested for months as well.


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