The Empress is Dead
178 Chapter 178 Unexpected Outcome
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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178 Chapter 178 Unexpected Outcome

Once Xing Baihe returned to her own courtyard and the servants closed the doors, her earlier calm expression vanished and immediately smashed the nearest porcelain vase she could grab. She continued her outburst until the outer chamber looked like a storm passed until she was left panting with both exhaustion and anger.
Liu Yeyin silently watched as Xing Baihe turned the chamber upside down and waited until she got tired. "Baihe, who upset you?" She then made her way around the mess and sat on a stool after setting it back up.
"That Feng Jun Yi made a decree earlier. Now his sixth brother became the new emperor! This is not according to the plan. My Jun Yun should be able to seize the opportunity for the throne. Even though Feng Jun Yi is a bit paranoid and overly cautious with anyone, this move is totally unexpected." Xing Baihe rant while pacing back in forth around the chamber. Hearing this, Liu Yeyin finally became serious? "He made a decree? Does he know something about our plan?" She said thoughtfully. Even if Feng Jun Yi is cautious, making a decree before having a child could only have two reasons. One is he knows that someone is targeting his life. Second, he has no plan on having an heir. But for Liu Yeyin's understanding about men, the latter is the most unlikely reason.
As if realizing something, Xing Baihe's eyes narrowed. "Do you think it was Xia Ruzhi? She is the only one who knows the plan." She voiced out.
"She has the will but no means to do so. I'll be questioning my own intelligence if she managed to slip the information out." Liu Yeyin said seriously with confidence. She had no idea that Xia Ruzhi did managed to slip the information out. It's just that it is not the reason for Feng Jun Yi's decision.
"What if Feng Jun Yi really had no idea about the plan? With how deep his affection with Lin Xulian, if he said he doesn't want to have a child with any other woman, I would believe it." Xing Baihe said.
Liu Yeyin only raised an eyebrow in response obviously not believing it. "Whether he knows or not, it is useless to think about it. But I have a bad feeling about it so we have to hasten things. I wanted to do things peacefully but I think Emperor Feng doesn't appreciate it."
Liu Yeyin then gestured a finger and a black clothed man silently appeared and respectfully kneeled on one leg beside her. "Tell Liu Rong to come. Tell him he needs to check Emperor Feng's condition." The man then left after acknowledging the command.
"What?! You will let Feng Jun Yi be cured? Then what would happen to my Jun Yun if he wakes up? It would be harder to snatch the throne then!" Xing Baihe exclaimed anxiously.
"Did I say that I will wake him up? Calm down Baihe. Since they don't want to do things peacefully, then I'll give them the ruckus they want." Liu Yeyin said while smiling mysteriously. But she can't shake the unease in her heart away.
She thought that it was because this outcome didn't go according to her plan. That never happened to her before. She planned all these the moment she met Xing Wenhe and learned about Xing Baihe's skill in Gu poisons. She won't allow it to fall through in the first phase.

Right after assuming the throne, the first thing Feng Jun Ying ordered is spread a notice to invite doctors that could possibly cure Feng Jun Yi. He hopes that it could attract the attention of some hidden medical experts and talents.
The imperial physicians received punishment after failing to diagnose Feng Jun Yi's real condition. After more than a week, even the ones without medical knowledge could tell that it was not just an alcohol poisoning. So they have no choice but to seek outsider's help.
Unfortunately, after two days of continuous stream of doctors checking Feng Jun Yi's condition, they are also at loss why the emperor remain unconscious. They didn't detect any problem in his pulse. There are also no signs of poison.
On the next day, Right Prime Minister Han arrived in the emperor's palace with a man who he introduced as a doctor. He then requested audience for Feng Jun Ying and the other princes. "Greetings, your majesty, your highnesses. This one personally introduces Doctor Yi Rong. He was recommended by the head priest of the temple where my granddaughter Han Yimie stays.He is the currently known miracle doctor. He constantly moves from place to place so it was hard to get a hold of him. Luckily, he was on his yearly visit in the temple so the head priest immediately informed this one."
Feng Jun Ying, along with his third and fourth brothers Feng Jun Yan and Feng Jun Yao scrutinized the doctor. They thought he looked young. At least the youngest one among all the doctors who checked Feng Jun Yi for the past days. They estimated that he must be on his late twenties or early thirties.
But since they met Lin Xulian, they wouldn't judge his ability based on age alone. And since the doctor was introduced by Right Prime Minister Han, one of Feng Jun Yi's trusted ally, the princes have no reason to doubt his ability and his intention.
The doctor then stepped forward then respectfully bowed. "Greetings your majesty, your highnesses. This servant is called Yi Rong. Although this servant is only thirty-one years old, I have more than a decade of experience to prove my authenticity." He said humbly with full of respect.
"Do not fret Doctor Yi. In most of my life, I was ill. And the one who cured me was a sixteen-year-old lady at that time, the late Empress Lin. So I wouldn't judge by mere age or appearance. I will have to trouble you to take a look at his majesty. Your ability will be justified then." Feng Jun Ying said politely, still refusing to address himself as Zhen.
"This servant also heard about her majesty's peerless talent in medical field. I even dreamt of exchanging points with a divine doctor like her. Unfortunately, this servant never had the chance to meet her." Yi Rong said with a tone of regret.
But deep down in Yi Rong's heart, Lin Xulian is nothing compared to his mistress and senior sister. He never had a desire to meet her despite her fame across the continent.
Yi Rong's words made the mood in the room turn gloomy. On the side, Feng Jun Yao lowered his head in guilt. He is the only one who knew that Lin Xulian is alive. Being a vocal and honest guy, he felt uncomfortable for lying to his brothers. Especially to Feng Jun Yi and Feng Jun Ying who cared about her very much.
But he made a promise to Xiao Tianshi. She said that it is to ensure the success of Lin Xulian's planned revenge. So he has no choice and he doesn't want to lose his beloved's trust. It is enough for him to know his place in Xiao Tianshi's heart by entrusting this secret to him.
Breaking the tense and gloomy atmosphere, Feng Jun Ying rose to his seat. "Then, let's head to emperor brother's chamber." He said then immediately lead the entourage towards Feng Jun Yi's dragon chamber. The princes followed behind Feng Jun Ying. Right Prime Minister Han walked shoulder to shoulder with Doctor Yi Rong.
On the other side of the palace, Liu Yeyin listened to her subordinate's report then a crafty smiled bloomed on her face. "This royal family is really too trusting. Looks like only Feng Jun Yi has the intellect and ability to protect this country. But not against me obviously." She said conceitedly then she passed a small glass bottle to him. "You know what to do." The black clothed man then left.
Seeing her plan going back on track, despite the unexpected detour, Liu Yeyin's mind is finally at ease. And without Feng Jun Yi, she expects that nothing would go wrong again. She is totally unaware that as of this moment the trouble she feared the most is on his way towards the Gonglu country.


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