The Empress is Dead
162 Chapter 162 Be The King
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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162 Chapter 162 Be The King

Lin Huang, Lin Xu and the mercenary members sweat profusely while looking at the old King casually sitting in his throne. Their hearts sunk after experiencing the King's power first hand. They know it would be a hard battle after assessing the strength of the guards who fetch them but they didn't expect this to be a one sided massacre. To top it all, it is just against a single person.
Lin Xu constantly reminded his son and all his student that there are some crazily strong unknown warriors in this world. But he never expected that the gap is this far. The King didn't even exerted that much effort to subdue them. He could tell that if he wants to, he could end their lives in seconds.
The two unaffected women huddled together seeing their fallen husbands and subordinates. They wanted to approach them but they were nailed on their spot in fear. Yang Hua is quite baffled why Lin Xulian asked them to come to Qiangdu country and bring everyone. Her husband and son already assumed the worst possible reason. But she finds it unlikely. Knowing the strength of the enemy, Lin Xulian would never put her family in danger unless she knows they have a chance to win."Have you all calmed down? Just so you know, I can do this all day." Lin Ziuzhong asked nonchalantly. "I can introduce myself like this. But I want to leave a good impression at least. Once I release you all, I expect you to stay put. Especially you, Huang'er. Although you reminded me of my younger years, you have to restrain that temper of yours. A King should always be rational."
Although a bit confused, especially on the King's last sentence, Lin Huang stopped struggling. The rest also followed. Feeling no resistance from the internal energy he released, the King also released them. Lin Huang immediately went towards his frightened wife and mother. Only then he realized that he was too rash. But he can't help it especially when it concerns his beloved sister.
"Now that everyone has calmed down, I want to properly introduce myself. And I hope this time I will not be interrupted." The King started. "I am the King of the Qiangdu country, Lin Zuizhong. I was the one who asked Lian'er to invite you all in the country. I did tell her that I will do the explanations but it seems there are some misunderstanding." He said while looking at Lin Huang meaningfully.
"Your majesty, does that mean your target is our entire Lin clan?" Lin Xu asked respectfully with knitted brows. He is clearly at loss on what the King wants from them. "Did we offend you in some way that you have to take Lian'er as hostage to draw us out?"
The King sighed exasperated. "Target? Somewhat yes. But hostage? Definitely not. I called you here to ask you to return home. And I mean here. The country you truly belonged." He started. But confusion is still evident in the Lin Clan's faces. "As I said, my name is Lin Ziuzhong and your ancestors who started your clan in the Gonglu country are my brothers."
Hearing this, Lin Xu's eyes widened. "You are a Lin? Brothers? So you are our ancestor?" He exclaimed in disbelief. Not only Lin Xu but the entire Lin clan couldn't believe it. After all those ancestors died more than a century ago. Lin Xu is already the third generation clan head.

"Who would believe that? Does that mean you are more than a hundred years old?" Lin Huang argued.
"I stopped counting when I reached two hundred." Lin Ziuzhong replied in a deadpan voice and face as if that is a normal thing. And as expected the Lin clan couldn't believe it still. They only gave him a disbelieving look.
"The black stone behind me could aid you in strengthening your internal energy which could give an almost immortal body depending on the strength you gained. I can tell that you can feel the energy it emits.
Based on what I discovered when I shrouded you all with my internal energy, your qi seas have been widened. But still far from full. Right now it is like a hollow container submerged in a deep pool. No matter how abundant the energy is, it cannot enter your qi seas. That is why you are feeling some discomfort." He explained.
With the King's elaboration and accurate description of their current condition, Lin Huang and the rest have no reason to doubt the King's explanation. They all knew that cultivating your internal energy could prolong life and can live past a hundred. They just never heard of someone reaching two hundred. And a stone could achieve that? But seeing the insane power of this country's King and citizen, they admit that they are starting to believe the King's claim.
"Assuming that we believe what your majesty have said, why would you want us to stay in the Qiangdu country? Why did Hu Hai approach my children? And where is Lian'er?" Lin Xu said after a few moments of sorting the startling information out in his mind.
"Being a part of our Lin clan, this is your original home. I'm not asking you to stay, but to return. Do not worry about Lian'er. She is currently training at the Gu clan's village. As for Hu Hai, I sent him to train Huang'er to prepare him for the throne before returning. And as I can see, it worked well. In no time I can shape him into a proper King who will succeed me." Lin Ziuzhong replied.
"Wait! What King? Me? Who said I want to be a King?" Lin Huang exclaimed in shock. Not just him, the entire Lin clan also went into an uproar.
Lin Ziuzhong has no choice but to explain and restated his story about his lack of heir. "That being said, I can only put my hopes on you Huang'er. This old King could hit the bucket anytime. And I want to spend that remaining time nurturing and strengthening you. This country is different from the others. Here, strength is everything in order to gain the respect and loyalty of your people." He added while remembering what Lian'er told him. She said her brother Lin Huang is obsessed in training. This statement is a deliberate bait.
As expected, the King managed to get Lin Huang's attention. "Does that mean you will train me to be as strong as you?" He asked in full interest. He always wanted to be stronger day by day with no particularly deep reason. He just loves the idea of being strong. Strong enough to protect his loved ones from everything. Lin Xulian is the same. She strives to cure all illnesses.
"My strength is the product of continuous growth for more than two centuries. If you strive then you could achieve this. Or possibly surpass me." The King answered.
"Fine. Then I'll be the King." Lin Huang stated catching the King off guard and thought 'That was easy. Lian'er does know her brother well.'
Lin Ziuzhong stood up from his throne and glanced at each Lin Mercenary Clan member. "I can tell you gathered a lot of potential warriors, Xu'er. I can also tell that they are hardworking ones. But you and Huang'er should focus on yourselves for now. I will temporarily hand their training over to Clan head Hu while the both of you train with me." He addressed Lin Xu.
"As for my granddaughter-in-law and great granddaughter-in-law, I will let the Mo clan train you. They specialize in non-combat training and cultivation. We don't want you to age faster than your husbands." He then looked at Hu Hai. "Hu Hai, you'll be in charge with them while I train Xu'er and Huang'er." Hu Hai bowed in acknowledgement.
"Your majesty, before that I want to see Lian'er." Yang Hua interrupted. She is not fazed by the fact that they suddenly became a royalty. She came her as a worried mother who wanted to see her child.
"She is training on a place where no one else should enter. But she chose this training herself. Please trust her and trust me. I will not let her be harmed." Lin Ziuzhong replied solemnly. Hearing this, Yang Hua could only nod worriedly.


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