The Empress is Dead
172 Chapter 172 Emperor’s Seal
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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172 Chapter 172 Emperor’s Seal

Clad in warrior's armor, the sixth prince Feng Jun Ying entered the emperor's study in response to the emperor's summon weeks ago. He was stationed in the border between Gonglu country and Zhixiang country. But after the marriage alliance between countries, the soldiers only need to deal with bandits and small crimes. But nevertheless, Feng Jun Ying treated the responsibility seriously.
This position is the fourth prince's, Feng Jun Yao. But because the Xia family's military power was taken by Feng Jun Yi, the fourth prince had to take over and lead the imperial guards. While the fifth prince is more suited for the job, the emperor's allies advised him not to give him some military power especially because of the fact that he is still the previous Empress Dowager Li's son.
The third prince is no better since he is the scholarly type. The sixth prince on the other hand, although already at the right age, still lacked experience since he started learning martial arts late because of his weak physique. But considering his other brother's situation, he is the most suitable one for the job.
Another reason why he took on that role is to escape the palace despite Feng Jun Yi's reluctance. Ever since Lin Xulian's death, the palace felt stifling for him. Every corner reminds him of his Lian jiejie. So the only solution he thought of is to stay far away from the place as possible.
But then after almost a year, his emperor brother suddenly called him back to the palace without stating the reason. Usually, this kinds of mission will take years before he could go back. So Feng Jun Ying assumed that something must have happened during his absence.
"Welcome back Ying'er." Feng Jun Yi greeted after almost a year of not seeing each other.
"Thank you, emperor brother. Your majesty asked for this subject's immediate return. Did something happen?" Feng Jun Ying inquired.
Feng Jun Yi's expression became serious as he answered. "We have to discuss about the Gonglu country's future."
Feng Jun Ying immediately felt alarmed not only because of his emperor brother's statement but also because of how serious he looked while saying it. With his brows knitted together, he clearly showed confusion. "What do you mean, emperor brother?"
Feng Jun Yi looked at the surrounding servants and eunuchs who were there in case the emperor needs to be served. "Everyone, leave. And do not let anyone enter without Zhen's permission." He commanded. The servants immediately went out in an orderly manner after a bow.
When they are finally alone, Feng Jun Yi gestured his younger brother to sit in front of him across the desk. "Let me see it."
Feng Jun Ying didn't have to think deep to know what his emperor brother meant. Before he left for the border, his emperor brother instructed him to conceal the black bracelet given by the Qiangdu country. So when he arrived in the nearest town in the border, he asked the aid of an artisan to redesign the bracelet.

With a series of clicking sound from unclasping the metal armor in his arm, a golden bracelet with a carved dragon was revealed in his wrist. It was the black bracelet dipped in melted gold and carved to give it a special design to conceal its original appearance.
But since the artisan is not a famous one, it was crudely made. Even the dragon is not carved well and looked like random scratches if no one will say that it is actually a dragon. But it isn't a problem. It is even better that the bracelet won't catch anyone's greed. "No matter what, never take this off."
Feng Jun Ying acknowledged his brother's words without question. The bracelet is really helpful for him. He could even tell that his injuries and wounds heal faster whenever he circulates his internal energy. Such treasure, of course he would never let anyone take it.
After some time of silence, Feng Jun Yi heaved a heavy sigh before taking a small piece of paper and brush and wrote two words before handing it to the sixth prince upside down. 'Enemy, Xing' that's what's written.
Seeing the two words, Feng Jun Ying's nerves trembled and his mind turned. These words led him to a conclusion, they are the ones behind Lin Xulian's "death". And he is not entirely wrong. With his blood boiling, he crumpled the piece of paper and threw it on a brazier. Seeing his emperor brother writing it on a piece of paper, he assumed that it must be destroyed immediately.
"Is this information authentic, emperor brother? Did you verify it?" Feng Jun Ying asked is a very low voice and even leaned closer towards Feng Jun Ying so that no one could hear them.
Feng Jun Yi grabbed another small piece of paper and wrote another two words, 'Fei, Lin', then handed it to the sixth prince n the same manner as before.
Feng Jun Ying remembered Fei. It was Lin Xulian's red bird that would only listen to Lin Xulian and Feng Jun Yi. Knowing that the information came from the Lin clan and delivered by Fei, the sixth prince is finally convinced that it is true.
"Then, what's your plan emperor brother?" Feng Jun Ying asked anxiously. Seeing how cautious his brother is, this matter doesn't look that simple. But still his resolve to avenge his Xulian jiejie is greater.
"For now, we can only wait." Feng Jun Yi replied solemnly in a helpless tone.
"Just wait?!" Feng Jun Ying unconsciously exclaimed loudly.
Feng Jun Yi pinched the space between his eyebrows. "I know how you feel, Ying'er. But things are not simple as you think. If only I am capable enough, I will immediately do something." Then he took out a small book without a title cover and handed it to Feng Jun Ying. "We are dealing with this."
Feng Jun Ying received that book with few pages and managed to read it in few minutes. His hands trembled as he closed the book and looked at his brother in disbelief. It is the book about the short record of Gu poisons and Gu clan.
And according to the book, they are dealing with something that no one, other than the missing Gu clan can cure. That is practically saying that there is no cure. That makes the threat even worse. This time, Feng Jun Ying cannot find any words to say.
Seeing the stupefied look of his younger brother, Feng Jun Yi decided to lay everything out in one go. He grabbed the sixth prince hand and place a warm white jade in a form of a curled dragon with golden outlines. It is the emperor's seal.
Seeing the item in his hand, Feng Jun Ying's eyes widened. "Brother! Why are you handing this to me?" He exclaimed in alarm.
"I am the emperor. And probably the first one to fall. But the throne cannot be empty for long. If something happens to me before the aid comes, I will entrust this empire to you. I know you can do it. You already studied enough and is strong enough." Feng Jun Yi said solemnly and thought 'You are the only one I can trust.'"B-brother, don't say such ominous thing! You are the only one capable for the throne. I cannot do this and cannot lose you too." Feng Jun Ying said with teary eyes and tried to stuff the seal back to Feng Jun Yi's hand.
"This is just a precaution. I promise I will take care of myself as long as I can. Just think of this as asking you to temporarily keep this safe for me." Feng Jun Yi insisted.
Finally, Feng Jun Ying is convinced. "Fine. But I will not leave your side this time and will keep you safe, emperor brother. I will do my best to not give you a chance to permanently hand this thing over." He promised with full determination and stuffed the seal inside the hidden pocket of his armor.
"I can only trouble you then, Ying'er." Feng Jun Yi replied with a small genuine smile. This brother of his is really his treasure. And he can only thank Lin Xulian for giving him a chance to live longer.


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