The Empress is Dead
158 Chapter 158 Twin Hu Brothers
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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158 Chapter 158 Twin Hu Brothers

The next day, Lin Xulian prepared herself early to return in the Gu clan's village. She remembered that it took them more than ten hours to travel, rest included for her. She also didn't get any draught to aid her so she assumed she will take longer. And right now, time is crucial for her. She already set her plan for her journey. But when she exited towards the castle's gates, she was shocked when she saw three horses waiting for her.
Beside the horses, Mo Yingli is bantering with two identical looking teenagers. "I told you I will take the princess with my horse. She is a woman and she will never ride with either one of you. She will obviously choose me." She said confidently.
"Aunt Yingli, you could never tell. She is a princess. She might choose a prince looking man like me." Said one of the youngster with a lazy seductive smile. He is a handsome man wearing a fancy looking loose robe showing a large part of his well-defined chest. His long hair is braided and is resting on one side of his shoulders.
"A prince? A weak looking one I bet. What kind of prince wears a sissy looking clothes? The princess will surely choose me. A princess prefers a strong and intimidating looking man." The other one confidently said with his head held high and arms crossed. He is equally handsome as the other one but looked rough and his clothes are just like Clan Head Hu. His long hair is tied in a high ponytail.
"What weak and sissy?! This is what women loves. I am sure you still remember when we were at a brothel in Fanrong. All the women chose me over you!" The fancy looking one retaliated.
"Heh! Those women only chose you because they though you are richer because of those golden whatnots dangling all over your body. Your face and the charm you said have nothing to do with it. A princess will never fall for that!" The rough one argued back.
The two end up arguing and left Mo Yingli speechless on the side. Then her eyes caught the sight of Lin Xulian. She secretly waved her hand at Lin Xulian and signaled to come to her. When the two are properly seated on the horse, Mo Yingli then called the two brothers out. "Hey brats! Go home and be good. I'll take the princess. Bye!" Then they set off.
The two men then only noticed that the princess already arrived at that moment. "Wait! Aunt Yingli that's unfair!" They both said in chorus before racing towards their own horses. And in no time they managed to catch up.
"Aunt Yingli that's mean! I haven't had the chance to introduce myself to the Princess yet!" The fancy looking guy complained. Then he gave Lin Xulian a "prince-like smile", as what he calls it. "Princess, this one is called Hu Aiyi. I'm the most handsome in our entire Hu clan. I can be your prince anytime. Would you like to ride with me?" He said in a sweetest voice he could muster.
"See! Even your voice sounds like a sissy!" The rough one mocked his brother. "Princess, this one is Hu Yimo. And I'm definitely more handsome than that tacky guy. I heard you are in a rush. Would you like to abandon these horses and let me princess carry you? That would be faster.""Are you trying to molest the Princess? You degenerate!" Hu Aiyi accused his brother.

"Me? Degenerate? Big word for a guy who visits the brothels often!" Hu Yimo retaliated.
"Will you both brats shut up! Everyone knows you always go there together!" Mo Yingli interrupted. "Princess don't mind these two. They are always like that. Trying to compete with each other for no reason." She explained to Lin Xulian.
"I don't mind. Are they the nephews you mentioned before?" Lin Xulian clarified.
"Eh? Aunt Yingli mentioned us? Did she also mention that I am more handsome than this sissy here?" Hu Yimo asked with interest.
"You do know that aunt Yingli favors me more. I'm sure she mentioned that I am the most handsome in the entire Hu clan!" Hu Aiyi declared confidently.
"Stop feeding your vanities. I just mention that your uncle Hai has some twin nephews. That's it!" Mo Yingli said while rolling her eyes at the two brothers.
"That's it?! But why, aunt Yingli?" The two collectively whined.
"They said; if you have nothing good to say, it is better not to say anything." Mo Yingli teased. The three continued their banter while Lin Xulian is laughing at them until they finally arrived at the Gu clan's village. To Lin Xulian's surprise, they only took five hours without rest.
Entering the Gu clan's village, contrary to the first time she arrived there, Lin Xulian's group are welcomed warmly and respectfully. Even the four female companion who were strict with her before gave her a respectful greeting. In fact, they are worried that Lin Xulian will punish them because they offended her in some way. Who would have thought that she will turn out to be the princess? But contrary to their expectations, Lin Xulian gave them an equally warm and respectful greeting.
Lin Xulian didn't put their attitude to mind from the start. Listening to Xing Guang's story, she could understand why they are so guarded against strangers. What matters now is their clan is willing to help and aid her in her revenge. And they are allies with the same enemy.
The women guided them towards the Clan head's residences. This is Lin Xulian's first time seeing the manor since she was unconscious when she was brought in before. And when she left, they put a blindfold on her until she was brought in a solitary courtyard.
The manor has a simple design the same as the other residences but much bigger. Inside, there are no fancy gardens or man-made ponds Lin Xulian used to see in other manors she's been into. But there are a lot of Buchong herb planted as decoration. A large hall also stood at the center of the manor. Lin Xulian suspected that it was the same hall she was in before. In the entrance of the hall, Clan head Gu Lingdao, Clan head Hu Min, Gu Rin, Hu Hai and the four elders of the Gu clan are waiting for her.
"Welcome back Princess Lin." The four elders collectively greeted Lin Xulian but with somewhat uneasy manner. Lin Xulian suspected that it is probably because of their treatment when she first arrived. Confirming her suspicion, the four elders then bowed respectfully. "We, the four elders of the Gu clan, ask for your highness's forgiveness for our impudence when we first met. You may punish us in any way you deem fit."
Seeing this, Lin Xulian waved her hand in gesture for them to rise. "There is no need for that elders. Not killing me at first sight is enough treatment for me given that I was basically an intruder at first. And I understand your circumstances. All is well now, so we should forget those moments and focus on the more important matters." She said with a smile.
The elders heaved a sigh of relief and thank Lin Xulian. Clan head Hu chose this moment to interrupt. "Princess, everything you need is already prepared. Just tell us if you are ready.""There is no need to wait. Let's get this over with now." Lin Xulian replied will all determination.
"Then follow me Princess." Clan head Gu said respectfully then guided everyone inside the hall. At the front most part of the hall, behind the master's seat, a stone door greeted the group. Lin Xulian didn't notice it before, but then she saw a black curtain drawn on the side. She then realized that it was hidden behind those curtains when she first arrived.
Stopping in front of the stone door, Gu Lingdao gave Lin Xulian a serious look. "At this point only the princess can come with me. Also the moment you enter this door, this is no turning back. I will ask your highness for the last time.""For the last time, my answer is still yes." Lin Xulian replied without any hint of hesitation.


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