The Empress is Dead
176 Chapter 176 Be a Good Boy and Sleep
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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176 Chapter 176 Be a Good Boy and Sleep

On that same night inside the emperor's chamber, Feng Jun Yi cannot sleep again. Ever since Lin Xulian's death, he never had a good sleep. It is evident in his thinner stature and the dark circles under his eyes that cannot be hidden by powder.
But tonight is even worse. Today marks one year of the assassination and fire incident of the Phoenix Palace that led to Lin Xulian's death. Feng Jun Yi can only drown in agony while looking at Lin Xulian's portrait. And this time, he allowed himself to shed tears for the first time since her death that day. He purposely dismissed his servants to spend this depressing night alone.
"Lian'er, it's been a year. But no matter how hard I apologize, you will never return to me. Even I, cannot forgive myself for hurting you that day. And even after learning that I was somewhat controlled that moment, I can only blame myself. It was my fault. The one who died should have been me." He muttered while lovingly caressing her portrait with his trembling hands.
Feng Jun Yi downed another cup of wine hoping to drown his sorrows. But it was still useless despite the countless emptied bottles beside him. In fact, her image in his mind became even more vivid. That would be a good thing if only the memory is not of her sad and disappointed face when they last saw each other.
He wants to remember her smile. Her spoiled act whenever she wants something. Her crafty and mischievous smirk whenever she wants to stir up trouble with her enemies. And just like in the past, he would indulge and support her. Give her anything and everything she wants. If only he could turn back time. But that's impossible. All that's left is regret.
Just as Feng Jun Yi was about to grab another bottle of wine, he felt a sudden pricking pain on his lower back. Then his body went limp. Feeling alarmed he tried to call out for help, only to find that he lost his voice as well.
"Can't find your voice, eh?" Feng Jun Yi heard a female voice whispered right behind him. The voice is so near that he could feel that person's hot breath on his neck giving him goosebumps and unexplainable fear. Who can blame him. He didn't feel that person's presence until the moment she spoke.
The woman left her spot behind him and leisurely moved in front of him. Then she gave a graceful and "respectful" bow. The woman is extremely beautiful. But for Feng Jun Yi, her beauty is not comparable to his Lian'er. "Good evening your majesty. Forgive this one for meeting your majesty this way." She started.Since Feng Jun Yi cannot speak, he can only respond with a menacing glare, trying to mask his alarm and fear with anger. "Rest assured your majesty. This one won't take your silence as a fault. After all I'm not here to converse but to formally introduce myself. This one is called Liu Yeyin, Zhixiang country's empress." She said with a beautiful beaming smile that could capture anyone's heart. But Feng Jun Yi can only feel his heart turning cold.

'Is she the mysterious and powerful backing that Lin Huang mentioned in his letter? I couldn't feel her presence at all. And she could also use poison. Is she the one who killed Lian'er?' With this thought, Feng Jun Yi's fear disappeared despite the huge disparity in their power. All that's left is anger and hate.
"I don't know what's running through your head right now your majesty. And I don't really care. But I could assure you that this is nothing personal. I don't have anything against you. You are just unfortunate enough to be a hindrance in my plans. However, you don't have to worry. I won't kill you just yet. Wenhe wants to deal with you personally. So for now, be a good boy and sleep." Liu Yeyin stated in a languid tone. Almost like a lullaby.
"Oh right! How could I forget." She suddenly exclaimed. Then she made her way towards Feng Jun Yi. She grabbed his left arm and pulled his sleeve up. Not seeing what she wanted to see, she grabbed his right arm and did the same. Only to find nothing.Liu Yeyin knitted her brows in confusion. Then her sight landed on Feng Jun Yi's fingers. "A ring? I thought it was a bracelet. Did they make a mistake in their report? Ah~ it doesn't matter. This is better than nothing." She said before removing the pure midnight black ring on his finger.
Feng Jun Yi's eyes widened in disbelief. Since the other party knows about the black stone, it only means that the enemy also came from the Qiangdu country. No wonder he cannot deal with a single woman. As expected, even the strongest country has a black sheep among them.
"I shall take this, your majesty. It will be just a waste in your hands anyway. Such precious tool, yet you are using it as an accessory. It's been with you for years yet you are still this weak. It only shows that you don't even know how to use it other than countering the Gu poison." Liu Yeyin said wearing a regretful expression."Rest assured your majesty. I will not let this go to waste. I will give you the honor to witness how I will conquer this continent. Including the Qiangdu country, of course. And you should remember that I managed to do it because of this little gift." Liu Yeyin added with a bright smile.
Slowly, Feng Jun Yi felt his eyelids getting heavy until he totally lost his consciousness. His body tilted until he fell on the carpeted floor dragging the bottles of wine down along with him. Liu Yeyin watched him fall then swiftly left as quietly as she arrived.
The servants guarding the emperor's chamber heard the noise of the shattering bottles and immediately entered to check the emperor's condition. They all knew that the emperor is currently drinking his sorrows for the first year of the empress's death. But they never expected that the emperor will drink beyond his limits until he passed out.
"Quick! Fetch the Imperial Doctors!" One of the high ranking eunuch commanded. The rest helped Feng Jun Yi up and carried him towards his dragon bed. Not long later, several Imperial Doctors entered the emperor's chambers and took turns in checking his pulse before coming into consensus.
Not long later, the sixth prince Feng Jun Ying arrived since he is the only prince who is still residing in the palace. Xu Yichen also arrived almost at the same time. As the emperor's advisor, he has his own residences in the palace.
"Speak! What is emperor brother's condition?" Feng Jun Ying said as soon as he arrived. The imperial doctors are already standing on the side waiting for the prince's inquiry.
"Replying your highness, his majesty the emperor drank too much wine that leads to alcohol poisoning." The head Imperial Doctor stated with his head lowered. His body is also trembling. As an Imperial Doctor, their main duty is to keep the emperor's dragon body safe from diseases. Failure to do so, they will have to be buried with him.
"Alcohol poisoning?" Xu Yichen was stupefied. He glanced at the broken and intact empty bottles of wine littering the carpeted floor. He admits that he never saw Feng Jun Yi drinking this much. But he couldn't believe that he would exceed his limits until he got poisoned.
"Yes, Adviser Xu. We already administer treatment and managed to avoid lethal effects. His majesty only needs rest and to keep him hydrated." The head Imperial Doctor stated respectfully.
Xu Yichen and Feng Jun Ying, as well as the servants of the palace heaved a sigh of relief knowing that the emperor is safe. Suddenly, the chamber doors were forcefully opened and the fourth prince Feng Jun Yao entered with a pale and worried face. "How is emperor brother?!""Fourth brother, emperor brother is safe and only needs rest." Feng Jun Ying chose to answer instead and explained the what happened. Feng Jun Yao finally felt relieved but decided not to let his guard down. The letter and this incident is too coincidental.


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