The Empress is Dead
167 Chapter 167 Rearing A Snake
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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167 Chapter 167 Rearing A Snake

Xing Baihe smiled mockingly at the jealous Xia Ruzhi. She could already guess how painful it is to see the man you love showering affection towards another woman right in front of you even though she never experienced it herself.
"Seeing the mess you created, I guessed you tried your poisons in these guards. Am I right sister-in-law?" Xing Baihe said enthusiastically joining her brother in welcoming Liu Yeyin. "But you killed the guards I cultivated. You have to compensate that." She added with a sulking tone.
"Silly girl. I told not to overuse your gift. Especially if not needed. You are only wasting your Gu poisons and internal energy. That's not good for your body. At this rate your breasts will totally stop growing." Liu Yeyin teased while checking Xing Baihe's pulse. And as expected, the Princess wasn't amused, especially by mentioning her mediocre breasts. "You are a royalty. Your title is enough to control some lowly guards and servants.""That's what I told her before but she won't listen to me. You are the only one who could convince her, Yeyin." Xing Wenhe interjected like a spoiled son telling on his mother. "I know, sister-in-law. I'm just experimenting on them. And shameless brother, don't butter up on sister-in-law." Xing Baihe lied. There is no way she would admit that she did it because she wanted the same treatment Lin Xulian received from her loyal guards and servants. Even though it was all a fake illusion she created to feed her ego.
Releasing Xing Baihe's pulse, Liu Yeyin heaved a heavy sigh. "Just how many Gu poisons did you use? Your internal energy is chaotic. Don't rely on the Buchong herb that much. Even if it is a non-poisonous herb, it will cause some problem if overused. You should release the ones you don't need.""I don't know how to." Xing Baihe replied in an almost inaudible voice. But Liu Yeyin could clearly hear it. "Empress mother said that the use of Gu poison is to kill. There is no need to learn how to treat it.""As expected of Mother-in-law. Don't worry, I'll help you dispose them. You have to use your skill wisely and focus on our goal." Liu Yeyin said while caressing Xing Baihe's head. But a turbulence of annoyance is well hidden in her heart. She needs Xing Baihe's skill in Gu poisons to have a leverage in her conquest. But if her pawn will continue her recklessness, Xing Baihe might die sooner than she should be.
"I will trouble sister-in-law then. But how can you tell whom to kill? I honestly can't tell unless I see them. I can feel it though if they are within the area I can influence." Xing Baihe confessed.
"It's hard to explain. But I can." Liu Yeyin replied with a smile while caressing the black stone pendant in a size of a thumb in her necklace hidden inside her robes. This necklace is the only heirloom her father left her before he was executed together with majority of the Liu clan. This is the King's memento for the head of each clan in Qiangdu country.
While the three Zhixiang country's royalties are immersed in their little reunion, Xia Ruzhi mustered all her might to hide her displeasure and jealousy. She could feel the knot in her stomach as she watches the man she loves giving love and attention to another woman. And knowing that this attention is more genuine that what she gets makes it more unbearable.With her clenched fists hidden under her sleeves, she silently watched the three royalties with bitterness. 'Wenhe said this woman planned this conquest. So if this fails, he would realize that the woman he admires and placed in a pedestal is nothing but a useless failure in the end. I will prove to him that I am enough to conquer the Gonglu country. But first, hers should fail.' She thought while maintaining a neutral face.

"Lady Xia, we finally got to meet each other. This empress wants to express my sincerest gratitude for taking care of his majesty in my stead all these years." Xia Ruzhi was in the middle of her dark thoughts when Liu Yeyin's voice rang in front of her. She was almost blinded by her beautiful face and smile. But her words caused an irritatingly scratchy feeling in her heart. She made it sound like Xia Ruzhi is a mere temporary substitute for her.
But since Xing Wenhe already scared the wits out of her before, Xia Ruzhi wouldn't dare express her hostility out in the open. "There is no need to thank this one, your majesty. I am merely following my heart and serving his majesty because of love." Xia Ruzhi replied with a bashful smile and flushed face.
"Openly expressing your love for a man in front of his own wife. You are surely a shameless woman. The most shameless one I ever encounter. How disgusting." Xing Baihe interjected not hiding her displeasure.
Xia Ruzhi tightened her clenched fist under her sleeves to the point where she could feel a tear in the skin of her palm. If she is courageous enough, she would argue that she met and became Xing Wenhe's lover first. So the one who stole her man was Liu Yeyin and not the other way around. Alas, her fear is greater so she decided to keep mum and let Xing Baihe bully her."Don't say that Baihe. As a wife and empress, it is my virtue to let his majesty do whatever that would make him happy and contented in his life. After all, his mood will greatly influence his way of ruling. I admit I am not enough to satisfy his every needs. And I'm thankful that a woman like Lady Xia exists and loves his majesty wholeheartedly. I admit I cannot do the things she could do to prove her love for his majesty." Liu Yeyin said with a heartwarming and sincere smile."You are too nice sister-in-law. That is why the back palace is filled with trashy women. I can accept those noble ladies since they could strengthen emperor brother's hold of the throne. But those brothels and low class women, they are just a waste of space." Xing Baihe argued. "Anyway, I guess it can't be helped. I would never allow emperor brother to do those disgusting stuffs to you. And those women and Xia Ruzhi here are the perfect person to do that job." She added while giving Xia Ruzhi a contemptuous side eye.
Xia Ruzhi lowered her head and forcefully swallowed her resentment from Xing Baihe's revelation. But she couldn't hide the tremble in her body revealing the turmoil in her heart. 'I am not the only one who served him that way? There are many more? And they are living in his back palace?! No way! I thought I'm unique and irreplaceable to him! He won't suddenly throw me away even though he has a lot or reserves, would he?'
Xing Baihe looked at the bowing Xia Ruzhi in anticipation. It may look like Liu Yeyin is a sweet and understanding woman. But there is one thing she really hate. That is disrespecting her. Once Xia Ruzhi's emotions burst and she starts shouting, Liu Yeyin would surely kill her no matter where they currently are and with a smile to boot. That's most likely the reason why those guards are a pile of lifeless flesh right now. This is also her way to control the large crowd of the back palace. Through fear.
But Xing Wenhe unconsciously shattered her scheme by interjecting. "Let's get inside first and continue our chat. Yeyin must've been tired from her journey." Then he turned his attention to Xia Ruzhi. "Prepare some good refreshments for Yeyin." After giving orders, Xing Wenhe ushered his beloved wife inside Xia Ruzhi's courtyard totally not noticing his sister's displeased glare.
Deciding to let the matter go albeit unwillingly, Xing Baihe gave one last sharp side glare at Xia Ruzhi then followed her emperor brother and sister-in-law inside the courtyard. Xia Ruzhi on the other hand followed their departing back with her resentful and teary eyes. At that moment, the lady they viewed and reared as their loyal dog turned into a snake waiting for a chance to bite.


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