The Empress is Dead
153 Chapter 153 Magnanimous Princess
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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153 Chapter 153 Magnanimous Princess

Hearing Mo Yingli saying that the women are from the Pan clan, the disappointment is visible from the crowd. As a result, they were thrown with insult from different directions.
"Isn't that one of the largest clan in number next to the Liu clan? They were just an ordinary clan yet these women are so proud." One of the bystander started.
"Did you forget? Their clan made a huge contribution in protecting the King from the rebellion of the Liu clan. The King acknowledged their clan and made their clan head a part of the council.""But is that enough for them to disrespect the Princess? They are not the only one that was acknowledged by the King. And everyone helped the King that time. Their clan was only noticed because they were so many. They are not even particularly strong. They even needed ten men to subdue a single Liu clan member.""That's true. Not just the princess, they have no right to disrespect and insult anyone just because the status of their clan rose. The King strictly discourage the use of status and strength to oppress others. Everyone knows that, yet these women are insulting the princess just because of her weakness.""As if they were the ones who saved the country at that time. It was their elders. These women are probably still crawling and brawling in their swaddle. They are too proud for the things they didn't do. They only have the name, not the honor.""And to think they were just slaves that was saved by the King, they should be thankful and honor all of the King's descendant no matter how weak they are. The King didn't look down on them at their lowest point, but they choose to trample the princess just because they think they are stronger.""If they think that they are stronger and more privileged, then what about young master Gu and young madam Hu? They are even willing to escort the princess. Does these women think their Pan clan is better than the Gu and Hu?""Personally, I think the princess is not weak. At her age and the fact that she was born and raised outside the Qiangdu country, her energy could tell that she was well trained. I bet if she was born here, she would be considered a prodigy. As expected for a Lin."
Hearing the crowd's insults and judgements, and even involving their whole clan, the women's anger became shame. The three women glared at Gu Rin's fan and blamed her for everything. Earlier when they saw Gu Rin entering the teahouse and disregarded them, they followed him with their eyes until he entered a private room in the second floor. And since the window is open, they were able to see that Lin Xulian was in that room.
Gu Rin's fan became angry and jealous. He neglected them last night for Lin Xulian. And now he even treated them as air also because of her. So she decided to approach Lin Xulian's group. She only wanted to open Gu Rin's eyes by comparing her strength with Lin Xulian. That she is better suited for him.
But she didn't expect that it would escalate this much that even her clan became involved. She wanted to explain and insist that being a member of an acknowledged clan is not a reason for her actions. But she can't find any excuse that would not harm their reputation. The other three also didn't expect that this would happen. They blame their friend's rashness and impatience. They completely forgot that they also contributed in insulting Lin Xulian earlier.

Meanwhile, after hearing the bystanders' discussions, Lin Xulian manage to grasp the situation. 'So they are from an acknowledged clan. Tsk. I can't let this pointless situation and argument be a reason for another possible rebellion. That would be too humiliating. I can't make trouble for my great granduncle.' Lin Xulian thought. Fortunately, she had a lot of experience in court matters during her time as an empress. Pacifying this kind of situation with words is nothing to her.
"Everyone, Sister Yingli, please calm down. I think this is just a misunderstanding. As part of a clan that was acknowledged by the King, I think they are not and never be an ingrate." Saying this, Lin Xulian managed to silence the crowd. She then faced the women. "Ladies, I think I have an idea about your concern. Young master Gu is accompanying me because of the King's command and not what you think. So you can rest assured.
The truth is I was already married. And even though I lost my husband, my heart remained with him. I have no plan to get married again. I hope you all understand and not take this arrangement to heart." Lin Xulian said with a smile but she showed sadness when she mentioned her husband.
The four women blushed hard hearing Lin Xulian blatantly exposing them. They also felt bad seeing her sad look while mentioning her lost husband. They don't know how to reply. If they admit Lin Xulian's claim, everyone would know that they are making trouble because of a man. And as a woman, that is too humiliating. If not for the kneeling incident and Mo Yingli's loud mouth, these things would not happen and would remain between them. The crowd would not notice the tension.
At this moment, Gu Rin interjected in a low voice. "Ladies, the princess is giving your Pan clan a way out. I suggest you take this path or your clan's reputation would be dragged down because of you."
Although unwilling, seeing that Lin Xulian is being magnanimous and Gu Rin is aiding her, Mo Yingli have no choice but to follow. But of course she still let her irritation out. "What? You're acting shy and innocent now? You've been catcalling Gu Rin like a bunch of hooligan preying on an innocent young maiden. You can finally express your deep emotion. So why are you hesitating? Or would you like to let me do the honor and start a story telling session here about a bunch of women desperately trying to catch a man's attention?"
Lin Xulian pinched her palm to keep herself from laughing. This Young Madame Hu is too savage. Her tongue is too sharp; it is visibly drawing blood. She also peeked at Gu Rin's expression. And as expected, he wasn't amused being called an "innocent young maiden". Lin Xulian pinched herself harder seeing his dark face.
The women trembled hearing Mo Yingli's threat. They are certain that if they let Mo Yingli speak in their behalf, their reputation would be trample to unrecoverable state. "P-please forgive us Princess. I-it's just because we have never seen young master Gu with another woman before so we felt threatened. We admired young master Gu since we were young and are hoping for his attention for a long time. But this time we went overboard and offended you unjustly." Gu Rin's fan said.
This time, the crowd descended to another bout of discussion.
"So all those mess because of a man?!""They didn't even look at the princess's status and made trouble with her. For what? For a man's attention? How unsightly.""Those ladies almost dragged their clan's name just because of a petty reason. Their clan head should teach them about responsibility and how to respect."Reassured that the people's view changed and didn't involve their clan's name, the women heaved a sigh of relief. But now they can't even lift their heads from shame, especially in front of Gu Rin.
Seeing that the matter is settled, Lin Xulian has no reason to stay so she decided to bid farewell. "Since the misunderstanding is cleared, I think we have to go. The King has been waiting for me for a long time now." Lin Xulian bowed and turned around to leave with Mo Yingli and Hu Miao.
Gu Rin on the other hand left a few words before following them. "Lady Pan, I hope you show respect to the princess from now on despite of any reason. She is the princess by blood whether you like it or not… And I hate petty and jealous women. Especially those who have no right." Then he gave a small bow and left, following Lin Xulian's group.


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