The Empress is Dead
164 Chapter 164 Revelation
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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164 Chapter 164 Revelation

"Fei!" Feng Jun Yi exclaimed in pleasant surprise. Since the incident half a year ago, Fei never appeared again. He thought the bird died in the fire and turned to ashes without a remain left. And seeing him at this moment gave him an odd sense of hope.
Fei flew once around the room before landing on the desk in front of Feng Jun Yi. He screeched and showed the rolled paper tied on his back. Feng Jun Yi didn't think twice and took out the paper and read its content. Then his hand trembled while reading it.It stated:
'Be wary of Imperial Noble Concubine Xing and Emperor Xing. But don't make any rash move. They are backed by a strong force. You won't be able to deal with them with your power alone. Aid will come soon. Protect what you can for now. Also avoid that woman's tea. She is using Gu poisons.
Lin'With a trembling hand, Feng Jun Yi crumpled the letter. His heart is full of alarm, anger and even more regret. 'Did Lin Huang sent this? It was the Zhixiang's doing after all. But I was mainly at fault. I let a snake enter the palace and harm Lian'er. To think they even used the Gu poison. Although I don't have any deep understanding about it, it is more reasonable that it could cause false pregnancy.' He thought while pulling his hair.
Aside from anger, Feng Jun Yi also felt alarmed knowing that someone inside the palace, and worst an enemy, could use Gu poisons. Being a royalty, he knows that this art is forbidden in the continent because of its fearsome effect. The Gu clan was even chased and hunted because of it. If the news of its existence broke out, it would cause chaos.
What worries him even more is the possibility that Xing Baihe may have poisoned someone else aside from Lin Xulian. And maybe he himself is already a victim. Thinking up to this point, he remembered that during Lin Xulian's false pregnancy, he was constantly hearing voices telling him not to believe her and even kill her.
Feng Jun Yi then realized that maybe it was the Gu poison manipulating him and wasn't his subconscious thought after thinking that he was betrayed by his beloved woman. After all the voice sounded like his own. But it still doen't change the fact that he was the one you let his guard down and let those vile siblings enter his Palace and harn his people and beloved.
Feeling the depression engulfing him again, Feng Jun Yi remembered the black stone ring. Lately, he would fall into depression whenever he thinks about Lin Xulian. But his attacks come more often than before. 'That's right! Because of the bracelet, my mind cleared up and the voices in my head disappeared. It must have somehow cured me. Then does that mean the King of Qiangdu knows something?' He thought.
Feng Jun Yi decided to gamble on the thought that maybe he could get a clue from the King of Qiangdu. He called it a gamble since he is not certain whether the King will give him a reply or not. And although he sent a representative on his birthday years ago and even gave a precious gift, Feng Jun Yi cannot assume that they already have a somewhat close relationship.But then he remembered Envoy Hu said that Fei is like a direct messenger he could use to contact the illusive Qiangdu country. "Fei, can you send my message to the Qiangdu country?"

Fei gave a proud and confident screech telling Feng Jun Yi that he can do it. Feng Jun Yi didn't find it surprising and just assumed that Fei could do it because he was born there. And because Envoy Hu said so. He had no idea that Fei is actually able to achieve it because he was in the Qiangdu country prior to their reunion.
With a plan in mind, Feng Jun Yi decided to return to his own palace. Although Lin Huang warned him not to make any rash move, or so he thought it was from Lin Huang, he is still resolute to do something on his end. Especially now that he is aware who the enemies are.
Immersed in the sound of the flute coming from the pavilion in the center of the pond played by the fifth prince, Xing Baihe who is currently standing in the bridge connecting her palace and Phoenix palace, saw the emperor Feng Jun Yi coming out from the Phoenix Palace gates. She always comes to this bridge for two reasons. One is to listen to Feng Jun Yun playing his flute and the other is to check on Feng Jun Yi's condition or more like behavior.
To her disappointment, Feng Jun Yi seems fine as always. His face is still cold and emotionless giving off a distant and unapproachable air. She is expecting that as days goes by coupled by his constant visit in Lin Xulian's clinic, the effect of the poison she secretly put in his food and drink should already appear.
The poison heightens emotions such as depression pushing the victim to commit suicide. But so far Feng Jun Yi is far from being suicidal. Although she found out that Lin Xulian made him a preventive antidote from all kinds of known poison, she was already dead half a year ago. There is no way he could still find another dose or two.
She also has unconscious spies on his palace controlled through Gu poisons to report his every move. And she is certain that he hasn't taken any drug or medicine to counter the poison. Xing Baihe refuses to believe that such sturdy person exists. She is completely unaware that Feng Jun Yi spent most of his life contaminated with different kinds of poisons. And with the black stone's help, his body can tolerate the poison.
Discontented, Xing Baihe decided to approach him. She guessed that maybe Feng Jun Yi is just acting tough and sane. And the only way she could prove it is by having small talks with him. "This noble concubine greets your majesty, the emperor."
With his back facing her, Feng Jun Yi narrowed his eyes in attempt to hide his fury. Then he slowly turned around to face Xing Baihe. And when he does, his expression returned to his normal blank one. "Imperial Noble Concubine Xing." He greeted back.
"Umm… Your majesty, were you at Empress Lin's clinic again? This concubine doesn't mean to meddle or attempts to dictate your majesty but… Staying in her majesty's clinic for hours won't do any good. Worst is, your majesty will only relive sad and painful memories. And that would be a great problem not only to your majesty and your family but also for the empire.
I have no idea about loving someone so dearly but as a member of a royal family, our emotion is the least of our concerns. Also I know that Xulian jiejie would not like it if your majesty would succumb to agony and revenge and abandon your role as the emperor." Xing Baihe stated wholeheartedly with slightly trembling voice that made her sound like she is scared yet had chosen to stand up and be righteous.
Feng Jun Yi listened to her emotional statement while examining her every well rehearsed facial expressions and the glint in her eyes raising an alarm on Xing Baihe's heart. But as usual, his expression didn't change. "Zhen will keep that in mind Imperial Noble Concubine Xing." Then he left without another word. He is worried that he won't be able to contain his anger and forget the warning on the letter.
Watching his departing back, Xing Baihe smiled coldy. 'So it was effective after all. But instead of sadness and depression, his anger towards that unknown assassin is greater. Well at least I know that poisons can affect him. I should just find another one.'
Xing Baihe is about to return to the bridge but then Fei, hovering while following Feng Jun Yi, caught her attention. He chose to fly because he is to dirty to rest on Feng Jun Yi's shoulders. 'That's Lin Xulian's bird. It returned? Well whatever.' Then she left.


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