The Empress is Dead
174 Chapter 174 Stolen Painting
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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174 Chapter 174 Stolen Painting

Arriving back in her own courtyard with her servant supporting her by her hand, Xing Baihe saw her sister-in-law Liu Yeyin seemingly immersed is a painting laid on the table in the outer chamber. "She is really beautiful. No wonder." Xing Baihe could even hear her murmuring.
Noticing her deep interest, Xing Baihe can't help but be curious as well. "What's with that painting sister-in-law? I never knew you liked arts. Is it really that good?" Xing Baihe's voice finally caught Liu Yeyin's attention.
"You're here. I think you'll be interested in this." Liu Yeyin said then she backed off a little to give room for Xing Baihe to look at the painting on the table.
Hearing her sister-in-law's words, Xing Baihe made her way towards the table. But the moment she saw the painting, her eyes dilated and she uncontrollably spit out blood. Due to over exertion of her limit in dealing with the fifth prince earlier, her internal energy is chaotic. So now, seeing Lin Xulian's face right after, messed it even more.
"I know you hate her but you don't have to spit blood on her portrait, do you? It was finely made too. What a pity." Liu Yeyin said with a fake mournful look on her face. "It's completely ruined. Do you always spit blood every time you see her in the past?" She added while checking her pulse.
"How could that be possible. She is not worthy to affect my health. I met the fifth prince earlier, that's why." Xing Baihe vehemently denied. Well, that's not entirely a lie either. "Where did you get this by the way, sister-in-law?" She added while making her way towards a nearby chair and asked her servant for warm a cloth to clean the blood on her face.
"The fifth prince's manor." Liu Yeyin dropped nonchalantly but she secretly observed Xing Baihe's reaction. And to her amusement, Xing Baihe almost spit out blood again if not for the cloth in her hand. "My subordinate mentioned it before. So I thought we should just steal it to avoid triggering his memories of her.
After all, your condition is like this now. It would be bad if your painstaking effort will go to waste because of a portrait, right?" Liu Yeyin said while rolling the portrait. And without a word, a black clothed man suddenly appeared and kneeled on one leg by her side. "Burn this." She commanded him and he left soundlessly as he came.
"What do you mean sister-in-law?" Xing Baihe felt an ominous feeling after hearing her sister-in-law mentioning her body's condition. "I'm afraid you can't use Gu poisons for some time." Liu Yeyin stated seriously. "I think you overdid yourself today. It's lucky you didn't fell unconscious right after or you won't be able to wake up anymore.""What?! Then what would I do then? Without the Gu poisons, I'm basically just an ordinary weak woman!" Xing Baihe reacted hysterically. After all, ever since she can remember, her life was spent learning and mastering the art of Gu. Her knowledge about arts and virtues are not useful for her in her opinion. It's like being a bird with crippled wings. She is no less than just a chicken.

"A weak woman is better than a dead one. You have no choice." Liu Yeyin reasoned with a concerned tone. But the truth is she really doesn't care about Xing Baihe's well-being. It's just, she can't let her die yet because it will draw unnecessary attention. They want to do things as subtle as possible.
Xing Baihe's face paled hearing that it is a matter of life and death for her. Although without the Gu poisons she felt half dead already. "Then what can I do? I won't be able to help you with anything in the future." Xing Baihe said in a sad tone.
"From this point, you have done everything you need to do. The rest is up to me and your emperor brother. You can just spend your time showered by your beloved fifth prince's affection. He is fully under your control now anyway." Liu Yeyin consoled her.
Hearing her sister-in-law mentioning the fifth prince, Xing Baihe's cheeks reddened and an uncontrollable smile showed on her face. She felt relieved and can't help but get excited and look forward to her next meeting with the fifth prince.
In the fifth prince manor, personal guard Xi quietly followed his master towards his study. And by the moment they arrived, Feng Jun Yun immediately took out several scrolls and speedily wrote something on them.
Not long later, a pile of scrolls is done. Feng Jun Yun called Xi over and handed everything to him. "Deliver these to my allies, especially my grandfather."
Xi gathered all the scrolls. But he can't suppress his curiosity anymore so he finally asked. "Can this one know what your highness is planning?"
Feng Jun Yun didn't think too much of his question and immediately answered. "To usurp the throne, what else? I just think it's time to move."
Xi was caught off guard so he followed another question without a thought. "Why all of a sudden, your highness? I thought you already relinquish the idea of usurping the throne even before Empress Lin Xulian died?" He said but regret it immediately. As a servant, he can't question his master's decisions.
"Who said? It was my dream since I was young. There is no way I would let it go. Especially now that I have a reason to desire the throne even more." Feng Jun Yun answered with a mysterious smile.
Hearing his master's answer, Xi found it reasonable. He knows very well how the fifth prince work hard without the same help that the second prince received from their mother and grandfather Prime Minister Li. "Can this servant know why you decided to act now, your highness?""Of course, for a beauty. They said a beauty can make and break a man. I finally realized that it's true. Once I take the throne, I will take care of the back palace that my emperor brother will leave behind." Feng Jun Yun said with a dark smile.
With his master's declaration, Xi finally got his answer. His master really fell for Imperial Noble Concubine Xing. But he really can't understand why. Lin Xulian and Xing Baihe have nothing in common. They are a huge contrast in fact. Even though Xing Baihe is also a beauty, it can only be described as adorable. Totally different to the alluring Empress Lin.But he is just a servant. He can only accept and support his master no matter what his decisions are. "Then, this servant is glad that your highness finally found a new reason to strive. You were not this eager during Empress Lin Xulian's time. This servant can only see this as a blessing.""Empress Lin Xulian? Who is that?" Feng Jun Yun asked obliviously. Bu Xi knows that he is not faking it. "You don't remember Empress Lin again, your highness? Then you should visit your secret room again." Xi remembered that mentioning Lin Xulian's name worked before every time he forgot about her. But right now it's different. He can only hope that the secret room can help.
"The secret room?" With obvious confusion, Feng Jun Yun stood up and opened the secret room. He then called Xi to follow and check inside. But to Xi's surprise, the room is empty aside from two candle holders with melted candles and a single chair in the middle.
"There's nothing here. You knew I never kept important things around me where my enemies can access anytime. What's wrong with you, Xi?" Feng Jun Yun said with knitted brows and suspicious glare.
Xi immediately kotowed and apologized. "Forgive this servant, master. I must've remembered wrongly. This won't happen again." Xi couldn't understand anything anymore. He never had the chance to see the secret room before despite knowing its existence so he doesn't know what's inside in the first place. But he has a bad feeling.
'There is a possibility that someone intruded the fifth prince manor! But telling his highness is useless. Who can I turn to? How can I help master to regain his memory?' Xi thought with determination in his eyes.


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