The Empress is Dead
155 Chapter 155 Meeting The Clan Heads
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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155 Chapter 155 Meeting The Clan Heads

Only Gu Rin and Lin Xulian continued inside the castle since Mo Yingli needs to take Hu Miao back at their home. Entering the castle, Lin Xulian's mouth agape seeing the flock of Feng birds scattered around the King's hall. Some are standing in the beams, some are in the windows and some are even resting on the King's throne. The hall is filled with red in every corner.
Suddenly, a loud and excited screech of a bird entered Lin Xulian's ears. From the highest window, a bird descended eagerly towards her direction. It is obviously Lin Xulian's bird, Fei. Seeing this, Lin Xulian stretched her arms. And without second thought, she caught the bird by its neck.
"Stupid bird. So you finally decided to show up. And you even fatten yourself up for your master. I was actually in dilemma on what dish I should turn you into. But now you are big enough to turn into three dishes. Don't worry, I will not waste a single meat." Lin Xulian said while giving Fei a dark and menacing smile.
Hearing Lin Xulian's threat, Fei struggled hard from her grip. He expected a touching reunion, but his master suddenly became violent. Realizing that he couldn't escape, Fei stopped resisting and just gave her an apologetic, pitiful and regretful look.
Seeing this, Lin Xulian just rolled her eyes and dropped him. "Fine! But you need to compensate." Receiving his master's pardon, Fie's spirits lift up. But his wings dropped seeing the thick rolls of paper in her hand. Lin Xulian noticed his silent complaint and raised her eyebrows at him. "You can only blame yourself. You've been missing for quite an ample time that I had too much fun writing. And you need to burn those fats anyway. You've gain too much weight."
Accepting his fate, Fei let Lin Xulian tie the rolls of paper on his back. "Don't worry Fei. I included in the letters to feed you, especially for Mei jiejie. This is an important mission for you. You can prove to me that you are not just a stupid and glutton bird." Then she took out a bundle of dried smoked meat. "Here, eat this along the way. And if not needed, stop eating raw meat. You are starting to smell bad."
With the food as a bribe, Fei regain his vigor and screech in salute. Then he held the bundle of food on its beak and fly away to do his mission. Beside Lin Xulian, Gu Rin is speechless. 'Princess, all the Feng birds eat raw meat. Only your bird eats cooked food.' Gu Rin lamented in his mind. He chose not to say it out loud since Fei is not his pet anyway. 'The princess could decide how to raise her pet.'"Princess, the King is waiting at the Assembly Hall with the clan heads." Gu Rin interjected.
"Hmm." Lin Xulian hummed in reply while following the departing bird with her eyes. When Fei is gone from her sight, only did she turn around. "Lead the way young master Gu."
********Inside the Assembly Hall, Lin Xulian is greeted by rows of about twenty men. Most of them looked young but since all of them are clan heads, Lin Xulian presumed that they are at least middle aged. And at the front most part of the hall, the King sat at the center of four other clan heads. Lin Xulian identified the two as Clan Master Gu and Clan Master Hu. While she had no idea about the other two.

"Lian'er, you are finally here. Come and sit beside me." The King said while patting the space beside him. Lin Xulian calmly and confidently went towards that seat under the watchful eyes of the clan heads. But she didn't mind their scrutinizing gazes. She had been under these kind of gazes for years. Fortunately, this time, there are no killing intent directed towards her. "Have you found your bird?" The King asked the moment she sat down.
"Yes great granduncle. I already sent Fei to deliver the message to big brother Huang." Lin Xulian replied.
The King hummed in acknowledgement then faced the clan heads. "This is my great grandniece, Lin Xulian. Lian'er, these are all the head of the clans in the entire country." The King introduced.
Lin Xulian cupped her fist and gave a small bow. This is the bow they usually use in the Lin Mercenary Clan. "Greetings to the Clan Heads."
The clan heads returned it with a deep and respectful bow. "Greetings Princess Lin."
During the introduction, Lin Xulian learned about the clans and their influences in the country. And most specially, the country's enemy, the Liu clan. There are four main families, aside from the Lin clan, that is the Gu, Hu, Mo and Pan clan. But previously, the Liu clan holds the position of the Pan clan. When the rebellion broke out and the Liu clan was defeated, the Pan clan, who had the greatest contribution in protecting the King, replaced them.
The Lin clan's ancestor discovered the black stone and learned to utilize it to get stronger. The Hu, Mo and Liu clan's ancestors are his first disciples. They slowly grew in number and built their clan under the Lin clan's tutelage. They first built some villages around the stone, then it turned into an independent city. Later on, new clans seek them for shelter and they grew bigger to form a small country.
Then due to the conflict with the Tongyi empire's emperor, they were forced to fight and later on built a wall around them. Because of this, their strength was acknowledged and they were surrounded with mysteries. They were admired and at the same time they were feared.
Later on, the Gu clan entered the country to ask for protection because they were hunted for their practice in the art of Gu poisons. The King acknowledged their strength and gave them a high position. Many disagreed because just like the others, they fear Gu clan's power. But the King insisted and lay his position on the line. Fortunately, the Gu clan didn't betray his trust and they also manage to win the other clan's respect.
The King's goal is to slowly open up to other countries since the Tongyi empire, their considered enemy, is already gone. He obliges the younger generation to venture outside and learn the other country's norm when they reach adulthood. He thinks that the first thing to do to achieve his goal is to learn about them again. Not as the previous enemy, but as a new possible friend.
Unfortunately, one of the clan grew discontented. Especially when the Lin clan's bloodline declined. The Lin clan are naturally adventurous and hot headed. So only the first branch of the family stays in the country while the others didn't mind the shorter life span and venture outside the country. Some are even scattered in the other continent until their traces are gone.
But Lin Zuizhong's reign had the worst problem when it comes to the bloodline. He admitted that it was his fault for investing all his time in his goal for the country and forgetting about his responsibility to continue the bloodline. When he decided to get married, the physician said his time already passed and he cannot have children anymore.
The Liu clan used this fact to contest the throne of the King. But they didn't win the argument because of the possibility of the existence of the King's descendants outside the country. Their dissatisfaction continued until two decades ago, they started a rebellion.
********Hearing up to this point, Lin Xulian knitted her brows. "Can I get your pulse great granduncle?" She held the King's pulse for a few seconds then she laughed coldly with unhidden killing intent that shocked the clan heads. "It's very faint since it's already deeply rooted in your system, but it is still there. I assumed the physician is from the Liu clan?"
The King is confused but still answered honestly. "He was. In fact, the Liu clan is the country's physician and apothecary."
Lin Xulian then remembered Clan Head Gu said that they have no apothecary for decades. "So that was it. No wonder they managed to poison you." Lin Xulian said coldly.


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