The Empress is Dead
165 Chapter 165 Xia Ruzhi’s First Love
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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165 Chapter 165 Xia Ruzhi’s First Love

In the Minister of Defense, Xia family manor, Xing Baihe sipped her tea leisurely while her brother Xing Wenhe is being fed with berries by Xia Ruzhi in a lounger not far from her. She is pissed with this scene because she doesn't like Xia Ruzhi. Although her fetish fits with her brother's sadistic tendencies, she finds it disgusting.
She still prefers her empress sister-in-law. Not only she is strong but also proud. She could get everything she wants on her own. She even planned this whole thing in conquering the continent. A perfect woman on Xing Baihe's standard. Unlike this Xia Ruzhi who lived her life fawning over a man who only sees her as an entertainment.
At the end of the day, Xing Wenhe's heart still belongs to his empress inspite of the disapproval of the Ministers and public. Not only because she wasn't born in a noble household but of an unknown clan, for them that is. Only Xing Wenhe and Xing Baihe knows that she came from a powerful clan banished from the Qiangdu country. Another reason is because she is almost a decade older than her brother. But he didn't care. She looks rather young anyway.
"Big brother, when will sister-in-law come?" Xing Baihe started, breaking the ambiguous atmosphere between Xing Wenhe and Xia Ruzhi. And of course Xia Ruzhi is angered by it. Not only because they were interrupted but also because Xing Baihe mentioned the woman she hated the most.
Xia Ruzhi met Xing Wenhe when she was a little girl. Being a family in charge of the country's defense, they have a manor in the border between the Gonglu country and the Zhixiang country. The teenaged Xing Wenhe at that time would disguise himself as a normal traveler and would visit the brothels since he can't do it in his own country.
The two met when Xia Ruzhi got lost in the woods while escaping her maids and guards. Xing Wenhe who was hiding his expensive high breed horse, since he needs to act like a normal traveler, found her and helped her return home. She then fell in love with the gentle and always smiling young man although she is not even ten years old yet.
Because of that, she would constantly visit the manor at the border hoping to see him again. But years passed by without any news about him. And unfortunately she forgot to ask his name. She had no idea about her first love's name.
That's until she come of age and her father told her that she would marry the second prince of Gonglu country. She asked her father to let her have at least a month to spend her remaining time as a maiden in their manor at the border. Minister Xia didn't think much about it and gave her permission.
Minister Xia had no idea that Xia Ruzhi spent the month searching for the man she fell in love with. And this time, her search bore fruit. One night she happened to pass by a brothel and coincidentally saw the man she dreamed and desired for years. Even though his youthful face disappeared and became matured and his body is more defined, she knows it was him. That is because of his warm and contagious smile. The same smile that stole her heart.

Xia Ruzhi completely forgot that the building is a brothel and entered to follow the man. Xing Wenhe didn't get to enter his usual private room when Xia Ruzhi suddenly pulled him out. Complete shock and at loss, he just let the woman drag him. There is no way the woman who looks like a noble based on her clothes could harm him.
Xia Ruzhi dragged him and entered the waiting carriage at the front of the brothel leaving her maids to deal with the people in the brothel. Pulling a good amount of gold taels, one of her maids hand it over to a staff. "That man was young miss's relative. Here. Give the costumers some free food and good wine."
Whether the people believed it or not, no one cares. As long as they will get free food and wine. What more can they ask. All they have to do is say nothing and forget what they saw. "Of course. Young miss Xia must be trying to protect that young man's chastity. What a good miss and relative." The staff lied with a wide smile. That man is a regular and their establishment even have some reserved women and room to cater his fetish. There is no chastity to protect at all.
Inside the carriage, Xing Wenhe tried to start a conversation and ask her why she dragged him out but she was completely silent. The truth is Xia Ruzhi is too nervous to talk. She is currently with the man she loves and up until now she is still holding on to his arms. How could she remain calm?
Finally arriving at the Xia manor, Xing Wenhe's eyes narrowed and smiled secretly. At this point he finally had an idea who this woman is. He brought her back to this manor years ago. So this time he didn't have to ask any question and just let her lead him around.
"Stay away from my courtyard tonight. And don't tell a soul. I can ask for your heads anytime I want." She ordered her servants and guards before following the path towards her courtyard with Xing Wehe in tow. Hearing her warning, the servants and guards chose to remain silent.
Entering her courtyard with Xing Wenhe, Xia Ruzhi had her back facing him while trying to calm herself. Xing Wenhe chose to break the silence. "Umm… Young miss Xia? Why did you bring me here?" He asked innocently.
Xia Ruzhi then turned around and suddenly hugged him. "My-My father wants me to marry the second prince. But I don't want to." Then she lifted her now tear stained face to look at him. "I want to marry you, young master. You are the one I love."
Xing Wenhe acted surprised. He already had an idea that this woman liked him that is why she brought him here. But he still acted naïve to reel her in even more. And as expected, Xia Ruzhi became more aggressive. "If you are thinking about our status, I don't mind. I just want to be with you." Then she grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. "I am serious young master. I can do anything for you if you just accept me."
Seeing the resolve in her eyes, Xing Wenhe's warm smile became sinister and his eyes filled with lust. "Then let's establish that you wanted this, young miss Xia." He then ripped her clothes to pieces before pushing her on the floor. Xia Ruzhi looked at him in both shock and horror seeing his sudden transformation while he stripped his own clothes.
When he is done, he positioned himself on top of her then grabbed her neck and choked her while penetrating her in one swift trust. No foreplay or stimulating words and touch. Just pure raw penetration and pounding. At that moment when Xia Ruzhi's maidenhood broke, something in her sanity also broke. And for hours the room is filled with manic moans and disturbing noises.
When they are finally done, Xia Ruzhi curled her battered and bruised body in Xing Wenhe's arms. But her face has a wide and satisfied smile. "Marry him." Xing Wenhe suddenly said catching her by surprise.
But before she could complain, Xing Wenhe continued. "Do you know who I am?" She could only shake her head since her voice is still hoarse. "I am the crown prince of Zhixiang country. But it is too small for me. I want to conquer the Gonglu and Fanrong country too. And by marrying into the Feng Imperial family and possible crowned prince, you could help me achieve my goal." Hearing this, Xia Ruzhi's eyes widened in shock.
"You do love me right? Can you marry him for me?" He asked with a warm sweet smile. Xia Ruzhi's eyes softened seeing his usual smile. The smile she loved. And thus she could only nod as if hypnotized. "Good girl." Then he gave her their first kiss.


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