The Empress is Dead
157 Chapter 157 Lin Yihan
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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157 Chapter 157 Lin Yihan

After the meeting, almost all of the clan heads left the assembly hall leaving the King, Lin Xulian and the clan heads of the four major clans. Clan head Pan took this chance to approach Lin Xulian.
"Princess, I heard what had happened in the teahouse earlier. I would like to apologize in behalf of my granddaughter for offending you. That lass is a bit dandy since she was young. It is this one's fault for raising her that way." Clan Head Pan said with a bow in apology.
"Raise your head, clan head Pan. That was just a misunderstanding. And everything was already cleared up. If you are thinking about the effect of what had happened to your clan's reputation, I assure you the people will eventually forget about a small matter like that." Lin Xulian stated.
"This one knows and I should thank your highness for that. If you didn't give an excuse for my granddaughter, everyone would think that our Pan clan doesn't acknowledge your highness's position. That would reflect badly on our clan's reputation. We have a huge debt of gratitude to our King for saving us when everyone treated us as an expendable possession. We don't want him to think that we are disrespecting his family." He replied sincerely.
"I didn't give her an excuse Clan Head Pan. What I said was the truth. Do you still think you should thank me? After all she is still an unmarried young lady. And making her admit her feelings for a man publicly is a huge humiliation for a woman." Lin Xulian said while gauging his reaction.
"As your highness said, everyone will forget it eventually. My granddaughter should just consider this as a lesson. Do not worry your highness, this will never happen again." Clan Head Pan promised.
Clarifying the matter about the Pan clan, clan head Pan also left the Assembly Hall. Gu Rin and Hu Hai then entered the hall after the meeting is adjourned. Since the introduction is done, it is time for them to talk about Lin Xulian's objective and revenge against the Xing imperial family. But most importantly her treatment and the ritual in receiving a royal Gu.
"Princess, before the ritual you need to make sure that your body is ready. Most importantly, you need to be mentally prepared. You will be subjected into an unimaginable pain. And once the ritual begins, we cannot stop halfway or else it would cause permanent damage to your head. Are you still willing?" Gu Lingdao asked in warning.
"I already know that clan head Gu. And my answer is still yes." Lin Xulian assured him. "About the existing Gu inside me, do we need to get rid of it first?""Father and I thought about it Princess. Since you are determined to learn the art of Gu, then we suggest it would be best if the one who will cure you is yourself. That would be your first case then and also the best practice for you since you mainly want to learn to cure. That Gu is dormant anyway, so letting it stay there for a few more months or years will not cause any harm." Gu Rin answered.

"That's reasonable. Then I accept that arrangement. I'd like to do it now." Lin Xulian then stood up.
"Right now? But clan head Gu said you have to be well prepared before the ritual." Hu Hai interjected worriedly.
"Also, the ritual and the process of learning the art may take a long time. Maybe a year at least. Don't you want to wait for the prince? The King mentioned that your highness already sent a message and asked them to come." Gu Lingdao added.
Thinking about her big brother Huang, Lin Xulian's expression changed. "All the more reason we have to do it now. Knowing how overprotective my brother is, he would never agree to this. It would be too tedious to explain and convince him. Father would also be against all of these. If I do it now, they would never get a chance to stop me." Lin Xulian said seriously.
"But they won't be able to stop you anyway. And you know that, right?" The King interjected.
"That's true. But it would waste much time, great granduncle." Lin Xulian justified.
Seeing Lin Xulian's seriousness and eagerness, the King sighed defeated. "Then start the preparation Clan Head Gu." The King commanded. Gu Lingdao just bowed in acknowledgement.
"My King, this one will also start the preparation for the investigation." Clan Head Mo interrupted.
"Hmm…As for the Fanrong country, Yihan is there. You can approach him first to narrow down the investigation." The King informed him.
"Yihan?" Lin Xulian asked. For some reason, she finds the name familiar.
"Your father's younger cousin, Lin Yihan. I met him almost a decade ago when he entered the country for his pursuit in greater martial art. A Feng bird chose him as its master. That's how I knew he is a Lin. He even stayed for a few years. Do you know him?""Right! Father mentioned him before. But I have never met him." Saying up to this point, Lin Xulian realized a crucial point. "Then why did you not give him the throne? Father said he is strong. He could definitely be a great King."
The King sighed and shook his head. "He declined. Also that kid is no good. He said he would never get married. Apparently he lost someone he really loved and promised he would never love someone else. Also, he is not someone who could stay in one place for a long time. His adventurous Lin bloodline is too strong. As for Lin Huang, aside from his potential as what Hu Hai said, he already has a family. So he is the best candidate." The King explained.
"That make sense. Big brother would also love to stay here and train to his heart's content. I am the adventurous one after all." Lin Xulian replied with a shrug. Her curiosity towards her uncle also intensified. 'Another dedicated man aside from Feng Jun Yi's master. I'd like to meet him one day.' She thought. The story of Feng Jun Yi's master and mother subconsciously entered her mind.
"Princess, me and Gu Rin will go back to the village first today and prepare everything. You can follow tomorrow. You should spend some time with the King since he can't come to the village." Gu Lingdao said before leaving with Gu Rin. Hu Min and Hu Hai also followed out to give the two some time together. Lin Xulian didn't disagree but her face showed obvious uneasiness.
"Are you unwilling to spend some time with your great granduncle?" Lin Zuizhong interrupted.
Seeing his deadpan but obviously trying to act like an attention seeking child face, Lin Xulian's mouth twitched. This manner is too much like her big brother Huang. Her big brother is probably really suited for the throne. "It's not that great granduncle. I'm just getting anxious. The more time I stay here doing nothing, the Xing brother and sister are already messing the Gonglu country. They even have the Gu poison as their vicious weapon."
Lin Zuizhong eyed her for a few moments before he responded. "If you are worried about emperor Feng, you can stop worrying now. I gave him an accessory made from the black stone. It can protect him from the Gu poison. As long as he wears it, he won't be affected."
Hearing this, Lin Xulian's eyes widened. "It can protect someone from the Gu poison?! But he gave it to Ying'er, his younger brother! It means he is vulnerable against that woman's vicious hands!" Lin Xulian exclaimed worriedly. Then she eyed the accessories that her grand granduncle is wearing. "Great granduncle, can you send him one more bracelet? Even a ring will do."
Lin Zuizhong raised his eyebrows at Lin Xulian's reaction. "You cared about him that much? I thought you said there is no romantic relationship between you two?"
Lin Xulian stiffened. "He is a friend and I care about his well-being. An entire country depends on him." She justified.
Lin Zuizhong didn't believe her but chose not to pry. "If you say so. I'll give him another one." He said while patting her head dotingly.


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